Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2014 – Sasha Grey, David J. and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2014 – Sasha Grey, David J. and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sasha Grey, David J. and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 05-26-2014 – Release Date 05-27-2014

Production Number #1332

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Adam is opening the show back in studio, finally!

The schedule is back to normal, i.e. 85+min shows

Adam questions his own intro and Alison asks if he really forgot it, he’s saying he’s just tried and confused, Matt Fondiler is sitting and Adam is explaining why, BB is out doing some weird rich guy shit and Adam mocks him.


Adam is thanking everyone for supporting the show, the signings and he’s telling them about the kids who are turning their parents onto the podcast and how important that is.

Matt is now on mic too, I can’t tell if he’s in studio of behind the glass, there have been two clues so far and they contradict each other, I’m leaning towards behind the glass near Gary and Dawson.

If you would like to hear more of Matt’s side of the trip, be sure to check out “There Will Be Spoilers #239” Matt’s independent podcast he’s been doing for several years.


Adam is telling Alison about watching a rough assembly of “Road Hard” on the plane, Matt tells the gang about picking up the file/DVD before the flight.

They ran into Eric Stromer upon landing in D.C. and were forced to sit in a car with an ex tour guide driver who couldn’t stop telling them about the scenery.

Adam is now describing and “encounter the driver had with an angry bicyclist while partially in the crosswalk, Adam is describing her freak out “What!? What!? What!?”


Adam is now asking about the people who are pre-insulted upon your first encounter with them, he’s getting to the abuse victim mentality that lashes out at strangers, and Adam has a great bukake joke.

Adam explains that it was the curb that causing the drama and he explains those only exist for the handicapped and people in wheelchairs.

Adam is now showing a picture you can view via the show page link above.


Adam is explaining his futile talk with some junior senators and talking about how the bill was shot down and Alison is asking him if was a done deal before he even went there.

Adam says the government has gone brazen and now flaunt their entitlements and illegal behavior, Adam is telling Alison about the talk he gave and how it was not as impressive as you might assume.

Matt is now on mic explaining how they rejected the bill and also how Adam told his story to the junior senators.


Adam is telling them about the homeless guy they ran into in Minneapolis, he asked Adam “did everyone tell you, you look just like Adam Carolla?” and Adam gave him a “yeah.”

Adam is explaining that Matt got experience Adam’s insane schedule firsthand, he’s telling them about getting a beer and seeing Godzilla with Matt while at the Mall of America.

Alison calls it date night, Adam is describing the girl’s night out table in the same bar and how Matt was starting to nod off.


Adam says Matt was coming undone and probably had about his fill of Adam, he says he was literally falling asleep while talking to Adam.

Adam is once again bringing up Bryan Cranston’s hair and asking Gary about how insane it was, he agrees.

Adam is telling them about the eager cop fan who offered a police escort from the signing to the live show with Richard Roeper.


Adam is explaining his hesitation to “Take a cut” and how the officer assured him it would not inconvenience any other motorists, it was an escort for about 4 miles, and Adam says it was like he escorted him out of the parking lot.

Matt shares how he looked at Adam and had a moment where he thought it was the greatest it would ever be.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Matt is now giving his final words about Adam’s fan base, he calls Adam the hardest working person in the world and compliments his ability to think of disasters and hiccups before they happen.

Matt and Adam agree the trip went very smoothly, Adam compliments Matt for his spooning abilities.

Adam is teasing the arrival of DFG, he’s now in studio and he’s opening a Natural Night into the mic.


Adam is talking to DFG about his trek up to the northwest for some Mangria events in Seattle, he’s telling them about a jeep to jeep fist bump he saw on the road.

DFG is telling them about what he learned about sales, he’s joking about someone approaching him and saying he sounds just like DFG, Adam has some confusion.

DFG is joking about the ax body spray notes he described in the Mangria and the Brose.


J.V. or All Balls

“Wearing Shades while taking a dump”

Adam and Alison both have some clever reasoning, Adam riffs about trying to stay anonymous while on the road doing some pooping.


“Taking a leak while jogging backwards”

Alison calls it All Balls.


“Riding a ten speed with your hands locked behind your head like you’re about to be serviced by a lady”

Adam is describing seeing the guy bicycling that way and how it’s potentially dangerous if your hands dry out and become temporarily fused.

Alison just changed DFG’s mind, wow!


“Taking a Shovel to the Head”

Adam asks if he means like the popular internet meme showing a “poor girl” getting hit in the head with a shovel after busting up another girls nose and face.

“Yeah, or just in general” – DFG

Gary’s laughter from the booth is classic, man they need to add that to the Ace Awards “Best Inappropriate laughter from Gary heard off mic and through walls”

Adam is having him clarify what type of shovel, he tells him must be a thicker gauge shovel.

DFG calls it all balls, Adam has a great gang initiation joke, like if farmer’s had a gang, gold!


“Stomach Pumped” – DFG has a killer pronunciation of Mukilteo and the name Rod Stewart.

“Yeah It was Jizz” – Alison

“No cookies and a barrel of Ookie” – Adam joking about the Rod Stewart jizz chugging urban legend.

