Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2016 – Sophia Amoruso

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2016 – Sophia Amoruso

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sophia Amoruso

Recorded 05-31-2016 – Release Date 06-01-2016

Production Number #1833

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Adam opens the show with some comments about ‘The Warriors’ and the NBA, BB is in the mix and Adam talks about the “tit for tat” of marriage.

Adam interrupts himself to tell them about going to dinner with Kevin Hench last night after the podcasts, Adam shares Lynette’s reaction to him not bringing her home some food, she referenced Adam always bringing up her not getting him grub when she picks up food for the family.

Adam asks BB and Gina if they do the same thing with their partners, Adam calls it a verbal wringing of the hands and he says that as a man he’s short and curt to be efficient.


Gina says she does the exact same thing that BB describes goes on with him and Christie, Adam references his conversation with his wife about her trip to the airport to be dropped off.

Adam says Dr. Drew is insane and calls him a nutty middle aged woman and Gary can’t disagree, Adam is now bringing up Drew’s Nissan Cube mix-up from a recent ADS.

Adam and the gang are discussing cube vans vs. the Nissan Cube and the Kia Sol after bringing up the commercial with the rodents.


Adam says that in the candy bar of life you’ll never change the nougat in the core, he thinks men need to communicate like women and says his wife is not capable of thinking like him, but he can speak her language, on brisk shot with a snow shovel to the temple, nine beers or a good old fashioned exhaust pipe garage asphyxiation and he can operate at her level.

Hilarious riff.

BB is now asking Adam about getting one’s house in literal order beefier the birth of a child, Adam has a funny “shutters” riff and he brings up the Polaris pool cleaning device and says he’s akin to it, he goes off on a tangent about the “Evil tail” the Polaris machine has, like the tail that killed Steve Irwin.


Adam is now going off on tails in general, tales have an agenda, they’re either a weapon or a card in the spoke of life to let everyone know what a joyous creature you are.

Adam contrasts cartoon dog tails to the tails of dragons.

Adam is bringing up Doberman ear cutting/modification and how much it must piss off Pamela Anderson, he’s now riffing about the origin of the idea for clipping Doberman tails and ears, he’s walking them through the steps one would choose to do this, why not give them a tattoo as well?


Adam is trying to recall a movie called ‘Those Amazing Dobermans’ a TV movie, akin to if Aquaman was landlocked and evil according to Adam.

Adam is talking about Fred Astaire’s latter schlocky career and gets into the other Doberman related movies, now it’s probably less than 30% of movies that are Doberman based.

Gary finds ‘Trapped’ with James Brolin and once again highlights the 3-month window in 1974 where people were obsessed with Dobermans.


Adam is now trying to recall the movie ‘Trapped’ and jokes about the notion of 7 dogs running wild through the night and destroying your mall.

Adam says he would be a bad Doberman and jokes about how he would choose not to pursue James Brolin, he would instead just chill and avoid the sports section crossbow fight finale, instead waiting for the assistant manager to arrive.

Adam jokes about circumcising Doberman dogs as they already have so many modifications and says he wants a bone stock Doberman and they all joke about Doberman ear clipping and how a lab doesn’t seem to have much travel with its floppy ears.


Gary has the details on why they clip Doberman ears and what the effect is.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam quizzes the gang on engine compression


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kevin, he wants to know if Adam could have one of three “ultra” choices, which he would choose, celebrity, wealth or citizenship and Adam jokes about Jimmy Carter hating Israel.

BB mocks Kevin’s notion of celebrity and says Richard Branson has to buy his own tickets on Virgin Airlines, Adam says that maybe in that one case he can skate, he might not get a free burrito from Chipotle.

Adam offers up some more realism for this bizarre and poorly thought out hypothetical, Kevin brings up Johnny Carson and Adam counters him with Bill Gates.


Adam asks Kevin if he would prefer to be devoured by a gang of Doberman’s, you’re the teller that’s gone cowboy or eaten by a shark.

Adam wraps up with Kevin and then riffs about the mental process of being consumed, the mind blowing ways to die.

OJ Simpson Killing Ron Goldman and realizing he’s being murdered by a megastar; Adam says it would take a little edge off of the decapitation.


Adam asks if OJ is the top of the mind blowing ways to die, they all weigh in and move on.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

Adam likes people fishing under around under their car seat edition


2nd Caller John, he’s working on a roof and installing a tank less water heater, BB is doing an inline water pump and circulation system of some kind.

John gives some plumbing tips and brings up tattoos in sports and a recent fight that Adam also saw, Adam doesn’t mind Dennis Rodman’s tattoos, he just doesn’t like the lip piercing, he doesn’t want to have to “feel” him and Adam is now telling the story of his friend Chris who got his braces off and then lost all of his teeth a few days later.

Adam doesn’t like being drawn into people’s worlds and realizes aggressive piercings are like bumper stickers, he doesn’t care for them and doesn’t want to see them either.


Adam is talking about Mexican fighters and nations holding their hopes of a better tomorrow in one prize fighter ala Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines.

Adam gives his general take on the current big 3 fighters from Mexico, he’s a fan but doesn’t want poor people living and dying with something as trivial as a prize fight.

They tease their upcoming guest Sophia.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


They head to break.


