Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2013 – Monica Mehta and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2013 – Monica Mehta and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Monica Mehta and David Wild

Recorded 05-21-2013 – Release Date 05-27-2013

Production Number #1083

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Recorded immediately prior to the Episode with Ray William Johnson and Dave Dameshek from last week.

Adam’s opening the show with a very spirited intro with David Wild in studio and a great #TopDrop and a tease about something Dawson is going to prepare us for.

Adam is now launching into something that pissed him off while working on his Spike TV pilot, he’s describing a “Quiznos” lunch run and why personal orders were out the window due to time constraints.

Adam is now calling for a veggie lover’s class action lawsuit, hilarious riff, Adam’s describing the order of sandwich elimination and Alison has a great point about turkey.


Adam has a great analogy about sub sandwiches without meat, lifelong unwilling vegetarian Superfan Gio agrees!

Adam is now going off on bell peppers, claiming they share a publicist with an infamous Carolla comedy target and BB is trying to shit on Adam’s point with a look it seems, Alison is defending Adam about raw bell peppers in a sandwich.

Adam is sharing his new solution for vegetarians and people who are into decaf, whoa!


Adam is further going off on the hidden tyranny of variety and now calling for human tagging, David Wild has a great one liner and a decent follow up describing Adam’s emblems for vegetarians.

David is defending his wife’s coffee choice but offering to leave her because of Adam’s ranting, Adam has a killer reply about how to truly punisher her.

Adam is now riffing about the norm of eating habits, hilarious Middle Eastern themed one liner and a quick update on his theory about black people sneezing.


Adam is now sharing an update on his mint infused high end racing long johns worn beneath his fire suit, Adam is explaining what happened on Adam and Drew Episode #45 where Drew smelled his racing bottoms.

Alison’s reaction is great and Adam is doing a wonderful job describing the “All Balls” incident which was very reminiscent of Classic Loveline, gold!

Adam is explaining the concept of a “sample sniff” and Alison is backing him up, another great one liner from Ace and David has a nice passion fruit comment.

Alison is asking Adam why Drew was attracted to his worn long john bottoms, hilarious quote from Alison asking about Drew’s motivation.


Adam is telling the gang about getting into his bright red fire suit and driving shoes moments after his VIP meet and greet.

Adam is sharing an experience from the racetrack where a woman asked him about his racing ambitions allowing him to clear up her misunderstanding and not look like a complete douche.


Adam is now having Dawson queue something up, he’s prefacing that he went over to the Family Guy studios and spoke to Carolla Digital’s official artist and my “client” Michael Narren, this is gonna be good!

Dawson is now playing the audio portion of the new Mangria commercial being animated by Michael Narren, Exclusive! Alanna Ubach the Loveline, Adam Carolla Show KLSX and podcast regular is doing the VO, awesome Great Magnet comedy!

Adam is sharing his favorite joke from the bit that Mike Lynch came up with.


Music Monday with David Wild

Adam is talking with David about the recent Rock and Roll hall of fame show, Adam is going super in depth and ranting about a texting audience member.

Alison is weighing in and BB is once again sharing about his wife’s Facebook updates during her long awaited Jay Z concert.


David is telling Adam about Superfan Michelle in Las Vegas and reminding them to play his theme song.

David is sharing the Isley Brothers version of “Summer Breeze” and citing the use of “phased guitar”.

Adam is now asking David about the group and their years of activity, He’s got a hilarious improv about one of the guys trying to pitch this song to the rest of the band.


Adam is calling this the “blackest version of the whitest song on the planet” and David is explaining the controversy surrounding “Seals and Crofts” and comparing it to Paul Anka.

Adam is now going off on “She’s having my baby” his classic KLSX riff is emerging and Alison is helping David explain it, solid overlooked closer from A-Rose too!

Adam is telling David about fighting Rick Springfield while in the nude filming a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live in “To Hell and Back”, He’s finally talking about it, GOLD!

Adam is explaining the plot of “To Hell and Back” this is so great! They’re now watching the YouTube clip of this very rare classic bit.


Adam is now setting up his song, he’s explaining that in honor of the passing of Ray Manzarek he was tweeted about his work producing X and Adam is now having them play his favorite X song.

Adam is singing the praises of pop punk and David is setting him up for a nice explanation of regional musical success.

Adam is using Meatloaf as his prime example to counterbalance X and their local success.

Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and Alison is giving her take on “Dads and Grads” and Adam is now breaking it down and explaining why it’s “fucked out”.


Monica is now joining the show for her first visit, after Adam and Alison reminisce over a clip from a New Orleans news segment that was featured on the show some time ago.

Monica is explaining the reasoning for her book and how her own professional life influenced it, she’s taking them all the way back to her childhood and explaining the lengths her father went to in order to provide for his family.

She’s wrapping up her story and explaining how her father’s gift shop expanded into a diversified investment company, hilarious replies from Adam who appreciates Monica’s dad and his “motor”.


Monica is giving an in depth explanation of the research on the brains of entrepreneurs, Adam is now explaining his take as a businessman and going off on the school system not preparing young people for these realities of life.

Adam is going off on the universal things people will need to know upon leaving high school and the one missing element regarding creating income.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about his family and their reaction to his plan to rent out his previous home instead of selling it, Alison is sharing her parent’s similar traits.


Adam is going in depth on the business of doing business, one of his newfound topics of appreciation, BB is taking it back to the brain science and Alison has a killer reply which Adam tags nicely.

Adam is explaining the lack of luck in the Carolla genes, BB is getting in the mix and citing a vague story of one of the times Adam knew his car purchase would increase in value.

Adam is citing his terrible jobs throughout the years and the OG “Gary Smith” whose picture they’re admiring and he’s comparing to “Mr. Gregory”.

Adam has a funny reply to people who cite good health as something to appreciate, Alison agrees and BB kills it with an understated reply.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about the upcoming movie based around “Medieval Times” and Adam is bringing up his recent tournament related observation.

Adam has admitted he’s never been, perhaps Jay Mohr should take him for some kind of elaborate podcast episode.

Adam is now explaining what an ideal restaurant should strive for and Alison is asking the gang if they’ve ever attended a renaissance fair, Alison had some euphemistic fun when she went and BB went in high school.


Adam is now asking why they’re making a sequel to “Grown Ups” and Alison has a nice follow up, Adam is explaining the math behind these movies and how it removes all the art from the project.

Adam has a fine point about career legacy and BB is using another one of Adam’s arguments to drive his point home. Adam is telling the gang about the experience of pitching a movie to Jack G. from Sandler’s production company who was bragging about making piles of shit.

Monica just stepped on the Carolla land mine of children’s programming, he’s telling the gang about his heroic deeds reading a book to Sonny, nice letter G comedy.


Adam is telling the gang about the trinket Natalia was offered upon leaving the emergency room after treatment for her eye injury and how he wouldn’t let her take the “Dora the Explorer” choice due to its creative bankruptcy and “hoover of shit” status.

Adam is now calling for a class action lawsuit against Dora and Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is going further on the moment between him and the heavy set nurse who he shamed for giving that type of crap to kids, whoa!


Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.