Adam and Alison are riffing about it and DFG is connecting it to the next AB or JV, guys who buy drinks for veterans on Memorial Day.


DFG is giving a shout out to “F’ing C Word” and DFG is promoting his new “All Balls” T shirt design, courtesy of @Dune on Twitter.

All Balls a division of the Cool Balls™ brand.


“Family Neck Tattoo”

Adam is now riffing about “Family” a 1970’s sitcom, he’s trying to figure it out with Alison and they’re listing off all of the similar shows, Family Affair, now they’re onto “V.I.C.I.” from Small Wonder and Adam is mocking himself for knowing that and not knowing where he spoke to the junior senators.

Alison is now reading the cast of the show and Adam is reaffirming it was super depressing, DFG is sharing a funny “more than” involving bearded clams and the cast of “Three’s Company.”

Adam says black and Hispanic get as “Family” neck tattoo pass, everyone else does not.


Alison has a funny point about it not being the icebreaker the person who got the tattoo intended it to be, DFG has a great point while explaining that it’s J.V.

DFG is bummed out that he won’t be in studio with Sash Grey, DFG is sharing how he’s watched her explore her sexuality on film.

“I saw her in a porn this morning bro! – DFG in reply to Alison, Adam is doing an nice back and forth and letting DFG hang out for a bit. Adam labels DFG his own Spuds Mackenzie.

Adam jokes about DFG putting whatever title he wants on the business cards and thanks him for representing in Washington State.

Adam is now doing a Bark Box live read.

They’re playing the outro and giving some plugs.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joseph from Scotland, his overweight sister is concerning him and he’s wondering how to help her help herself, Adam is now making a point about women turning in on themselves, instead of going on shooting sprees.

Adam is hinting around the Loveline line of questions and trying to gauge his sister’s weight, DFG has a great use of stone.

Adam is sharing his “everything starts out with a walk” 1st step to health and happiness, he’s making a point about the different type of conversations over a walk vs. lunch, and Alison has a great twist reply to close it out.

Adam is now joking about DFG and his sexual position order of operations when he’s with a new gal.


2nd Caller Peirce

DFG has a crazy “is your radio on bro” line of questioning and Adam talks him down, the caller wants to know why Adam is never asked to judge on any of these reality shows.

Adam wants the caller to tell him which guy is on America’s Got Talent, he’s trying to compliment Howie Mendel and Howard Stern, like pulling teeth.

Adam is now saying that judging on a reality show is the easiest job on the planet, Alison asks Adam if that’s what he thinks Drew does, expresses his expertise on air without needing to make it entertaining or funny.


3rd Caller Jamie, he’s a contractor and wants to know what Adam thinks is worse, Disco or today’s pop music, he’s praising Disco and the real talent involved in the majority of the tunes of the genre.

Adam is now riffing about modern pop music sounding like someone shoved a badger in your skull and the sound is that of it eating its way out.

DFG is contrasting the modern selfie era vs. cocaine of the Disco days.

Adam is giving out some plugs, joking with DFG about filling in for BB and doing the sound effects with his mouth.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Sasha Grey is returning to the ACS, her first appearance was on ACS #1013 from February of last year, with an unrelated male guest on the show, David is connected to Sasha though.

David J. from Love and Rockets is a Classic Loveline vet, appearing on Episodes #118 from March 12th 1996 and #822 from November 23rd 1998.

David says they were on Loveline 3 times, so there should be a missing episode.


Adam doesn’t recall the episodes and asks David about the band and their breakup in 2008, he’s now asking how David and Sasha started working together.

Adam is getting to how asking a woman to get topless onset can be uncomfortable then takes it to porn and compliments the hard working women of that industry for jumping into the deep end of vulnerability onset.

Sasha is now offering up her firsthand expertise with both types of acting/performing.


Adam is asking her how long she could have thought about her porn career at 18, DFG is not on mic and trying to figure it out, he lays in some applause, Adam is saying that his question was more of a statement, all of his questions are he says.

Adam is bringing up how Don Rickles was able to pull off a solid performance in “Casino” and he’s essentially saying people who are talented at performing in other fields, if you have a porn or standup background you can do anything… except run for senate.

DFG is now off mic chiming in about the hardest role in porn, the man cast as the cuckold in that genre, Adam is now having a nice back and forth with him explaining that not all porn has that premise.


Adam is asking where they can find the video from David starring Sasha, Adam asks her if the porn industry folks still contact her asking if she wants to go back.

Adam gets her to clarify, he’s asking her if there is any news about the Entourage movie, Adam says they filmed in Mike August’s rental property.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the tragedy in Isla Vista, Adam says the only good part of travelling your ass off is you miss all of the shitty news stories and shitty things people say about you on twitter, but then people fill him in on what he’s missed.

Alison is sharing the details of the manifesto and massacre perpetrated by the deranged man, Adam is now sharing the horrible conversation he has to one day have with his kids about not spurning their peers for fear of ending up on a kill list.

Alison is now wisely sharing her own opinion that happens to be accurate, she says people are trying to parse insanity through rational thought, she’s making a point about this being insanity and not taking the “party line” of twitter.


