Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2016 – Kevin Hench

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2016 – Kevin Hench

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Hench

Recorded 05-30-2016 – Release Date 05-31-2016

Production Number #1832

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Adam opens the show with a confused intro, as if he was unsure about the sound of his voice, BB has a Fred Savage #TopDrop in honor of Kevin’s appearance on the show.

Adam is bragging about Kevin’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ getting yet another season pickup, Adam talks about Kevin being a struggling writer when he first met him, Kevin objects to that and says 32k a year was gainful employment to him at the time.

Adam says he had launch with his dad, he says his dad called him and did the “sad math” that Adam’s bene doing for months, he told Adam that if they only see each other once per year it means they only get 1-3 more visits.


Kevin talks about Jim getting the last rights while in the hospital and how all of this is bonus time, Adam is talking about the people he spends the most time with, Matt Fondiler, Nate Adams and then it’s the guys who show up for Football Sunday each week.

Adam says his dad doesn’t like anything and share 0 hobbies or interests, BB and his father share a team and mutual interests, Adam doesn’t even have bass fishing or specific forms of pornography.

Kevin has an anecdote about his Daughter Sophie and he name drops ‘The Thundermans’ and Adam is back to his dad and how he could get more face time if he was to come hang out, Kevin riffs about him researching car rivalries to come up with a take/persona.


Adam talks about how his father told him he never wanted to watch him race as he “feared for him” and Adam jokes about him never calling to see if he was ok after the race, if he was really worried wouldn’t he have checked in on him since?

Adam talks about how his dad doesn’t even want tap water, he’s so unwilling to effect things he won’t consume water.

Adam says they talked about some heavy topics and he moves on to Kevin’s late grandfather who died while in WWII flying in the Pacific.


Adam says he realized after talking to his dad, a man so much of a pacifist he won’t harm iced tea, he’s moves over to his uncle Ralph and how he was able to escape certain death while hiding with bodies he’d been dumped alongside.


Adam says even his dad says the nuclear bombs were necessary and could see how his brother Ralph would be sent there to murder hundreds or thousands of people by hand.

Adam talks about his differing politics with Hench but how they agree with this and Kevin makes note of Jim forgoing all conventional warfare but being totally cool with nukes.

Kevin brings up Donald Trump’s medical deferments for Vietnam, he was doing exactly what Kevin would do to avoid having to go, he contrasts John Kerry as the counter example of what you would want to do, PR wise and morality wise.


Kevin brings up the book ‘The Pacific War’ and he mentions the “lone soldier” story and Adam jokes about it being used as a sitcom trope ala ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and Adam is back to his conversation with his dad.

Adam is talking about Pat and Vince Bruno sharing one Diesel Rabbit well into their 50’s and he jokes about BB flashing ahead to him and his wife sharing a car in 20 yrs.

Kevin tells them about the family’s diesel Chevette and riffs with Adam about it.


Adam says he asked his farther if any of the men who came over from Italy had any success in America, Jim told him about a guy who worked for Sears in the fan department, another brother who worked in a steam cleaning place, the horrible location you see while the main characters are running through the bowels of a building in an action movie.

Adam says that Ralph the machine gunner became the official photographer for the city of Philadelphia and for the 76ers and he jokes about his dad tapping out with that much information.

Kevin asks if there was any “WOP” related discrimination for the Carollas when it comes to WWII.


Adam is now talking about how many people would check the box for a medical deferment to avoid being drafted in today’s world of service dogs and narcissist liars.

Kevin says they can trace his families roots back to John Hancock and he tells them about his family, he shares his father’s Daoist POV and Adam explains how Kevin Hench wanted to write for JKL and was revealed to be better at segment producing, which then led to them working on ‘The Hammer’ together.


Adam is talking about his family and how they would replace items from garage sales and the penny saver recycler magazine

Adam is explaining the origins of ‘Who The F Sells This shit’ and has a killer riff about the guy selling the used products deciding to rape and or kill his mom.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Gina has this week’s Castrol question about changing oil yourself vs. letting a shop do it.

Adam talks about the “dumb end” comedy he had with his son over the weekend while holding a measuring tape at different ends.

Adam talks about not wasting his time working on his trench nor deck but how he likes to engage and do it anyway, changing his oil is a waste of Adam’s time and Adam talks about the plug/oil cap and he says change your oil because you’re not a car guy.


