Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/25/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 146

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/25/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 146

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 05-20-2014 – Release Date 05-25-2014

Production Number #146 Guest Host – Brad Williams

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Dr. Drew is opening another episode with Brad Williams filling in for Adam, They’re joking about the overwhelming positivity for Brad filling in for Adam, and Brad is getting it low.

Drew is doing a no choice to get it on and says Adam will be back next week, Brad is thanking fans for telling him to take Adam’s place, and Drew and Gary are praising his willingness to fit them into his busy schedule.

Brad is now giving an example of filling in for Ralph Garman on Kevin and Bean, Drew is citing Loveline and how it effects his schedule.


Gary and Chris are telling Drew about Bard showing up at Irvine and getting booked on the show last minute, he’s now sharing some advice from an improv teacher.

The teacher told him that “nobody cares about you” and Drew is bringing up how his generation that never even considered having to come to that thought, they knew it.

Drew is now quoting Bob Forrest describing the entitlement of this generation, entitled to everything and interested in nothing.


Brad is now summing up the Patent Troll case and what a scam it seems to be, Drew is now saying that’s the pervasive attitude of society where people plot to steal form rich people and justify it by telling themselves they must have cheated to earn it.

Brad is now sharing an anecdote of someone asking him for rent money and the assumption that his money is theirs.

Drew is plugging his upcoming show with Dennis Prager and getting the guys to help him come up with the name of the venue.


Brad is sharing Dennis Prager’s “you’re not bored, you’re boring” line of advice, Drew is too busy getting to the plug to bring up addiction and its role in boredom.

Drew says it’s a chance to hear him wax poetic on topics he never gets to, philosophical stuff.

Brad is now mocking Adam and joking about him being receptive, he’s got some kind words in the buildup before the sting, Drew is giving his take on what gets boring I person vs. on a podcast.

Drew spilled his coffee, Gary replaced it and cleaned it up, Brad is sharing how he was told “it’s impossible to talk” on the show before he guested, he says it tested him as a comic.


Drew is now getting to his dynamic with Adam, he’s citing how Adam will witch gears on him and hang him out to dry.


1st Letter Teresa, she’s listening to the podcast I host and inspired, Classic Loveline on Podcastone and she’s noticing the different tone between Adam and Drew in 1996.

She wants to know if Drew genuinely disliked Adam.

She says “old couple” instead of odd couple or Chris messed it up, I’m gonna blame her mostly due to the wording of her question being possibly anti-Adam.


Drew is explaining how he had to prepare for Adam on Loveline, he assumed he was “dangerous” like former co-hosts and he would have to reel him in more and that Adam got less extreme.

No, Adam got less eager to entertain within his 1st year, he stopped dancing for the man, once everyone was clear whose face and mouth was the cash register.

Drew took almost 3 years to get less strict on Adam, less likely to yell or tell him to move on when he was working on a bit or a riff, it’s a slow progression but even by 1997 Drew is already joking around with his own drops that he threatened to walk off the show in response to in 1996.

Keep listening Teresa!


Drew is further citing Adam’s riffs and now Brad is calling out Adam for repetition and Drew is stepping up to tell him that Adam doesn’t care for that, it’s not accurate.

Adam has more hours logged on air and less repetition than any other radio or podcast host, I’ve actually crunched the numbers, its staggering, Adam operates at over 90% fresh material at almost all times on the podcast.

Drew is now quoting the comedy factory vs. warehouse analogy from the horse himself, Ace.


Drew is bringing up the live tour from last summer, Gary is finally explaining on-air that the audio was corrupted and Drew calls SLC the best even they ever did.

Gary says it will never be released, we’ll see about that…

Brad is now joking about Utah and Mormons, he’s goofing about “rebel Mormons” and Drew is bringing up the original moron settlers genetic predisposition for addiction.


Drew is quoting the anecdote he was told about the original settlers in Utah having the alcohol vetoed from the religion by the women from the religion and community.

They’re discussing sex in the Mormon community and Brad is bringing up the nature finds a way quote form Jurassic Park.

They’re riffing all over the place, Brad has some missteps and now Drew is bringing up the cancellation of “Legit!” and Drew wants to know why the show can’t move on.


