Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2015 – Natasha Leggero

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2015 – Natasha Leggero

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Natasha Leggero

Recorded 05-31-2015 – Release Date 06-01-2015

Production Number #1584

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Adam opens the show with a “good pizza in Los Angeles” intro, he welcomes BB and Gina back to the show and BB has a “We’ll be back” #TopDrop in honor of them being back in studio together after the week Adam was out of town.

Adam thanks Norm Pattiz the man responsible for Loveline and a myriad of other some would argue great achievements and the guy who brought me into the Classic Loveline fold, apparently Norm provided a private jet and Adam says he’s like the rich uncle he never had.

Adam explains it was him, Mike August, Chris Maxipada (Laxamana) and of course Sonny, Adam says he’s enjoying this life through Chris’ enjoying free food and the luxury of the fringe benefits of celebrity and wealth.


Adam is bringing up the total cost for the trip, telling them about cutting through a red light and describes the colossal pussy who wouldn’t stop honking at him, Adam says there is a little dispute over whom honked.

Chris is confirming it had to the be first guy behind them and Adam says the light cycled twice and calls Adam’s move “ballsy” and further describes the scene.

Adam says if a judge ever asked him about his driving choices he would reply with shouting and a class action lawsuit for the city stealing his life away.
Adam calls the horn the “pussy button” much to the delight of Chris, I love this ranting!

Gina asks Chris if he was a little bit afraid and Matt confirms they all did a bit of a woo/wee noise and Gina nicely references Natalia and her zip line glee.

Adam is further describing why this was safe, it took place in Van Nuys and he tells the staff to try and book the people in charge of traffic in the city.

Adam says fuck everyone and further urges people to liberate themselves with civil disobedience, to help change broken laws and this flawed system.


Adam is describing how much joy Sonny experienced in the private jet and Chris confirms how spectacular it was for him, he says he can’t even describe it, Adam and he enjoyed some high grade scotch, sounds wonderful!


Adam is talking about the joys of private flight and now getting to full and self-service gas stations, Adam is remarking on the photo of them boarding the private jet.

Adam says they price private jets like they don’t want you to use them, saying it’s 6k to get out of the hangar and then 10k per hour, this flight he mentioned was 8k.

Adam is asking everyone to confirm how rad and well behaved Sonny is, he says he seems to secretly want to get on stage with Adam.


This kid sounds dynamite, Adam is having Chris confirm how much time they spent signing after the screening of ‘Winning’ and confirms that he never complained once, Gina compliments his slick suit and Adam tells them about his Kaleidescape server that Lynette loaded up all of the family home movies onto.

Adam is describing the kids and how they are so much the people they were even at 10months, Adam is further praising the quiet way Sonny played with his rubix cube as not to wake daddy the next morning, Gina has a nice reaction.


Gina asks how Sonny got home with Nate and Chris, Adam says there was a little controversy regarding the way he was coaching Sonny up the whole time to empower him in the hotel.

Adam is explaining how Sonny was getting ready to leave and sent him down to the lobby, Adam told him he wasn’t going to walk him to the lobby and describes how Chris sent him a confirmation text 3min later.

Adam felt very safe giving him the independence to walk to the lobby on his own, very cool that is a good move. Adam fears he could catch heat at home for bringing this up (sorry dude you pay me to do this).


Adam is now doing a live read


Adam is explaining how the ride with Mario ending up going, Adam was prepped to be doing 180mph with a 73yr old driver and how people were freaking him out regarding the lack of banked turns at Indy.

Adam shares a “life’s too precious” comment he heard before he did it, Adam says that everything for racing is built for guys under 6ft, he says it adds a scary unsettling layer to the experience.

Adam says that a lot of it seems not well thought out, Adam is now lamenting the lack of communication and proper planning before they showed up.


Adam is describing how the fire proof helmet liner balaclava and how he noticed as he put it on that it was frayed out and past it’s prime, like “one big foreskin over a very small cock” and Gina goes along with it, BB has comments as well.

Adam is back to the way they got lucky on the shoe size guess and wants to know why they didn’t just email it, Gina asks if Adam knew all of the names of the various famous drivers.

Adam is talking about Sébastien Bourdais and his multiple championships, Adam says he saw Sébastien Bourdais out with the family on a leisurely pedal boat, Mike August claimed he would only pay 5$ per hour and Adam says he provided the same logic to private jet travel, Adam comments on how he figured the 80k roundtrip was only worth 10-15k.


Adam is now describing the coffee he was offered in NYC and how the producer gave him way too much cream in his coffee, she says she likes a lot so she cut her allotment in half, Adam asked for just a splash and Gina mocks the woman’s logic.

The producer claimed that instant Starbucks tasted better than the regular and Adam says if that’s true then they would be out of business.

