Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 351

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 351

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Kevin Hench

Recorded 05-30-2016 – Release Date 05-31-2016

Production Number #351 – Kevin Hench

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This is recorded immediately after Kevin’s return to the Adam Carolla Show for ACS #1832, Adam plugs Kevin’s projects and he has a polite hello as they get into Drew’s recent podcast recording with Adam’s buddy Ray.

Adam talks about Ray and his nature and how his presence usually means he wants something from him, Adam says Ray was much better with money than Adam ever was when they were growing up.

Adam says that when he looks down at his phone you will decide what his reaction will be, you decide what feeling will shoot through his spine.


Kevin has a solid point in reply to Drew about the financial influences parents have on their kids, Adam has a sports analogy and Kevin brings up the time Ray slapped fecal matter into Adam’s ear.

Adam says Ray called up and asked for the name of a good lawyer, it ended up with Ray wanting Adam to pay for said lawyer.

Adam has a recipe for gazpacho metaphor describing his honest reaction to what people claim to want.


Kevin brings up Neuroplasticity and Daniel J. Siegel’s work, Drew is trying to interrupt and Adam holds him off, Kevin says there might be hope for all of us and gives an anecdotal example.

Adam brings up Ray’s various ways of making money, he would get 5$ from his mom per day, he had a paper route and would get his wealthier Jewish friends to buy him burgers, he would pocket his cash and would strong arm free food at school.

Drew has a solid point about grit and how Ray was exemplifying it as a 15 yr. old according to what Adam just described.


Drew is doing a Live Read for ‘Famously Single’ on E!

Adam and Drew talks about Brandi Glanville


Gary has a grit website loaded and Adam asks why they’re looking at it, Adam says working hard doesn’t always mean grit, he differentiates it from necessity.

Drew mentions a new book on grit ‘The Power of Passion and Perseverance’ and Adam tells people that the tweets telling him he’s right are unnecessary when it comes to grit, that one was confirmed for him long ago.


1st Caller Steve, he prefaces with some fear of Adam “cussing him out” and doesn’t realize he sets himself up for his own supposed worst outcome, ala Dr. Bruce.

Steve wants to know about dealing with anxiety disorders and Drew goes into exposure therapies with him, Adam jumps in with a peanut allergy exposure example.

Adam has a killer joke with a funny talon mention, Kevin wants to know what exposure therapy is exactly and Adam jumps in with a Bonnaroo joke, Steve rolls with it and agrees to accompany him.


Kevin introduces himself to Steve, nice.

Kevin tells him about his daily fear of everything in life and how he got to his wits end with it and used EMDR, Drew says that’s trauma therapy and asks if Kevin had any, he says he did and moves on.

Kevin tells them about having the time of his life on a roller coaster with his daughter, he describes their legs shaking and the spiritual awakening he had that she was unaware of.

Drew tells Steve he sounds like he’s been crippled by this medication, he shouldn’t be in this condition and Kevin tells him not to Wikipedia EMDR, Kevin shares his own initial recoil to the new age elements to it, but the science won him over.


Adam is now riffing about Mr. T. getting drugged to travel on ‘The A-Team’ and is now in character as Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert “B.A.”, or “Bad Attitude”, Baracus.

Funny buttermilk comedy and they head back to the phone calls.


2nd Caller Maggie, she tells Adam about seeing him live in Long Island and thanks him for taking a shot of Jameson with her, Adam is trying to explain to Drew how infrequently he does standup now and how the stakes were raised with James Babydoll Dixon and Bill O’Reilly in attendance.

Gary gets on mic to explain that his best friend’s family went to that show and they loved it, Adam does take into account how his experience could affect his opinion on the quality of the show.


Maggie now weaving a complex plot of horrible events with his brother and a crazy woman who brought him into what sounds like a cult.

She says it’s a religious order that speaks in tongues and Adam jokes about fake languages, he says it’s like being able to speak Japanese in a dream and Adam mentions the cube van he installed closets out of and the guy he worked with who would always hit the “Shandilya” or “Shandilya” while speaking in tongues after praying for travelling mercy.

Maggie gets into the details of her brother’s family and how it’s isolated him from their family of origin and his father.


Maggie is unsure how to help her family and Adam tells her to get some distance.

Adam is now describing a memorial for a WWII veteran he heard about whose widow sewed part of her late husband’s parachute into their daughter’s wedding dress.

Adam is uncertain if Lynette would do something like that.


Drew predicts bipolarity and Adam asks if she can do anything, Drew says they can and an eventual crisis will result in him snapping out of this if anything ever does.

Adam says he’s really never been able to convince anyone to change in his life, he talks about Kevin Hench being interested in Adam’s wisdom about success.

Kevin quotes Adam’s “Coffee Mug on the floor of life” theory on your changing one’s life.

Adam says Kevin has a great 500 horsepower engine and he was able to get more of his power to the rear wheels over the last decade.


3rd Caller Andrew, he’s calling about his “Happies” (Herpes) and Drew gets scientific on the various medications, Adam asks how many celebrities Drew would guess have Zovirax prescriptions.

Drew says they make everyone take it on certain reality shows, without even asking or caring, everyone must treat their presumed herpes.


Adam asks Drew about STD’s and herpes infection rates, Kevin cites the bad science of mouth to genital transmission.

Drew has the current science and they move on.


4th Caller Robert, he’s calling about a weird roommate situation, he got home at 230 am and found his bedroom door locked only to discover his roommate’s mom and dad sleeping in his bed.

Adam asks if he came home early or was on schedule, Adam says that she thought she would never have to do with this, Robert says she is from another culture and Adam thinks that might be able to explain this.

Adam says a lot of people like to feel that something is an attack or an encroachment, she thought you would be gone and you were never meant to find out, Kevin mentions the tine Zika virus risk.


Adam asks him why he’s internalizing this so much and wants to know if he should let this go or move on, Kevin brings up the guy who had an emotional breakdown when Adam’s bumper didn’t hit him, Kevin witnessed their interaction.

Drew asks about why he’s undergraduate at 26 yrs. Old, Adam has a funny “next condor” joke at the expense of Robert’s Roommate’s people, the possible Kenyans as Robert put it.

Adam is riffing up a storm and they move on.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam says ironically no Sioux has ever sued anyone, funny interacting with Drew edition.

They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.