Adam is now joking about telling his kids to compliment the kids on their leather dusters and eyeliner, Sasha is now sharing a realistic take on bullying.

Alison is sharing the guy’s inability to deal with the basic realities of life, including mentioning his resentment about a cake slice from a birthday party over 17 years ago.

Alison is sharing the details of the parents and police intervention, Adam says there is no way to figure out who will snap and who won’t until we invent a “craz-o-meter” and then mentions the crazy people we all know who wouldn’t and never hurt a fly, then the quiet types who randomly snap one day.


Adam is sharing how when you get older you start hearing about your peers and friends teenage kids and the problems they’re now having.

Alison shares the alarming point about how these can’t be prevented because we can’t predict the future nor use common profiling to pinpoint these individuals.

Alison is making a point about mental illness and the wild swing from having almost 0 rights to the modern era where it’s been reversed.


Adam is now making a point about human beings and how we need to be constantly moving, Adam has a great cow milking/coal mine old timey riff with Alison, gold!


Adam says the one through line for these kids too much fucking free time on their hands, Adam says vests amount of downtime for young males is horrible.

“It’s all internet porn and manifestos” – Adam on the danger of too much free time for teenage boys.

Adam is bringing up violent video games, he’s not blaming them but saying kids playing violent games isn’t helping the cause.


Alison wants to know if there was any hope for saving the kid, he’s now talking about going to City College and his peers who did that in high school.

Adam wants to know what would have happened if he went to become a merchant marine, Alison has a nice point about his location effecting him if we are to take his manifesto and videos at face value.

Adam says the final victims are the two cops the kids rolled under the bus, Dawson is now making a point about the cops in Isla Vista, and how it’s used as punishment for bad cops.


Adam has a great joke telling Dawson he should be an attorney, hilarious too drunk to rape defense one liner.

Alison is explaining the parents attempt to intervene and sharing one of the videos of the father of Chris who was killed in the diner during the madman’s rampage.

Adam says both the kid and the gun were factors in the killing, he doesn’t disagree with him though.


Adam says x amount of this is going to happen, due to weapons prevalence and the number of people on the planet, Adam says we need to deputize everyone to be on the lookout for this stuff.

Adam has a fair point about how many of these events have been prevented by someone intervening, we don’t hear about those stories.

Adam is explaining that he was just talking to a mom about her son killing himself by jumping off the roof of his school, he has a funny “thank god I had twins” retort before jumping into a live read for Legal Zoom.


2nd Story Is o Kanye and Kim’s wedding, she’s sharing how the NY Post covered it and reading some funny quotes.

Adam is sharing why he’s hesitant to mock Kanye West and lists his interruption of Taylor Swift as a plus in his column, Adam wants to know how much of all of this is calculated.

Adam is bringing up the 15 million her sex tape has made and Sasha says that she knew it was being released, she’s making a point about the formula of a “leaked sex tape” being used for publicity.


Adam is now playing “Whore’s Advocate” and sharing the popular “well it was already all over the internet” excuse/reasoning often used in these situations.

Adam has a great back and forth with Alison regarding Jackée Harry and “227” and now Adam is asking Sasha about the agreement that Kim Kardashian would have had to sign for the sex tape to be sold by Vivid.

“Now is her mom that skinny dude with the ponytail I see walking through the airport on TMZ or is that someone else?” – Adam

Sasha just blew snot everywhere.


Adam is sharing how insanely naïve he is when it comes to publicity and self-publicity in particular, and he’s getting to the concept of brand.

David J. says combining brands like a business merger and Adam has a great Traveling Wilburys, Adam is now saying that Kanye couldn’t fall in love with his dental hygienist nor the straight version of Jodie Foster.

Alison is getting Adam to clarify that he means that Kanye needs a fellow fame whore.


3rd Story Is on a teen who was charged after holding his breath while driving through a tunnel, Adam is now bringing up the times you do a horn honk to notify people of your presence and he says he has even done it, it’s that common.

Adam wants to know why we give people who fall asleep behind the wheel such a pass, he’s making a point about the number of people in society who fall asleep while driving and how bizarre that actually is.

David J. tells a great anecdote and Adam explains it away as him being drugged, Sasha say she’s gotten close, Alison admitted to one time, Adam says his old construction foreman used to do it.


Alison is now telling her story in full, Alison has told this before on this show and her own amazing Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.

Adam is going off on how ubiquitous sleeping while behind the wheel is and contrasting that with how useless Smokey the bear was as a deterrent, why not car safety PSA’s.

Adam is now bringing up the Ennis Cosby murder and he’s sharing how he heard that Ennis was murdered within minutes or seconds of him driving home from Loveline, unbeknownst to Adam.


Alison is now asking Adam what one should do to avoid falling asleep and Adam is referencing Michael Jordan’s dad’s murder at a rest stop once again.

They’re now wrapping up the news and Adam is praising DFG for getting the closing sting right, he’s giving out the plugs and DFG drops another one.

Adam is plugging Alison’s episode of ARIYNBF with Alicia Witt, Adam says he loves her and is now wrapping up the show with even more plugs.