Who The Fuck Sells This Shit

1st WTFSTS Caller Delilah, she’s selling a Houdini T-Shirt and she has a funny quip that leads to Adam trying to conjure the name of Harry Blackstone Jr. but instead says Mr. Blackwell.

Adam asks Delilah if she’s one of these people who would prefer to be her own boss and work for herself even if it only pays half a regular gig would and takes twice as much work.

Adam says he’s going to talk her down to 7$ for the shirt and Delilah tells them about creepy guys showing up to buy her stuff and Adam says that half of all these craigslist ads are thinly veiled excuses for gay hookups, therefore the dudes coming by are probably also looking to hook up but she of course is not.


Gina is asking about her book, she has a book on the rhythm method from the catholic diocese from the 1960’s, Adam jokes about one wadding it up their vagina to prevent pregnancy and Delilah tells them about the book.

Adam says he’s looking at Gary’s notes and can’t read Christian Audigier mistaking his name for a spelling mistake, Adam is asking Delilah about dating men and he jokes about his wife Lynette being at the point where she never has to have contact with another person again much like Delilah.

Delilah shares her feelings about his history and Adam asks if we’re not all jealous of her ability to live this way, Adam talks about his dog having a better life than him and how he means it, he contrasts his life with that of his dog and BB says he feels a deep sadness in Delilah.


Adam takes it back to her and she says she’s trying to not let the sadness leak out, Adam has a killer Silent but Deadly one liner.

Adam jokes about dudes and has a “can you take a picture of your titties” one liner.

Adam suggests she get some help and enjoy life, she’s only 40, she still has time.


2nd WTFSTS Caller Tim, he’s got a shoe tree and there seems to be a huge laugh from the booth as he comes on the line and asks them what they want to know about the merchandise.

Adam is joking about the bygone era of shoe shining, shoe repair and general shoe attention.

Adam asks him about shining shoes, he gets a typical 60% tip on his 6$ price.


Adam asks him which ethnicity tips the least, he says Asian people and Adam asks if it’s about them coming from a culture that doesn’t tip or because the shoes are so tiny?

Tim has a “tipping city in China” quip that everyone moves past except BB who mocks him.

Adam is joking about Tim’s other business and a pig farm.


Adam talks about his grandfather’s loafers and how he had a shoe tree that Adam spent 9 months of his life playing around with that his kids wouldn’t give a 2nd look.

Tim tells them about not being able to get hired as an old man, Adam asks him about adding his life to his sadness tour for his kids, like the 70 yr. old man working at Home Depot and his “What Happened Here!?” questions.

Adam tells Tim that it will be borderline racist if he doesn’t go with Tim’s shoe shine business, Tim’s not following Adam’s logic and refuses to be an example for his kids to learn from, the choices in life not to make.


Tim has some life advice and Adam jokes about him once shining Donny Osmond’s shoes and how impressive that will be for his daughter.


Kevin asks about Adam’s life change and how his kids can’t hope to try and match his success, Adam talks about the next generation of kids who are more interested in travel and life experiences over property and owning things.

Kevin has some Freud logic and brings up meaning and earning and how aliened they are in American culture.

Adam says he’s known some of these people and he talks about watching the latest cut of the ’24 Hour War’ and he is making a point about Ford heirs who try and steer the company towards he future and make their own mark within their company.


Kevin has a “pure Detroit” anecdote from a woman he saw while out and about.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam takes it back to the topic of his dad and cars, he shares how his dad will accidentally let slip super insulting questions like asking him if the Newman doc is complete.

Adam explains why this could be seen as insulting and Gina brings up the passive aggressive angle, Adam wishes his dad was that calculating and evil, he’d prefer that over the reality of him being this aloof about his own son and his creative endeavors.

Adam explains he told his dad that the movie was done and he told him about how DVD sales work and how people profit off selling things, he says he felts like he was explaining it to a native American 250 yrs. ago and should have been trading pelts to him.


Adam says they were sitting in his Jaguar, there were some scripts and a coffee mug floating around, his dad asked him how he was doing financially and how from his POV it must seem strange.

His dad asked if Adam had money and he explained he had equity and a 2-million-dollar car, his dad then asked “this car!?” about the Jaguar they were in with beer bottles rolling around the back of it.