Adam and Chris are discussing how chill everyone was before the races started, Adam says that cage fighters and race car drivers must have no pulse in order to pull this shit off.


Adam is talking about the head sock/balaclava he was wearing, Adam is describing how Mario couldn’t get up to full speed due to the events of the day preceding them on the course.

Adam is now joking about being on a moped behind Jeffery Dahmer while sporting dolphin shorts it would still be “hot” to drive around Indy, so 100mph in an F1 car is still pretty great.

Adam shares how Mario wasn’t too please about the lack of opportunity to get up to speed.


Adam talks about doing CBS ‘This Morning’ and how he saw the wall with pictures of various big time celebrities, even the president and Adam’s picture was right up there next to Brad Pitt.

Adam shares he was immediately suspicious and figures he must have complained about this the last time he was on, Adam says he knew treachery was afoot.

Adam says he took a picture of this on his phone and wants to know what’s going on.

Adam shares his love for Gayle King and how she once again topped herself by reading his whole book while on a plain, she had hand written notes, multiple pages on both sides, wow!


Adam talks about the live show with Lisa from last Wednesday followed up with the most intense day being Thursday, he is now setting up a clip of him on a radio tour.

Adam is not mentioning any names nor trying to embarrass anyone, he plays some clips of this unnamed host (Wease, how coincidental).

Adam is now breaking down the mistakes, BB and Gina are giving their take, Adam’s manager Howard Lepidus was brought up out of nowhere.


Adam is even killing this with the stilted host, holy shit “I will not stop you” and now they get back to the clip after Gina and BB both comment.

Adam is commenting on the host being “shut out of the tour” for his last book tour, the host brings up Trip Adam’s old Program director and then claims that Howard Lepidus created ‘The Man Show’ and takes credit for it.

The host points out that Howard’s name is on it (much like his favorite booth at his local buffet) and Adam is trying to be kind in his reply.


BB claims that Howard must come up all of the time on the show, they now play a clip of the hosts reacting to him after he was off the line.

These hosts are incompetent and completely wrong, Gary says that one of them went on to say that Adam and Lynette took a road trip with Howard and his wife, perhaps referring to the Adam and Dr. Drew live tour.

Adam says he doesn’t want to talk about these people on his short book themed interviews, Gina and BB are further reacting to these piles of shit.


Gary is now on the liner adding some funny backstory that puts Adam in a better mood, Gina says the listeners to her show really enjoyed his appearance.

Adam says the “maybe he’s got in for me” mindset of egotistical 4th tier radio show hosts thinking he even know they exists, they might as well include half of the population of China.


Adam is doing a Castrol live read



Q and Ace

1st Caller Will, he praises ‘Winning’ and wants to get Adam’s take on school, he keeps hitting the buttons or screen of his phone and is dialing numbers while possibly reading his notes.

Adam puts him on hold and is getting to tomorrow’s one on one with Brian Grazer and his book that’s themed around curiosity, Adam is explaining how curiosity is the main driving force for kids to become smart adults.

Adam says he’s going to bring Sonny in as Shaq will be phoning in tomorrow as well.


Adam is back to how everything Brian does starts off with a question, Adam is bringing up how he was surrounded by non-curious people, Gina quotes Adam’s mother during his hotdog bun example.

BB is asking some follow ups about drive and Adam says that not everyone is special, he jokes about being the only special one around with a quick one liner and then gets back to curiosity and motivating kids.

BB leads Adam into a Live Read with a nice transition.


Adam is doing a ZClip live read


2nd Caller Jeff, he wants to know if there are any production stories from ‘Road Hard’ and describes tossing the hazelnut creamer into the trash after hitting his breaking point.

Adam is describing the guy who was holding his dog while making his bagel and locks and how he was told that was the dog handler even though it wasn’t.

Adam describes the guy carelessly putting his pet dander over the crew’s food.


Gina likes the wig dilemma that they turned into a funny joke, Adam is now bringing up the woman hired to bring the wigs who brought three of the exact same style and make.


3rd Caller Jason, he shares his love for the podcast and calls it his 2nd favorite, only barely edged out by the ADS, he wishes it was more than twice a week.

He’s now bringing up Classic Loveline #1287 – 09/04/2000 – Monday Night Show – No Guest? thanks to genius producer Chris Laxamana who set it up, love that dude.

He says it was the greatest show ever, Adam is talking about lighting farts, mistaking the shows, he’s thinking of the 1998 fart lighting ep, this was Drew’s Birthday.


Jason brings up the 1970’s song stuck in his head, clever call tactic Jason.

They’re now playing ‘Sugar Daddy’ by Fleetwood Mac, Adam is reacting to the lyrics Jason objects to and makes up his own about the guy’s lack of penile girth.

