Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2013 – Tom Papa

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2013 – Tom Papa

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tom Papa

Recorded 05-23-2013 – Release Date 05-24-2013

Production Number #1086

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Adam is opening the show to a great recent classic #TopDrop from BB with a nice explanation and Adam is sharing an anecdote where he wanted to use the term “plus size” in a positive fashion.

Adam is telling the gang about a joke that resulted in some actual practical advice and BB has a nice reply that Adam rolls with.

Adam is showing the gang a photo of his gum ruined sneakers from the recent “parking garage good Samaritan Adam” story, he’s riffing about the spider web and gum, Adam now has a picture of a minivan that ran over some gum in the very same parking lot.


BB has a choice question and Adam is ranting about the society of animals we’ve created and now must live in the presence of.

Alison has a nice projectile mucus comparison and Adam is asking for BB to join him in an improv about the only people worse, the people who defend these gum droppers, Adam has to end up doing a solo improv, good stuff.

Alison has a question about gum and how it achieved “cigarette butt” status and Adam just mentioned Babydoll, wow!


Adam is bringing up the episode with Mark from last week and explaining how Kevin Hench alerted him that he was right about most crimes being solved via confessions and admissions.

Alison is now reading details of the initial confession about Chandra Levy’s murder and the failures of the D.C. police, BB is jumping in for a brilliant improv.

Alison is now reading more facts and quotes from the case, Adam has a great reaction and BB has a nice point.

Adam has a hilarious one liner about being wanted in a case while serving time in prison, Adam’s sarcastic reply to another fact is equally funny.


Hooray for Baldywood

Star Trek: Into Darkness, Adam is giving his take on the series but allowing a caveat if it’s a good movie, BB wants to know how Adam treats a movie like “Drive” around Bryan Cranston who starred in it.

BB is using John Cho as an example, John’s a daily listener and BB is hesitant to share that he didn’t enjoy the movie but likes John’s work in it.

Adam is explaining John’s likely opinion about BB giving his honest take and Adam is walking them through all of the previous movies from this segment.


Adam is now ranting about Star Trek and its inflated status among popular culture, Alison and BB are jumping in and Adam is digging into the cast of the original series.

Adam has a great reaction to BB’s point about the role of “Gription” in this movie and Adam has a declaration about the number one attribute of action stars.

Tom Papa has arrived and Adam is explaining how excited he is for “Behind the Candelabra” the new biopic about Liberace and his complex relationship with his younger lover.

Alison just admitted she first learned about that story from Adam.


Tom is now making his 2nd appearance on the podcast, his first in studio visit.

Adam is explaining his reaction upon hearing of this film’s production and is quizzing Tom about the plot and timespan.

Adam is riffing about Liberace and his connection to the piano, he’s tying Elton John into the riff and referencing the now closed Liberace museum.


Tom is explaining Liberace’s public appearance to Alison and Adam is explaining the lack of “gay” in that era.

Adam is riffing about the cool guys in the village people, minus his most hilarious quote about the leather guy in the group.

Tom just brought up the band “Queen” and Adam is riffing along with it about Freddy’s now obvious attempts to share his sexuality with the public.


Tom is teasing the lengths the leads of the movie went in order to depict a realistic portrayal, Alison has a nice question about Tom’s praise for the movie.

Adam has a funny one liner about Tom’s name while asking why this is on HBO instead of a theatrical release, BB is citing “I Love you Phillip Morris” and it’s direct to video status in the states due to the gay plot elements.

Adam is now asking for a triangulation of the world’s gayest man, he’s now listing the criteria to be considered, hilarious!

Adam is working “Cristopher Lowell” from “”Interior Motives” into his riff, the classic late 90’s story from Adam and Drew on the road, where Adam discovered him and ran to Drew’s room in a towel to share him with Drew.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Eric Garcetti being elected as the next mayor of Los Angeles and Adam has a hilarious comment about the 19% who voted.

Adam is getting to the facts and leads Alison to her 2nd story.


2nd story is about the severe debt and lack of financial options from mayor “Villaretardo” her quotes about the facts are staggering and Adam is on an epic riff about his personal finances and what it means for the city he runs.


3rd story is on Anthony Weiner’s comeback video posted at 1am and Adam has a hilarious reaction to his timing.

Alison has them play the video but it’s a joke edited version and Alison is explaining the actual video.

Adam is explaining his non puritan reactions to Anthony but what does bump him regarding decision making.


Alison is asking Adam about Clinton and he seems to be sharing some textbook replies from Dr. Drew after reading Bill’s autobiography.

They’re now playing the actual clip.

They’re now talking about annoying things in society, starting with Tom’s observations on stepping on gum. Alison wants to know how far Adam would regress if given the option to do anything.


Adam is now sharing his 24/7 bathrobe ambition and why there’s really nothing wrong with it.

Adam’s riffing about wardrobe with the gang and Tom is sharing the story of a guy he was flying near who slept with his feet tucked in the magazine pouch, Adam was tweeted a similar picture and he’s bonding in judgment with Tom.

Hilarious first person quotes from Adam as an offending “good person” who cannot be judged for their terrible behavior, “Black Hearts and Clean Urinals”.


Adam is sharing his reaction to Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne dry humping on broadcast television and how he laments being “that guy” complaining about his kids possibly seeing that, interesting dual nature.

Adam’s riffing on the “municex” commercial and calling for a moratorium on animated mucus, he’s of course now working in the “Lamisil” “digger” commercials into the mix.


Adam’s now doing live commentary on the performance of Lil Wayne with Nicki Minaj, complete with a hilarious out of context quote from Adam “Holla at that ass!”

Adam is explaining the actual reasoning for baggy/low hanging pants and Alison has some good questions too.


4th story is on Seth Meyers taking over the late night NBC timeslot, Adam is rooting for him while stating he’s got the chops.

Adam is now riffing on the idea of a 5 minute set for the tonight show and what it used to mean in the days of Johnny Carson and his couch vs. modern day.

Adam is referencing his episode of “Inside Dish” that’ll get more praise than an appearance on live national broadcast TV and how random it all is now when it comes to reaction.

Adam is explaining how O’Reilly “Moves the Needle” and the deep throat-esque nature the viewers will inform Adam they enjoy him.


Alison is wrapping the news to a choice drop from BB, Adam has a live read with some hilarious “Ultimate Warrior” comedy thanks to BB and is closing the show with some plugs.