They’re back from break with a Great Moment in Local News with the song of Posh Spice.

Adam welcomes Sophia to the show for her ACS debut, he plugs her projects and asks about her upbringing.

Sophia shares how she got caught shoplifting and ultimately got busted as a teenager.


Sophia shoplifted from Fred Meyer, a regional chain based out of Washington State.

Adam talks about stealing stuff in broad daylight, she tells him about “left handing” items while checking out.

Sophia explains how she reacted to her upbringing and how she was rebellious, reselling stolen merchandise online.


Adam say the good news is that she had a motor and she tells them about her history of crappy jobs, she explains how she started her vintage clothing brand and won’t give out exact numbers but does say 100 million.

Sophia says she wakes up and gets to the office around 10 am, Adam asks her about her plans to work in TV and film, she tells them about ‘Girl Boss’ the new series based on her life.

Adam talks about her appeal, she says her story gives a lot of people hope and Adam asks about dropout rates for community college vs. actual college.


BB asks about Sophia’s “less informed” younger version of herself that wouldn’t like who she became via her success.

Adam says he’s met Charlize Theron a few times and finds her to be nice, she’s working on the series along with Courtney Love, who is sober and Adam says he feels like Courtney sober is a cool person to be around.

Sophia is telling them about her podcast guests and the big “gets” she hopes to book

Gina’s News

Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


1st Story is on the killing of a Gorilla after a boy climbed into the enclosure, Gina has the details and tells Adam there is footage of the gorilla carrying the kid and it’s hard to watch.

Adam wants to know how the kid made it over the railing and Gina has more details about what an onlooker overheard.

Sophia is now bringing up the dad’s criminal record and how people are trying to use that to make a connection to this, Adam brings up the way human brains work and he cites the news story form a few years ago about the giraffes that were slaughtered at a zoo.


Adam jokes about the zookeepers not weighing in on the podcasting industry much and how he shouldn’t bug them, they are not in the business of grinding up giraffes, shoving them into wood chippers etc.

Gina has more details and Adam is joking about gorillas living in captivity and Adam says the great thing about being an atheist is he gets to go through life not caring about this, if he has a concern left over he can then spread that emotional love to the animal world.

Adam wants to start with the poor humans featured on ‘VICE’ living in a train station in India hugging paint.


Adam is now mocking the ‘Nancy Grace’ you don’t deserve logic that is used to captivate dumb people, Adam talks about the dilemma at hand with the gorilla and the kid.

Adam is mocking the idea of disagreeing with the animal being shot and how it’s akin to arguing against a maritime disaster.

Gary has some details and they talk about how the Gorilla was behaving, Adam is mocking the “these are wild animals” experts who appear as talking heads.

Adam presumes it was a white trash family, he realizes it’s a black family and he decides to leave them alone and not pick on them like he would the white trash he suspected.


2nd Story is on a woman whose drink was drugged by her date, 3 women witnessed the spiking and alerted the young woman.

Gina has all of the details and Adam is now joking about using this as a tactic to get laid while out at fancy eateries, hilarious “my brother put a roofie in my…” reply form Adam as the unsuspecting woman.

Adam jokes about this guy’s lack of direction and asks if he has a sack with poison symbols on it and Adam jokes about using his mouth to put pills in a drink, like when he takes a hit off his wife’s drink when she goes to the bathroom.


Gina reiterates the details and plays them a clip of one of the women talking about the other diners thanking her, Adam asks Sophia about her dating history and she reveals she’s married.

Adam asks what was the drug and Gina reveals they’re coworkers, Adam riffs about the awkward lunchroom encounters after this incident, after the dude attempted to drug and presumably rape his office buddy.

Gary is unable to find a picture and Gina is saying she will put one up for them.


Adam is talking about possession and intent to distribute, he uses the North Hollywood bank robbers and their pre-robbery arrest to make a point about being consistent.

Gina has the photo of the dude, shockingly Asian.

Adam jokes about the weird day of racial misconceptions, three point shots in the NBA finals, this guy and the Gorilla story family, his mind is blown.


3rd Story is on the Amber Heard accusations against Johnny Depp.

Adam is now talking about the Asian coworkers with the multiple vials of rape drugs, Gina takes it back to his story and the claims made by Amber Heard regarding her allegations of violence against Johnny Depp.

Adam says that no makeup and a sad face will get you about half way to looking like you were hit, Adam asks if small girly guys throw more phones and do more hitting.

Adam says that if he was to hit his wife he feels like he would kill her, he says women punch guys more as they presume they cannot hurt them, like his son hitting him.


Gina has some details about Doug Stanhope’s claims countering what Amber said, Gary is now sharing some details of what was reported by a security guard who witnessed Amber faking an assault.


Adam is now doing a Texture Live Read

Magazines are heavy as hell, those fashion magazines, got a whole tree in there edition


4th Story is on Adele asking a woman to stop filming her during the show, Gina has the clip of the woman and Sophia calls the audience member a dork for using a tripod.

Adam talks about the lack of self-awareness in America, Sophia jokes about eating her boogers as Adam makes a point about people doing things unflattering and Gina says that video recorded at a concert is video you will never watch again, she gives off a few reasons why.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Gina says make sure your password is long and random edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show. BB has the “Nipple Clamp” drop of Adam as the show closer today.