Adam, says chalk it all up to the cocaine in the 1970’s and says it made everyone think that everything was ok and good, he compares it to his feelings about dream jokes and how great they are in dreams.


Adam says that songwriters on coke think everything is good much like the way Adam thinks his dream jokes are hilarious and then hates them when he finally recalls the beats later that day.


Lord of the Jungle

Winner – Harry Legend

Adam reiterates his “Harry Seward” idea and explains what Harry bought, he talks about movie characters using nail guns to fire them like guns.

They cite some movies where they used them ‘Darkman’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ and Adam mentions foreskin again.

Adam is teasing the arrival of Natasha and has Gary play some of her standup material, pretty good.


Adam is playing a clip of ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ and explains that the guy who did the animation for BB’s book has done another bit for Adam’s new tome, not Narre though.

Adam is now commenting on the clip and Gina is adding her take.
Adam shits while listening to his “Beats by Dres” (yes plural)

They head to break


They’re back from break with a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ about a guy flipping a tractor to pull out a loose tooth, Natasha is already laughing, delightful.

Natasha Leggero is making her 6th appearance on the show, she was first on ACS #345 then ACS #394 where she filled in as “Newsgirl” and I was the guest (how bizarre! Btw She’s very kind and fun to be in the presence of), ACS #550, ACS #759, ACS #1324 which was sans Adam and she hosted with Moshe Kasher.


Adam plugs the new reality show Natasha that she brainstormed with Riki Lindhome, Adam recalls she’s one half of ‘Garfunkel and Oates’ which leads me to believe she was right up his alley.

Adam is recalling the time she guested on ACS #669 from 2011, I remember first listening to that one with an ex-girlfriend in the woods outside of her college dorm, solid episode! Riki was podcast gold.

Now BB is chiming in with his theory that Adam never met Riki as she was on ACS #432 before that in 2010 when Doug Benson was guest hosting when Adam was busy with his 9 other gigs at the time.

BB is gas lighting Adam and is forgetting about the 2nd episode, Adam is now explaining how men should be attracted to women of all types.


Adam jokes about David Spade’s love for hot blondes and Natasha is responding to Adam’s take on curiosity and she asks some follow up about Grazer’s book.

Adam is citing the various interview subjects and Natasha suggests that curiously could be fostered in kids and Gain says she knew that Natasha must have gone to Catholic school.

Adam is asking Natasha about her time at school and she’s telling him how she would stand up even when unsure of the answer, the questions that impulse and Adam has a funny short joke aimed at her.


Adam is asking her about playing the Comedy Works in the suburbs and is telling her about the time Mike August stole all of the toilet paper from their comedy condo.

Natasha is loving this story and Adam recalls both comedy clubs and playing the one in the city, Natasha shares the anecdote about Ralphie May’s favorite Greek restaurant she was told about.

She says she can’t stand being in the suburbs and prefers the life of a city, she describes how trapped she felt out in the middle of nowhere.


Adam is bonding with her with the weird lonely element of the road and she agrees with him, Adam jokes about the Barbizon modeling school with Natasha, Adam is asking her to walk them through the experience of the hotel room she stayed at.

She’s telling them about the radio she did and she’s telling them about the various stations she was scheduled for while in Portland.

Adam is talking about how Spike TV wanted to fly him to NYC to tape ‘Good Day NY’ and the 4min bit they wanted him to do to boost rating, Adam talks about the waste of fuel and time vs. the element of being a good solider and a team player.


Adam is telling them about Vicki Lawrence’s top ten hit song after Natasha brings her up.


Adam is now doing a Squatty Potty live read

Father’s day edition


They’re now playing “The Night the Lights went Out in Georgia” and Natasha tells them about the lack of fresh air in the Foxwoods casino.

They’re back to the song, Gina wasn’t paying attention and Adam is reading the stats on the chart success of the song.

Gina brings up ‘Harper Valley PTA’ and does not know the landmine of riffing she barely missed, see ACS #895 and ACS #897 for intense conversation about that subject.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the sentencing for Ross Ulbricht, Gina brings up the recent appearance of Alex Winter on the ACS #1575 promoting ‘Deep Web’ his new excellent, heartbreaking and masterfully constructed documentary covering ‘The Silk Road’ available for free on Epix.

Adam jokes about silk being in the title, Gina leaves out the use of “Privilege” (White Privilege) by the judge who was put in her position by the very person going after Ross, which many would speculate is a conflict of interest.

Adam is now joking about Ross trying to explain the crimes he was charged with to his fellow inmates, hilarious “pencil you stabbed your guidance counselor with” one liner.
Adam is now asking if we can’t just lock up the violent criminals and offenders of the world and instead make use of geniuses like Ross, Adam wants a better way to punish him.

