Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/26/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 349

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/26/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 349

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Whitney Miller

Recorded 05-24-2016 – Release Date 05-26-2016

Production Number #349 – Whitney Miller

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Whitney Miller is making her ACS debut, according to Adam she runs with Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus, he has her info about her first boxing match but he’s been misinformed that it’s MMA, it’s boxing and she clarifies for them.

Adam mocks his “crack staff” and Drew steps in to explains she was Ms. United States and Adam is now telling them to kick Caelan for him.

Adam is asking what is with all of the cute young blonde women getting into MMA, she explains how she wanted to challenge herself and others to think outside of the box.


Adam asks white are the indicators you hear for “cool dad” and he mentions the activity of wakeboarding that Whitney let slip.

Adam says he thinks wakeboarding equals cool dad, boarding school in Switzerland equals rich dad.

Whitney says her dad’s lust for life did manifest in her as well, she tells them about her dad living on a boat for the last decade.


Adam is asking her about being the brand ambassador for ‘’ and she explains her boyfriend is Audrey and one thing led to another with her own career aspirations and background.

Adam is complimenting the Jump Rope and he says there are other companies that make their own ropes that are like yarn and he specifically shits on the rope Danny Bonaduce bought for him in 2007 that had a counter for keeping track of rotations.

Adam is talking about working out with his rope for the past 3 yrs., I was there the day in studio that he got that first box back in 2013, Whitney compliments him on wearing down his handles by commenting on how much that implies he works out.

Adam gives out the guidelines for a solid jump rope.


Drew asks about the barstools and if they ended up looking nice, Adam says the two he assembled himself do indeed look good.

Whitney is telling Adam about her first pageant while she was in college competing in wake surfing and she quickly lists of her pageantry wins.

Adam jokes about her having a controversial “kill all the easily upset religious people” answer and he feels badly for the women in pageants who end up putting their foot in their mouth and become a national joke.


Adam is now talking with her about pageant work and having pre-loaded answers and Adam riffs about it with Drew, lots of interesting observations.

Adam mentions Mario Lopez and Whitney tells Adam about her “winner” family and brother who owns a drone company, Adam is talking about drone racing and they’re observing footage of it happening.

Adam says this is like arena football at this point, he says Star Wars his here and they move on to the call.


1st Caller Dominic, his wife of two years is pretty cool most of the time but easily upset over something as small as grapes, he gives an example and says these kinds of blow ups happen a couple times of the month.

Adam has a great “it must be nice” in reference to his wife, who he suggests should be hooked up with Dom’s to compare notes.

Dominic is telling them about taking of his wedding ring to put goo in his hair, Adam talks about needing goo but not wanting to use it, Dom says he’s a salesman and is trying to maintain an appearance.


Dom doesn’t want to repeat the obscenities his wife lobbed at him, Drew says it doesn’t sound that unreasonable and Adam tells him to not be so pussy whipped, how about half of a labia, one labia, maybe a minora whipped.

Adam is offering up some practical advice and Drew is now picking on Adam, Adam talks about his very fair wiring and how he never bitches about mistakes, he helps people when there are consequences ala an uncharged Tesla.

Adam says he agrees that if it’s important her he should make sure to keep the ring on, Adam jokes about him oiling up his body before leaving the house, mocking him and Dom either rolls with it for comedy’s sake or actually does oil himself up before leaving the house and had no reaction to the amazing presumption/conjuring from Adam.


2nd Caller Sarah, she has a boyfriend of 6 years, they’re long distance and he’s been containing his ex-girlfriends.

Adam says if she is uncomfortable with it he should be cool with not doing it, Whitney gives her own take and Adam observes how many of her exes are probably still in to her regardless of her platonic feelings for them.

Adam has a solid point about what all men know about male exes, Drew is asking up some background information and stops to mock her, Adam is now using a broken glass to mock people who reply to questions like Sarah just did.


Adam stops her to tell her that he’s not that into this relationship, Adam says “blow in a call” and Drew has a “a what” reply, he’s talking about their phone calls.

Adam tells Sarah this guy doesn’t want to get married, Adam says you can always tell what someone wants by their actions.

Adam says this guy is making it clear he’s not that into this relationship.

Adam says her guy is going to go status quo as it’s working for him, she needs to address reality on realties terms.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam jumps in and they having a nice back and forth, feels natural edition

Adam is riffing about boats he likes.


3rd Caller David he’s calling about his wife’s mother and her chaotic life.

Davis mocks his mother in laws “scheduled daily naps” and Drew asks why they’re not getting mom some treatment as she’s 58 and David says she’s addicted to Klonopin and Xanax, not into booze as Drew predicted.

Adam is talking about modern society and he wants to know when we can start clamping down on these “trouble makers” and says “kick this old fucking cunt in the ass” to the delight of Whitney and Drew.


Adam makes a point about mental health and perpetual foot draggers and how to have healthy boundaries when dealing with them, Drew says he’s right and explains why.


Adam talks about being drunk all the time and never hitting his kids, yelling at his wife nor abusing anyone, can’t people just get loaded and not go insane.

Adam says that he would flip the script on what Whitney said, this mother is ruining her daughter’s life and Drew explains how Whitney has a healthy family that is not enmeshed.


Adam plugs Whitney’s fight and and then givers out his plugs before Drew jumps in and flubs his own timeslot and native tongue.