Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/28/2013 – Illeana Douglas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/28/2013 – Illeana Douglas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS


Guest – Illeana Douglas

Recorded 05-23-2013 – Release Date 05-28-2013

Production Number #1087

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Adam is opening the show to a great intro from Dawson and probably Lynch, Adam is doing a nice tell a friend thank you and BB has a nice #TopDrop courtesy of himself.

Adam is teasing the rest of the show, including his favorite tweets bit and their guest Illeana making her 3rd appearance on the show.


Adam is reading a clipping from the daisy chain that his children’s school has become, killer one liner from BB, wow!

Alison is now helping explain “Flower Day” “Sweet Day” “Thank You Card Day” “Fruit Bowl Day” and “TGIF Day”, BB has great insight on the troubling spelling errors and Alison is about to get to what stuck out to her.

Adam is ranting about parents being forced to participate in this week of special treatment for their kid’s teacher, great Italian wedding comedy from Adam and Alison.


Adam is telling Alison about the kids needing supplies for school and how it doesn’t make sense and seems to be the twin argument to his thoughts about school provided breakfast.

Adam is doing the actual math of the average teachers’ pay when factoring in their 3 months of vacation and claiming he never had a hero teacher.


Adam’s telling the gang about being suspended and his gibberish filled emergency card, the one with a hilarious series of quotes about his parents and their professions, great story!

Alison is sharing her own anecdote with what sounds like a meaningful c bomb, Adam is touching on his scholarship offer and Alison is quizzing the gang on the amount of exclamation points in the email from his kid’s school.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is setting this tweet up by touching on his hate for the wasted light up billboards and now he’s launching into television PSA’s, he’s going off on the group that seatbelt advisories are for and BB has a nice low key reply.

Adam is now having them play a “click it or ticket” PSA TV commercial, Alison has a nice observation and Adam is now ranting about it and the nature of PSA’s with some nice input from A-Rose, sit back and enjoy.

Adam’s having them play one of the racist and sexist anti-drunk driving PSA’s, BB has a nice reaction and I remember watching this commercial live with Adam and August in Denver back in 2010.


Adam is explaining the importance of tire pressure and what it can prevent, exposing the hypocrisy of these PSA’s.

Alison has an important question about tire pressure and Adam is clearing it up, good to know.


2nd favorite tweet, an advertisement from a Metro line about what makes you a man is having the courage to raise your own kid.

Adam is now ranting about obligation vs. courage, this is wonderful and he’s citing the Taco Bell “Do the Impossible” poster about graduation and Adam has a clever definition of something actually impossible.

Adam has an “Audie Murphy” mention, BB is incredulous and Adam is telling them to look it up.


Adam is now citing his name being misspelled throughout all of media, he’s sharing an NBC news piece about the patent trolls suing the network, great anti-American point from Adam about the nature of patent trolls.

Adam is now asking what is so difficult about his name and now bringing up his car from a past Toyota grand prix with two variations on his last name and he’s now explaining the nature of news media and how they fuck everything up.

Adam is now having Alison read the information about Audie Murphy, she’s so good at this and Adam has a great commie accusation for BB.


Illeana is now returning to the podcast, again for her 3rd visit. She seems to appreciate Adam as much as he enjoys her.

Adam is remarking on her work throughout the years and now he’s stumbled on her work helping cast “Casino” she influenced a key role and BB even has to shout.

BB just brought up the great “Joe Bob Briggs” and his work in “Casino” and Adam is now talking about TNT’s “MonsterVision” and calling him “Elvira with balls and a cock”, wow!


Illeana is telling Adam about her work with TCM for “Second Looks” and how they pick their films, Adam suggests “The Hammer” and she’s telling him about the lengths they’ve gone to acquire new movies.

BB has a nice question about the criteria for selection and she’s telling the gang about “Ace in the Hole” and sharing funny anecdote about Spike Lee and Billy Wilder after claiming “The Hammer” is a prime candidate for the show.


Adam is asking Illeana about being one of the pioneers of bringing her dog on a plane, hilarious verbiage and one liners from everyone including Illeana, Adam is telling her the “Johnny Come Latelies” are going to ruin it for her.

Adam is citing Alison’s news story from last week about the handicapped family escort scam for Disneyland.

Adam is asking Illeana if she has to be nutty or if she simply “imposes crazy on herself” while referencing the Howie Mandel interview from “Cinco De Mangria” and she agrees it’s possibly self imposed, she’s now sharing an anecdote about her reaction to witnessing the truly crazy people in society.


Alison is now having Adam explain “Din Din” to Illeana and she is sharing how she’s heard about talking to one’s dog having a deeper meaning.

Adam is telling Illeana about the last dog that visited the studio and the pee covered script, Adam is telling Illeana and the gang about dog sitting “Sushi/Tushi” and the incident at the boxing gym, another classic story.


Alison’s News

Hilarious “Heretic” themed go To Meeting live read complete with “Tushi” comedy, wow.

Her top story is on Eva Longoria following in the footsteps of Adam’s mother Chris Carolla by obtaining the same master’s degree from Sea Sun, BB has a nice contribution that has now lead to an improv about the “Bell Beefer”.

They’re all now weighing in on the story and the focus on gender and nationality when it comes to specific professions.


BB is bringing up some Malcom Gladwell and Adam has a great Hawaiian Attorney riff, he’s making some great points and Alison wants credit for not making a joke that she now had to make, nice.

Alison is taking it back to the degree and Eva’s tweet, she’s disagreeing with the premise of it and Adam is explaining that she made the world’s worst movie and he’s glad she has no film career, whoa!

He’s now explaining the plot of her big work in “Over Her Dead Body” and Adam is now going to come up with a list of movies where they came up with the title before writing a script including the Van Damme Classic “Sudden Death”.


2nd story is about the Catholic Church endorsing that moral atheists can also go to heaven despite not believing in god, Adam is explaining that on the off chance that there is a heaven he always knew he would be welcome due to his morality.

Funny riff with BB about the pearly gates and Saint Peter, Alison even jumps in with appreciation for Adam’s “zip it, lock it and put it in your pocket” and Illeana is remembering back to her own youth where kids were simply hit instead of given cute rhymes to encourage silence.

Adam is sharing the two belts he took while being transported in different Volvo wagons, hilarious.

Alison is taking it back to childhood rhyming pantomimes, she’s asking about the secret keeping complete with swallowing a key post mouth sealing, hilarious modifications from Adam.


3rd story is about a study stating that talking about oneself too often can lead to depression.

Alison is now explaining the nature of the study and asking an interesting question about the science, Adam is explaining the narcissistic depression his mother suffered from, so familiar to this Superfan.

Adam has another wise observation about the overcompensation of depression and his own use of the term “We” when describing his standup tours.

Adam agrees with Alison that they have the order of events backwards and now she’s making a point about productivity and its effect on mood.


Adam just brought up Buzz Aldrin and Alison has a question about his level of blow hardiness, Adam is confirming her suspicions and explaining how he knows firsthand from spending time with the man at the racetrack and elsewhere.

Adam is telling the gang about his first celebrity grand prix with Buzz and his inability to not destroy the cars, Adam is now referencing the moon landing denier that Buzz knocked out on camera.

Adam and Alison are now riffing about conspiracy theories and Illeana is sharing the details of the “Enola Gaye”.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.