Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/29/2014 – David Alan Grier

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/29/2014 – David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest DAG

Recorded 05-28-2014 – Release Date 05-29-2014

Production Number #1334

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Adam is opening the show with Dag in studio, the great Dagaroni.

BB has a #TopDrop that everyone thinks is Maya Angelou but BB thinks was actually Nipsey Russell, DAG is doing the “muted” tone thing acting like he’s pre-annoyed.

David is approaching his 25th appearance on the podcast, Adam plugs his food blog Chocolate Glutton and you can also check out my parody comedy food blog White Chocolate Glutton.


Adam is bringing up Maya Angelou and now DAG is getting to the French Open and lamenting the Sister’s (Serena and Venus) being out of it.

Adam is bringing up the black guy who scored a goal in hockey and DAG is now praising the guy for knocking out a white guy, Adam has a great pineapple soda joke and Gary and Dawson are losing it in the booth.

Dag calls them on it “Is that a booth laugh!?” and now Adam is talking about Dag and Phil’s work in “Road Hard” and how David didn’t have any of his lines prepared.


Alison is now asking for an example of what happened, DAG is now riffing it and joking about his shitty job on set.

DAG is killing it mocking his own inability to pull of the lines, Adam says he’s been in the edit bay for days and says that DAG is great, he will be in the movie, 3 diner scenes and they’re all great.

DAG says he’s now sworn to retire Maya Angelou just for today, he’s immediately launching into it.


Dag has a funny anecdote about people reacting to his age when his daughter was born, the differences in the black community reactions he gets being shocked at how old he was.

He’s now in character as Peanut and he’s riffing up a storm with Adam.

Alison is now getting into it with Peanut, she’s making Alison apologize.


Adam is now asking Peanut about her personal life and search for love, she’s telling them if you can’t get along with her boys you can’t stick around.


Adam calls it a scene and DAG wants to know why the improv scenes go on too long, DAG is now bursting everyone’s bubble saying he won’t appear on the show with Jo Koy and Jay Mohr, he’s bragging about not listening to the show when he’s not on.

Adam is agreeing with him that it’s “too much” and DAG is now taking it to sports fans, trying to make an analogy.

Adam is now saying you don’t want to see Godzilla and King Kong fight, actually I do.


Adam says you don’t want crossovers, except all of society is heading towards that, Adam says it would be all downhill after that.

Dag is now mocking the fans who want to put their dicks in the potato salad, I would argue that a man who doesn’t listen to the show doesn’t get to have an opinion on it, but he’s right too.

Alison is sharing a strange warm broccoli anecdote and now Adam is taking it back to the Road Hard shooting.


BB jokes about Phil just happening to be at the deli, Adam is now asking DAG if it was true or false, a person thought DAG was Adam’s security guard.

DAG is now telling the story.

They’re now breaking down the “Latin Punk Rednecks” in the bar next to the deli and how their pumping music was interrupting their filming.


Adam is mocking the “dancing” used on the strip mall bar signage, who would go dance there?

Adam says you know it’s going to be a late night when you look at your watch and realize that at 2am the noise will stop and are relieved by it.

Adam and DAG are joking about the half a day shooting schedule and how the pitch to get him into it was longer than his day’s work.


Adam is doing a live read for Bark Box and using “Pooch” again.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brian wants Adam to complain about baggage claim lines and how people stand around the carousel mocking it.

Dag is sarcastically mocking Brian and doing a fake riff in character as a hack comedian,

DAG is joking with Adam about touring as a comedian, opening comics and middle’s.


Adam and DAG are now having a fake angry back and forth, Adam is doing the “mhhhmmm” thing he does when he’s trying to bail on a failing bit.

Adam is now doing the “I Changed, I changed!?” version of “You take that back!” and “How Dare You!”

DAG is now sharing how a guy tweeted him to “dial it down” and Adam is saying he does “love it” when people complain about something that happens on the show once every 9 weeks, and now BB is sharing how he got a shitty tweet about his absence yesterday that mentioned his use of the “Cherry Pie” drop.


2nd Caller Bill he’s telling them about his bike, DAG signed it for him and BB plays the “Cherry Pie” drop and now DAG is asking Bill about his bike collection.

Adam is now saying there is a brother’s “bike” and he’s now describing the different weird spins that each culture puts on their thing, Adam says he can tell the nationality of a fully leathered biker with a helmet based on the regional/cultural modifications done to a motorcycle.

Adam is asking DAG about the ex-wife and mocking their 18 months together.


Bill asks if Adam would ever considering doing a TV show with DAG if they could get past all of the dumb producers, he uses retard and women as negatives then cracks himself up when Adam refuses to go along with it.

DAG is now commenting on the callers laugh and telling him to listen with his ears instead, Adam is now asking DAG about the next play he might do and how much work is involved.

