Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 346

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 346

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-20-2016 – Release Date 05-23-2016

Production Number #346 – Who’s Gonna Put That In My Mouth?

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Adam opens the show and brings up a recent interview for a book being written about someone he knows, he says the call opened with some true amateur hour sings and the book will probably sell 8 copies and he’ll have bought 3.

Adam is trying to get to a point about people misunderstanding the question he is asking them and getting stuck in their reply, unable to understand the question he was asking.

Adam is back to his interview and the super long preamble that the guy was doing, not too dissimilar than this one going on right now.


Adam is sharing how the ugly wanted Adam to state his name and background, he was trying to estimate what level of energy he should put forth, he would act differently if this was for a broadcast ant not an off air bit of research for a book.

Adam was trying to reiterate to the guy it wasn’t a privacy issue, he didn’t want the “tapes” and Drew mentions how Chris Laxamana isn’t running the board with Gary due to a car accident.

Drew tells Adam about his car accident from yesterday a woman with an accent had diarrhea everywhere and picked up her license with her poop covered hand.


Drew is talking about her driving someone else’s car and Adam jokes about telling people not to eat fast food nor smoke in his car if he lends it to them, he wouldn’t think to tell someone not to diarrhea all over the driver’s seat.

Drew got dinged.

Adam is now getting to gut check time and he mentions the 50% hit and run statistic for Los Angeles, Adam says he was flabbergasted and Drew misunderstands the math.

Gary missed it too and he’s now chiming in and apologizes for being distracted.


Adam said “In Los Angeles” they needn’t check the tape, Gary and Drew apologize as Adam yells about them misunderstanding him.

Drew says he tries to hang on Adam’s every word but sometimes he misses it, he’s overreacting now that he’s calmed Adam down by explaining his misunderstanding.

Gary is now reading this article “Los Angeles Faces Hit and Run Epidemic” which is the first result if you google “50% hit and run Los Angeles, he’s reading the top part of article but missing the 50% stat a little bit further down.


Adam says the stat about how often they occur, every 18 minutes is ok but doesn’t really help without having more data points.

Gary must be slammed right now to miss this, no Chris, doing double duty?

Adam is recalling an article from 2 yrs. ago but he could be confusing this with something more recent, thought I vaguely recall this coming up in a previous news girl’s news or a possible favorited past tweet.


1st Caller Corey, he wants a vasectomy and he’s only 30, he doesn’t want any surprise kids and asks if he can get a doctor to perform it and if he should come up with contingency plans if he changes his mind.

Drew mentions Engineer Mike Dooley and his early vasectomy.

Adam is talking about the bygone era of not worrying about a surprise kid after ending a relationship that might have included unprotected sex on the regular, he’s not sure if it’s the culture or rise in DNA testing or what but men must think about it more than they did when he was young.


2nd Caller Mike, he’s calling about his IRS dilemma and using it to make a point about a larger problem in his life when it comes to cutting corners and not following up with things.

Adam says he has a lot of what Mike is describing and uses online orders he refuses to return or get a refund on, he just eats it and gets things done.

Adam asks Drew how they both get so much done while not having much of what Mike is describing within themselves.


Drew is now talking about the two points about his character and suggests for him to stay on it, even hire someone and give them 30% to go hunt it down.

Adam talks about carrying buck slips and how he uses them to remind himself of future events, his list then gets downloaded to Matt who then gets it done.

Adam says he says stuff to Matt that he doesn’t even understand, he uses several examples and he hashes it out with him later.


Drew is now launching into a True Car Live read


Adam says sometimes you have to take certain people off other jobs and put someone people on different ones, he talks about the Guinness World Record and how he got his publicist to hunt it down and make it happen.

Adam is talking about an alternate way he could hire someone to get things done for him, he suggests finding someone young and hungry, he says you don’t cut your own hair, there are many things we concede to others and pay for to save time.

Adam recommends a 4 hour per week assistant to give you a hand, Drew talks about his father doing his own gardening and how inefficient his use of time is.


Adam is now riffing about his kids being lazy and asking who is going to put that Taquito on his mouth, joking that they need someone to apply their guacamole twist and sour cream before they then need you to move their jaw towards their head in a chewing motion.


3rd Caller Tony, he saw the tweet about them taking calls and decided to listen live at the gym (by waiting on hold), he wants to know what car Drew settled on, they talk about Drew’s car he’s getting rid of, an Audi, did he buy it or is he leasing it? Drew didn’t buy himself a new car it seems.

Tony is calling about hyperhidrosis and Drew interrupts him to tell him that Adam actually had this surgery due to his sweating in the late 1990’s (2004) and how he would sweat from his forehead and how harsh that is for on camera performers.

Drew is walking them through Adam’s various attempts to curb the sweating, they’re talking about the time Dr. Bruce gave him multiple injections of Botox.


Dr. Bruce gives Adam Botox – THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2003 – GUEST: JAKE B– USEY • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

“from the movie Identity Caller Kenneth (corpse head thief) form the night previous is discussed.”

They’re now getting to Adam’s Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, Drew keep saying it’s “clipping the Ganglia” and he once again references the strange reactions some people have to the surgery, mentioning the young woman writhing in pain and moaning next to Adam when he came out of the anesthesia.


Adam talks about the body changes when it comes to changes and Drew is trying to focus on the emotional changes, Adam calls them all pussies.

The impact on you being a pussy in going about your fucking life – Adam

Adam says this surgery was much more physically painful than his Hernia surgery that occurred in a very close timeframe to each other.


Adam is sharing how people tweet him about genetic links to body odor and how that’s a different biology, it’s nothing to do with being dirty, if your head sweats people think you’re lying or are high on crack, it sucks.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Adam is wearing one of their undershirts, Gary is rocking their stuff, he’s a convert edition

Adam says Tommy John stays tucked in, it stays and it will change you, he doesn’t have the heart to chuck his old midway underpants and can’t throw them out but has mixed feelings seeing them in his drawer.


Adam says nothing works, the deodorant doesn’t work and he recommends the topical aluminum stuff he used, it’s meant for use under prosthetics to prevent sweating, he recommends costume shops.

Adam has a great “brevity is the soul of wit” when talking about Drew’s upcoming on stage accompaniment for a live ACS.

Adam plugs ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ now in paperback.