Gary has some nice praise for the show and Brad is giving his take and wishes for Jim to get another TV show, Drew is praising Jim Jefferies writing talents and how he needs to be able to flex that muscle.

Brad is bringing up how a fan tweeted him about his use of “Columbian Bam Bam” quoting “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” Chris is now asking Brad about the dwarf community’s reaction to his career and jokes.

Gary has a killer nosebleed one liner while Drew is telling him to bring in a stool next time Brad guests.


Drew is bringing up Adam’s book and an observation about the post office, he’s bringing up stamp prices saying that he’s never heard Adam riff about this, this is actually a classic Loveline riff and has many examples of Drew hearing it.

Drew is using this as a launching point for a live read for

They’re now going to break.


They’re back from break.

Drew is singing the praises of Adam Ray and is asking how it’s going trying to get Dr. Drew to make a cameo on SNL, Brad is sharing who his pal is on SNL and Drew is singing the praises of the “Baby Body” sketch.

Brad loves the middle aged middle astern motivational speaker, Drew says she’s very underrated.


Brad is bringing up Charlize Theron dating Sean Penn and he says she’s too good for him.


2nd Letter “He” (Callen) is a longtime listener and fan, he’s deployed in Afghanistan by way of the Australian Army, he was dumped two months into his tour overseas.

He wants advice on how to cope with the breakup and his gal cheating on him, Drew is telling Callen about his higher calling and how to look past this stuff.

Drew calls it disgusting and he is trying to discern the combat duty and Drew says he’s on a higher plain than that girl.

Brad and Drew are now taking their hats off to the hardships that spouses bear while their partner is overseas and making a fair counterpoint while affirming their earlier take, skilled transition.


3rd Letter Scott, his youngest is heading off to college and he wants to know how to cope with the empty nest.

Drew has some very practical advice about how fun it is to stay in touch with the kids and how kids of the generation don’t mind hanging out and you visiting, citing his own experiences with his kids.

He has a great point about rediscovering your spouse and just why you ended up together to begin with, Brad has a killer one liner.


1st Caller Patricia, she has an 11yr old son and he’s taking Adderall for ADHD and he’s noticing delayed onset of puberty.

Patricia is sharing the details of her son’s insecurities and Drew is now sharing how the ADHD is a marker for the genetics of absentee alcoholic father.

Drew is showing how the data on treatment for ADHD before 18 and he’s now asking how her son was diagnosed, Drew says he needs to see a psychiatrist, not a general care practitioner.

Drew is explaining to Patricia how to get the visit booked and the 4 steps she needs to take, she’s very appreciative and thanks him.


Brad is now asking Drew about over-diagnosing of ADHD and Drew explains we have both under and over, it’s a complex issue.

Drew says “not his kids” always get a specialist.


2nd Caller Patrick, he’s got genital warts and he’s sharing his confusion about them, Drew wants to know what’s confusing.

Drew tells him to get the vaccine, he says he would get it at 27, and says it goes all the way up to 29.

Drew is asking him about his warts and if he’s had them treated, he’s telling Drew about the ointments that haven’t been effective, nor freezing them off.


Drew is telling him to see a dermatologist, Drew is telling him to get the vaccine and warts removed, under control.

Drew explains that it’s not necessarily the type that causes cancer, he’s telling him to practice safe sex and Drew sharing how common the disease is, Drew tells him to make sure his partners are all protected from him and to be honest, also to make sure they have the vaccine too.

Brad shares how he almost had sex with a girl with herpes, he is asking Drew if she was right about not being infectious outside of a breakout.


Patrick wants to know if he can never get a blowjob again, he wants to know who is going to want to suck his warty dong, Drew is now pledging to suck his dick if they were partners, and he’s sharing how the vaccine is required for him to have oral sex again, for him and his partners.

Drew says women would be lucky to have Patrick warts and all, Brad is agreeing and they’re praising the dude!

Drew has a great segue about him being a nice guy that would love a potential girlfriend’s dog, he’s now doing a Bark Box live read.


Brad and Drew are now rapping it up and Drew is giving out his plugs after they joke about genuinely being ok with sucking wart covered genitals.