Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 347

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 347

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-20-2016 – Release Date 05-24-2016

Production Number #347 – The Inferior Product

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Adam says one of their callers had the gastric sleeve surgery, Drew gives his overall take on the procedure and how he thinks they should be the last intervention, not the first, try everything else first.

Adam is talking about personal friends and the Lisa Lampanelli’s of the world who finally got the weight off after years of struggling.


1st Caller Ryan, he’s 330 lbs. and 5’9” and Drew asks hi about his experiences in weightless and trying things, he references the headlines regarding former ‘The Biggest Loser’ winners and their inability to keep the weight off in many cases.

Drew asks him about Topamax and Drew is telling Adam about the history of the medicine, Adam is thinking of Chantix and Drew doesn’t come up with it, Adam is thinking of a medicine that makes people not want to smoke, Drew misses it and they move on.

Adam is asking Ryan about his genetic hand, he uses his wife and her inability to gain weight, Adam says he’s wired realistically, he’s wired fairly, he doesn’t like it and would like to be wired like Ray or Lynette but it is what it is.


Adam says there is no amount of punches his wife could throw that would ever get her pepper sprayed by a cop for piping up, Adam will.

Adam talks about people who can’t gain weight and who can’t see their genetic blessings, he dances around talking about Lynette then says it must suck for her friends and explains she can just come home with a late night bucket of seafood and not gain a pound.

Adam says she works hard and eats relatively healthy, but still.

They wrap up with Ryan and ask him to check back in with them.


2nd Caller Jeff, he’s calling from Great Falls Montana and Drew says it’s the last true Western/Frontier state and Adam mentions his ‘Plentywood Montana’ reference that people are always puzzled by until he explains he learned of the town when he was coming up with an origin for Mr. Birchum, Drew references Adam’s least favorite comedy premise that he came up with (BoobVille) and they move on to his question.

He works at a golf pro shop and Adam tells him to suggest that every club is too much club for people who come in shopping, to boost sales.


Jeff explains that he told people he would be closing up and they had 25 min. and he came back to find everyone still there as if he never spoke, all of the carts were still in the parking lot.

Jeff is amazed how much these people didn’t care, Adam says we’re losing an element of a society and Gary checks back with an update on the 50% stat for hit and run accidents, nothing yet.

Drew shares a recent example of what Adam is getting to where another motorist attempted to wave him down, only to tell him he was driving too fast, he then slowed down and was cool with it, no hard feelings or ego at play.

Adam is saying he always quiets down when someone mentions that someone is sleeping or they’re shooting something, he gets sheepish immediately and tries to accommodate others, we’re losing that quality in society.


Gary is back on mic and he says he has the 50% stat was “buried” in very article he found, plus Adam saying it was from a couple years ago threw him off, but he already had that article up so the year shouldn’t affect it, unless he stopped reading thinking the article was not going to have it, weird.

Adam is talking about ordering Rob to move his truck that was blocking his neighbor’s driveway and he talks about having his guy Kelly stretch him out and is telling Drew about the 3rd floor of the building he found to chill out and stretch.

Adam said 3 cops wandered up to the 3rd floor for a loud conversation, they were throwing him off and Kelly walked over and asked the guys to give them some privacy.


Adam says it was a 4 story room and the cops just proceeded to stand there and never moved, just like a fuck you, just stood there randomly to disrupt his quiet time.

Adam says his impulse would be “oh Jesus” and how he would react to the other cops if they just stood there.

Drew says that Jeff is dealing with people who pay money to be a member of a club, Drew says he would never be a member of any club, not even a Five Four Club?


Adam is talking about Drew being in the club of people rich enough to drive an exotic car, Adam says that Gary is very offended by this conversation as he was born on the buffet table of a country club.

Adam is talking about the best part of country clubs, it’s the old photos of Jewish guys from the 1970’s trying to adapt to the changing fashion trends.