Adam is now mocking Dag for saying he loves memorizing the dialogue and jokes about the filming of road hard and using a change belt to pay him per syllable, good stuff.


Adam is now telling them about seeing “Race” and they’re talking about “John Boy” who was also in the play.

Adam has a killer University of Phoenix joke and DAG once again comments on the booth laughing at Adam, I love it when that happens.

Adam is now doing a live read for Maxxima Style.


3rd Caller Jeff, he’s got an interview for a “big utility company” and wants some tips, Adam is now riffing with Dag about the small mom and pop utility companies, and they’re sarcastically mocking the caller.

Adam and Dag are joking about kilowatt vs. Killing+Watts.

Dag is sharing his appreciation for not having to bust out the Teddy Pendergrass bit tonight, Adam is now joking about the dailies from the Road Hard shoot and how DAG killed it on stage.

Adam is telling Jeff how to come off responsible without being cocky or seeming like he’s bragging.


Adam and Jeff are now in an improv, Adam has a great use of a fictional utility company from another movie, and he’s giving his list of skills and problem solving.

DAG is now whispering to Adam, Adam says he has an erection and needs that problem solved, Adam wants to know his best attribute.

Adam says he’s never been on a job interview, he’s doing another lap with Jeff and joking about a picture of him sucking off a donkey in Tijuana.


4th Caller Caleb, he wants to tell Adam about a shitty 80’s song that has taken over his school, Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and now DAG is going nuts working out during the song.

Adam says he hates 80’s whiny/pouty rock, he’s mocking the “whaaa” featured at the beginnings of many of those songs when the singer starts singing.

Adam is now ranting against the Katy Perry or bad 80’s music option for all bars and restaurants.


Adam is now trying to make a point about super made up skinny women who only fit one standard of beauty constantly preaching to other women about their inner beauty.

Adam is now calling for a magazine cover of Fergie, DAG burps in the middle of it, running things of track and blames Alison asking if it was a fart or a burp.

Adam is now mocking the cover and how the picture of her on the cover doesn’t empower young overweight girls, Adam empower people by not lying to them and telling them he doesn’t give a fuck about them.


Maya is now joining them from “heaven” and there is a lot of gross mouth spittle noises, Adam is interviewing Maya, asking if they need poets in heaven.

Maya is now doing an impromptu poem for Heaven, Adam is once again joking about Alison cheering on players of the deer hunting video game, Adam is doing a live read and DAG screams fuck at Adam about the commercial length.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is giving out the plugs, DAG is plugging BB’s book and Adam BB’s signing.

Adam and Dag are now talking about Howie Mandel’s show and Dag has refused, Adam agreed to it.

Dag asks Adam if he had fun, he said he never funs and now DAG asks colonoscopy vs. doing Howie’s show?


Alison asks about Adam possibly bullshitting Howie about his acting skills, Adam jokes about it and explains how a relationship works and reciprocity among friends.

Adam is now riffing about his semen transport idea, DAG is mocking it.

Dag is now trying to reverse the “I don’t swallow” claim and asks Alison how she would feel if a man was to say the same or hock a loogie after he was done.


DAG wants to know Adam’s go to bit when an audience is not following him, DAG doesn’t realize that never happens.

Adam’s now trying to “Teddy Pendergrass” to the tune of “We’ve only just begun” and he’s talk singing it with a really lazy tone, gold!

DAG is trying to do some Teddy and he said he just looked at Alison’s ass, Teddy is now in studio and Adam is playing his producer character.


Teddy is killing it along with “The Carpenters” and he’s adding some new noises to the mix, gold!

Teddy is going off on titty meat and now killing it talking about Alison’s ass and what he’s going to do it, he says it tastes salty.

Teddy is killing it making noises enjoying Alison’s body, this is insanity.


Adam is now doing a live read for and DAG is stifling himself, asking for his mic to be turned off.

Dag is mocking Alison’s husband and she’s filling him on how cool he is and what a fan he is of both Adam and Dag, Adam says he needs to get the hammer back after she mentions what company he works for.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the death of Maya Angelou, she’s sharing some facts about her life and telling Adam how she came up with her own last name.

Alison is telling them about the days she spent running a brothel and how she ended up performing at the purple onion.

Alison is reading many more details of her long and epic life.

DAG is recommending the piece on her in the national review, the tribute/obituary written about her.


Adam is getting to Maya’s abuse history and connecting it to the loveline logic regarding abuse victims, he’s asking if Madonna would be Madonna without her past, same goes for Maya.

DAG is sharing a detail about her being a gun owner, DAG is reading the part about his impression of her and Alison has a “does an 86yr old black person not have a story” and Adam has a nice counter point about DAG’s father.

Alison is wrapping up the news, little girl instead of baby girl?


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show with a live read for Personal Capital.