Adam is saying his dad knows that Adam collects vintage cars and has many, why would it be that car he was talking about!?


Adam jokes about his dad being dragged into the car shop to see all of his collection, hilarious claw marks comedy and ether rag riffing with Gina.

Adam explains how he stopped leasing his father a Jaguar after he didn’t drive it many years in a row.

Kevin asks about Adam’s dad and neurobiology and how left and right brain integration variances can lead to different affects and life choices, Kevin comments on Adam’s dad going to the celestial sea of life and how he should probably know how ineffective he is before he passes.


Adam is telling them about a gift that was being presented at his home by a young hipster, he has a Sonny hanging over a wood chipper challenge for who sent the gift, his parents or family or Jimmy Kimmel, it’s that easy of a question for him.

Adam explains the sonny over a wood chipper vs. room temperature flat sprite stakes.

Adam shares a perfect Sonny moment of him reading a story about all of their great times together and he cried then Natalia followed up by asking for 20$ from Adam on his birthday, he only had 13$ and gave it to her.


Kevin is telling them about his daughter who is only concerned with collecting 20’s not with whose face is on the bill.

Adam comments on his family never bringing up Jimmy Kimmel since he became successful and Adam teases the Jon Stewart story from 2005.


Adam is doing a PodcastOne Live Read


Adam is recalling the story of how his mother was a huge fan of Jon Stewart and deflated to him being “hit or miss” and how it’s a perfect example of his family’s weirdness and shame with success.

Gary has a Take a Knee clip with Rich Robinson, they’re now reacting to the clip and Adam talks about these bands going back out for the later in life tour where they don’t want to whack up the money and prefer to pay the other members as if they are employees.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on some unlikely war veterans in show businesses.

Kevin has some great WWII anecdotes and he explains how the greatest generations viewed armed service and their duty to their country.

Adam talks about the bombing runs over Germany and he mentions Clark Gable and his service, Gina brings up Kris Kristofferson and Charles Schulz who Adam wishes didn’t make it out of Japan.


2nd Story is on President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima and how he didn’t apologize for the use of nuclear weapons by the United States.

Adam talks about responsibility and global protection, some countries you do want having these weapons.

Kevin asks where is better than here and now and explains how hard it is to come down on the President when things are going so smoothly.


Adam argues that the notion of the middle class is perhaps no longer needed and cites Matt Fondiler and his working class existence.

Adam says the discussion might not be “what happened to the middle class” maybe the middle class has dispersed to create their own paths in life furnished with fancy cars and flat screen TV’s.

Kevin brings up the Churro stands at Disneyland and his daughter’s endless quest to obtain one, Adam is bringing up the amount of rascal scooters you see and then goes specific on the disparity in looks, hilarious “ah, I guess you could blow me” joke from Adam.


Kevin has a health care argument for childhood and adolescent obesity, very fair minded and makes some good points without being cruel or even judgmental.

Adam is talking about his kids and the wall of candy they encountered at the hardware store, he doesn’t know how any parent brings kids to these places without buying their kids something.

BB leads Adam into a Stripper DJ bit, hilarious Fructose name choice and delivery.


Kevin brings up Adam’s childhood resource based fear eating, Adam confirms it and they move on.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Ministry of Supply


Adam talks about vices and how everyone has their thing they need to try and strike a balance with, Kevin has a great Green River Killer addition and a solid Dr. Drew point that’s funny too.

BB asks about the cost of Churro production and Adam brings up the math he was doing on a keg of Budweiser, BB gets on mic and gives some more math.

Kevin calls back the shoe shine $6 price with the presumed built in 60% tip.


Adam is now talking about the retrial of keg pricing vs. selling it per glass/pitcher at a bar.

Gary has the actual math of how much profit is involved.

Gina wraps the news with the awesome new drop of Adam begrudgingly consenting to oral sex.


Adam and Gina are doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and Gary gets on mic to announce a new bonus guest for the upcoming Las Vegas Show with Frank Mir where both Adam and Frank have pledged to hit the focus pads. Adam implied it would be onstage during the show, if so they should do it for the last 5 min, that way they’re not winded for the rest of the live performance.

Adam plugs Kevin’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ and his twitter account, BB plays a great new drop of Kevin quoting his daughter, who only cares about them stacks of cash and they wrap the show.