Adam thinks Drew is describing and thinking of ‘Caddyshack’ and Ted Knight, Adam shares how he would order another beer and stay back if nobody else got up to leave, he could see the mob mentality/bystander effect plays a role.


Drew is now doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Drew is cool with this club, a club of one edition

Adam, puts a button on Jeff with a reasonable way for him to address this, Drew tells him to tattle to the higher ups.

Adam says that his agent James “Babydoll” Dixon claims a club member used to put a full cinderblock in his golf bag to make the caddy’s suffer, Adam shares his incredulity about it being a fully cinderblock due to the size.


3rd Caller Tom, he’s calling about a girl he began dating and how she got a foot and ankle injury, she ended up on painkillers, Drew is trying to figure out if she’s a drug addict and Tom is explaining that she was upset that they weren’t married and she got pregnant.

Tom explains how he ended up kissing another woman after talking her into an abortion.

Gary is on mic and he explains that he turned off Adam’s text feature that Tom is describing, his text history was showing up on his computer, Gary is explaining he shut it off as Adam’s wife’s computer thinks it belongs to him/is paired with his phone and nobody can solve it, nobody he knows that is.


Drew is talking about women and their range of emotions and Adam is making a point about “The Inferior Product” which he says sarcastically while mocking Drew and he addresses how women respond to emotions.

Adam says he would explain to his lady that she’s looking at it through the frames of a woman, this means nothing and Adam tells Drew not to be condescending to women, they should be able to use logic.

Adam says that even couples counseling might be a lost cause, he says even the counselors have jumped the shark, if she doesn’t feel like getting out of bed or doing anything, you should respect them the same as you always have.

Adam is talking about people being entitled to their feelings even when their feelings aren’t based in reality, Adam says you are not allowed to have incorrect feelings and uses a great example of clear insanity and how that wouldn’t’ be accepted, you need a person telling you to knock it off.


Adam is bringing up college kids claiming they feel threatened by Dennis Prager coming to speak at their university, Drew says validating feelings is different than coddling them.

Drew references Adam’s kid’s taquitos and they move on.


4th Caller Brad, he’s calling about his brother the perpetual fuck up and his child, Brad wants to be a good uncle and wants to be there for the kid.

Adam asks Brad about taking his brother out for a nice mug of herbal tea, telling him he would like to be a positive role model and agree to keep their eye on the prize, taking care of the child.

Drew is calling Brad an out of control codependent and explains the child doesn’t care about much more than his family unit and it staying whole.


Adam is joking about the center of the urethra being a man’s core

Adam is now remained of his penis measurement rule, center of the anus, once around the balls and just past the tip, Drew brags that he needs a yard stick for his string, ok Drew we get it you got a huge dong, 20 yrs. of bragging now.


5th Caller Alan, he’s calling about a woman he’s been seeing and a very uncomfortable sexual encounter, Adam and Drew tell him this woman is a project and he likens it to a nearly total home remodel, this might be too much project for him.


6th Caller Kristin, she’s calling about her two kids she doesn’t feel she’s attached to, she gives some backstory about her mother and her “anxious/avoidance” personality traits, possible pathology.

Drew asks how she feels about the kids and Adam is now talking about his kids and their changing levels of interest in their parents, don’t take it seriously.

Adam says it’s very narcissistic to be offended by the actions or words of a 3 yr. old, Adam says you can fix kids in 10 min. with some ice cream and wrestling.

Adam is now shouting at Drew telling her not to listen to Adam’s advice, Adam is telling Drew he’s allowed to leave and he’s acting out as he needs to go, Adam says he could leave sooner if he had just said yes.

Adam says while Drew’s leaving he’s telling people to not listen to him, Adam is now back to his advice to “hug it out” and he says kids are really malleable and explains how a simple walk can change a whole lot.


Adam is giving out the plugs and jokes about scratching Drew off of the live show, we’ll see!