Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 241

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 241

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-15-2015 – Release Date 05-24-2015

Production Number #241 – An Accurate Representation

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Adam is promoting the #LOTJ bit and tells Drew to guess who came up with it, complimenting the staff for making it happen and Drew explains the premise of the hashtag.

Drew is bringing up the focus pads he sees and Adam says that once in a while boxing guests show up and he likes to have the pads on the ready.

Adam jokes about Chris Maxipada calling his mom and Gary shares Jo Koy’s devastation about missing a chance to meet Manny.


Adam is bringing up the propensity for Philippino nurses and quotes Gavin Newsom about the need for people to be reflected in every position around them, Adam asks why that only matters when it comes to white people.

Adam brings up the mostly black TSA at LAX and then brings up the implications about the lack of diversity in the fired dept.

Adam is now saying they need to fire a bunch of middle aged black women to get some older white gals at LAX to reflect the race of their most prominent clientele.


Chris is on mic telling Adam to make it clear he’s being sarcastic and using irony in his comments, do people don’t write dissertations on Reddit about a half serious comment poking holes in the inherent racism of people who try to condescend to different races.

Adam is telling everyone to fuck off and daring them to do something about his success and he tells them he built it all.

Drew is bringing up the movie ‘Roar’ and Tippi Hedren and Adam jokes about the Philippino part of the story Drew was setting up.


Now they’re watching the trailer for ‘Roar’ and Adam jokes about the way former hot chicks take on some cause related to animals.

Adam is riffing about nature and quotes Woody Allen and jokes about if this was nature that Gary would be eating Maxipada and they joke about penile cuisine, Drew is losing his shit and Gary chimes in, gold!

Drew is sharing how Tippy got Vietnamese immigrant women interested in working on nails and Adam is joking about doing away with their profession/jobs to make it more reflective of the people using their services.


Drew is doing a live read


Adam is telling Fondiler to make a note about the lack of Armenian podcasters and now Adam is suggesting ‘The Kabob Pot’ and another show themed around ‘White BMW’s’ thanks to Gary, nice.

Adam says he hates people who spit out platitudes to get a pass or left alone, he likes to see people doing shit and this is why he hates John Lennon and his simple “end war” message.


1st Caller Jean, she’s 45 and unfamiliar with the eponymous song that Adam says she should know, Drew is now quoting the song and they’re playing it for her.

Adam and Drew are schooling her on the song that shares her name, Drew is ranting about the 70’s and the way everyone sung who hosted a show, despite having a propensity for singing or any remote natural ability.

Adam is joking about the lack of Philippinos represented in the media and they take it back to Jean.


Jean’s stepdaughter is an addict and wants to move to their hometown, Drew asks about her full history after Adam riffs about Mayor Ray Nagin.

Adam is now asking Drew about the evolution of opiate addiction and how doctors can often help create the addiction which leads to people seeking out and using heroin.

Drew reminds Adam that heroin is less likely to kill addicts in comparison to pills, Drew is telling her about the year of sober living required before they should allow her into their home.


Adam says if you want the gift that keeps giving you should fuck up your daughter, bringing up his mother and his sister who are still scrambled by their childhoods.

Adam is talking about how his grandma fucked up her daughter so badly she ended up having to flop in her rental property for 40 years.

Drew asks about Adam letting his daughter hang out with a Cammie, Adam jokes about her calling him Mr. Adam and how much of a winner she is and how great her family is, Adam says he wants to adopt her.


2nd Caller Bret, he’s telling them about his girlfriend cheating on him 3 weeks after they signed a lease on their new house.

Adam and Drew are asking him how he found out about the cheating and Drew is asking why she’s so pissed at him, he brings up his beef with her mother.

Adam says this sounds pretty chaotic and asks him about his current job, he’s a valet and has been doing it for 6 years, Adam shares his sole frustration with the midgets who park cars in L.A.


Adam is now stopping Drew to explain that getting into a seat that’s all the way back is a little bit of a plus, getting into a car that has the seat jammed forward is a whole different endeavor.

Adam is now talking about the things that valets never do, never remove the pink tag from the wiper nor slide the seat back to the further position.

Adam is talking about the letter of the law when it comes to littering in Los Angeles yet these pink valet tags go flying everywhere.


Drew asks how many of the tabs Adam’s wife has accumulating on her windshield vs. his car, Adam is now making a point about paying vs. not paying and why the tabs end up on your windshield before you pay then never get removed once you’ve paid.

Adam says he would give an extra tip if he saw a valet driver sliding his seat back and removing the tab, Bret explains how his company does their tag system and Adam asks him about the conversations about movement of the car seats.

Bret rants about the woman who has to look for her key popper for 30min and how women are generally clueless with their stuff, Adam is now saying that giving women a purse is the biggest joke society ever played on them.


Adam is elaborating and explains his point, he shares how his wife drove off with both sets of her car keys after her last flat tire, and Adam blames the purse.

Drew explains how demented elderly female patients will always carry around baby dolls and purses, Bret further laments the women who he valets for.

Drew is sharing his literally and metaphorical debt to the institutions that his children attended for college, Adam asks if he couldn’t have found a cheaper way to do this.

Drew says it was 60k a year for his kids, per kid.


Adam found out that his kids each have 200k in the bank for their college funds and he asked Lynette if he could get that money to buy cars.

Drew is telling Adam that it’s their money and he could buy them investment cars with their college money, Adam is making a note about this.

Adam says he’ll buy a racecar that will be worth 1 million by the time they need it.


3rd Caller Eric, he’s telling Adam to program his seat memory button and Adam says he should do that and he will.

Eric says he’s eager to leave New Jersey and that his lady has a good job, Adam is telling Drew he thinks her gig would be something she could do elsewhere.

Adam is now mocking the idea of tenure and how anyone thinks it’s a good idea, Adam says he’s had a thousand teachers and only two of them were decent and mocks the nearly 5 months that teachers get to take off.

They give some practical advice and wrap up the call.


4th Caller Pete (off air) wants to know about male pattern baldness and Adam tells him to just ask Jeremy Piven and cities his various hairlines over the years.


Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock Ultimate Plus


Adam is giving out the plugs after they react to some Piven hairline photos and they wrap up the show, stay tuned next week for a special treat!