BB has a funny “earn your way out of prison by fixing the medical system” idea that Natasha seems to love.

Adam is further bringing up his idea and Gary is now misinforming Adam and Gina backs him up saying that Ross ordered two murders, this was recorded before the doc premiered so they probably don’t know.


Actual multiple people were using the ‘Dread Pirate Robert’s login and the FBI has several suspects, the “non-biased Judge” then overruled the defense saying they could not bring up the prosecution’s own evidence regarding their multiple suspects nor the two federal agents who allegedly stole over 1.5 million in bitcoin and transferred it into their personal accounts.

Ross may be framed, at the very least this is entrapment as the federal agent brought the topic of murder up and then further baited the person using that login to agree to more murders, in all of the murder cases not one person was dead and two of the names are fictitious.

The murder charges were never filed but left on the court documents in order to subconsciously prejudice the jury against Ross and prevent him from receiving a fair trial.


Gary is now sharing the details as he knows them, Natasha says she would kill them too.

Adam is now swayed and jokes about how he would show up in an FBI jacket claiming to be a dirty agent if hired to be a hitman, as he’s now seen so many of these undercover sting videos on ‘Dateline’ and other programs.

Adam is now suggesting hitman hot tub parties, perhaps subconsciously recalling the scene from ‘Traffic’.


Adam jokes about the lack of search history editing and Gina mentions the Colorado movie theater shooter. She calls him John, instead of James, where is her mind at?


2nd Story is on the FIFA arrests after the widespread corruption, she tells them about the incumbent president being reelected once again.

Natasha ask if soccer is like this how are all other sports not also this correct, Adam says the rest of the world like soccer because they’re shitty and love a shitty sport, BB has a nice one liner.


3rd Story is on the increase in sales for women’s comfortable underwear, she tells them about Belfies and now Adam is sharing his take on lingerie and the age old claim of “it makes me feel sexy” and tells women to be comfortable and shares how men just want to remove whatever is covering your vagina.

Natasha presumes he’s cool with any pubic styling, he reiterates his POV and clarifies he has pubic hair rules of engagement.

“Whatever I don’t have to pull my stiletto out to get off you” – Adam on his underwear preference for women and he brings up the pulp detective novel covers which often featured such imagery.


4th Story is on artist Richard Prince blowing up people’s Instagram photos and selling them, they’re commenting on his looks and Gina asks if they wouldn’t be kinda pissed.

Adam says that artists are the biggest pervs on the planet and brings up their lack of fat dude muses, Adam is cracking Natasha up and BB says that when you post a photo on fb it’s no longer your property.

Natasha is telling them about the abundance of selfie sticks she saw for sale, Adam jokes about “floating liver” and “white lung” the future ailments of society due to bottled airport water you must chug and spray on sunscreen.


Adam predicts “Selfie Shoulder” the new malady of the millennial, Adam is saying someone must attempt to take down a plane with a selfie stick to get rid of them, Gina shares how she would use one to get a better shot of her face.

Adam is talking about how the only thing we can figure out for the smartphone is a turn of the century style stick.


5th Story is on the first Duggar family interview after the controversy broke regarding their molester son, Adam is now asking about the chicks on the show that got pissed off at him.

Adam is describing this disastrous interview, Adam is sharing his hilarious one liners and Natasha is loving it, Adam is sharing his “arrow facing mecca” idea.

Adam shares his comments about bringing Roman Polanski back to the United States to prosecute him and has a funny one liner mocking the host who reacted before thinking.

Natasha brings up the TLC element and the other story regarding Honey Boo Boo.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


6th Story is on the board of tourism for North Korea, Adam jokes about his daughter wanting to go there to go zip lining over a gulag.

Gina is sharing some dark details of the horrors of North Korea, Adam says it’s 2015 and laments the lack of gray Mylar jumpsuits… well Kim’s dad had great jumpsuits.

Natasha asks about the Sony hack, Adam is now quoting some fat guy who said that about 5k people could’ve pulled that hack and Adam says that every country could possibly bring the world to its knees via a lone hacker.


BB brings up the North Korean ex-pats who play the super villainous American’s in their propaganda filled movies.

Adam is telling people to go after the gypsies, not the Jewish people and their history in math and science.

Adam and BB get clarification on Oppenheimer, BB is smug.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Legal Zoom

Adam talks about his failed attempt to get something patented, he says it was “Unleashed: the Sports Drink for Dogs” holy shit that’s gold!

BB and everyone agree he should pursue that still, Adam is giving out the plugs for Natasha, for his own book and her website.

Adam brings up her Modern Family episode, he hasn’t seen it yet and says he must go back and watch it, she praises the show and cast while telling him about her part on the episode set on a plane, BB plays a new drop of today’s #3rd caller named Jason.