Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2014 – Adam Ray

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2014 – Adam Ray

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray

Recorded 05-05-2014 – Release Date 05-23-2014

Production Number #1322

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Finally the 3rd episode recorded on Cinco de Mayo is released and all banked content has been shared, Adam is thanking the fans for buying his book and BB has a Brian Whitman impression of Tom Leykis #TopDrop.

Adam Ray is telling them about his recent time in Butte Montana and how many Carolla fans he encountered along with lamentations about driving drunk and nightly hang outs at the local Arbys.

Adam wants to know who the people are who travel and eat at chain restaurants available in their hometown, he’s riffing about Claim Jumper.


Adam says you need to go to the local restaurants or at least local fast food when you’re in a place that has food you can’t get elsewhere, Adam has a great joke about the Popeye’s chicken in Monaco.

Adam is asking if the rest of the gang do his bizarre self-doubt about judging things, like when he drives and passes the Claim Jumper billboards and then gets mad at himself for judging the chain and the people who eat their, then questions his self-doubt and assures himself that his initial critique was probably right.

Alison is sharing her own experiences with this when it comes to people’s faces, she’s making a very valid point and Adam has a counter about people eventually looking like what they think about, hilarious black one liner.


Adam is now plugging Adam Ray’s podcast and asking him about his acting work after starring in “The Heat” and he’s been auditioning trying to get more work but he’s still in the struggle.

Adam is explaining how he just made a movie and auditioned nobody, he trusted in the skillsets of his cast like Diane Farr who he thinks is very good at her profession and never doubted her once.

They’re now joking about Brad eventually getting his “Willow” role that launches him to stardom, funny R2-D2 comedy and now Adam is asking about them using the same actors for the Star Wars movie, BB is being annoying in reply to Adam.


Adam is now asking if it has to be Peter Mayhew in the Chewbacca costume, if viewers will be able to spot the difference, they’re trying to discuss if Brad Williams can replace Kenny Baker who plays R2-D2 in the movies.

Adam is right, that’s why they cast Peter Mayhew in the new trilogy despite his knee problems and relative retirement, the biggest case in point would be the movie predator, Kevin Peter Hall who also played Harry in “Harry and The Henderson’s” had a frame and physical grace that has yet to be even remotely matched on screen in follow up Predator films

I think BB is arguing just to argue, you know “one of those” because this is kind of anti-character actor/makeup performance logic he’s spewing, I think he’s riding the wave of his “comedic” cockiness about knowing the name Peter Mayhew and he’s not going to budge with Ace.


Adam is calmly summing up his point, wondering if hardcore fans would know the difference, BB is now coming around and confirming Adam’s point, WTF?

Adam is now steering the show back to him and joking about his modesty and humility, Adam Ray wants to know the difference between Chewbacca’s orgasm noises vs. regular noise.

Adam is now telling the gang about a time he was spotted despite not looking like his normal self, this is a classic MTV LL era anecdote about getting recognized in Miami at night with sunglasses (?)


Human Beings more animal than man is Adam’s consensus about how we unknowingly spot things and can gleam information.

Adam is sharing the LL Cool J Super Bowl anecdote, the convertible Bentley with the top down story.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time he spotted Sharon Stone driving around with her cars convertible top down.


BB is making a point about celebrities who play the role of celebrity, Adam Ray is now asking about Mario Lopez.

Adam wants to know if Mario Lopez smiles to himself just to see the dimples, Adam is killing it riffing about Mario’s dimplizer and other dimple forming techniques, Adam riffs “Nipples and Dimples” and BB says that he just titled Mario’s memoir for him.

Adam is doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ben wants to know why Adam compliments Germany for their ability to focus on tasks, he’s bringing up the possible hypocritical angle of higher education being responsible for the German way.

Adam is now interrupting and using driving to make his point about efficiency and getting things moving, he’s explaining how the road is just a metaphor for what’s going on in your head.

Adam has a great point about an autobahn to Las Vegas and what that would mean for and about the people and their government.


Adam is bringing up Camera Dolly technology and he compliments the precision instrument that he found out was made in Germany.

Adam is saying he would still like to bomb them again, just to send a message and he jokes about the camera dolly’s formerly being used to load munitions.

Adam says you need to have some cold weather to get shit done, he’s using dog’s flopping on the floor on a hot day to make a point about life close to the equator, Jamaica, Hawaii and other island/tropical places are referenced.


“The Closer you get to the equator the less cars are made” – Adam Carolla

Adam is trying to think of the best balance of temperature for getting things done, Adam is making a point about Ford opening a plant in Mexico and BMW’s made in Brazil.

Adam Ray offers up a McNugget metaphor and now they’re looking at the globe and Adam is trying to figure out where the equator is, Adam’s theory is proving somewhat accurate.

Adam is telling BB about the cars made in Australia and Adam Ray has a funny comment about V8, Adam says it’s hard to talk people who live that close to the beach into going into the factory to work a shift.


2nd Caller Adam, he’s a machinist without a social network presence, Adam Carolla is quizzing him on his job.

Adam Ray is now asking him why he no longer has a presence online, Adam doesn’t have a cell phone, Adam Carolla doesn’t mind him not having one, but he does mind him borrowing the cellphone from his friends.

Alison is asking him how he knew to call into the show, Adam Carolla tells him it’s very scintillating and asking why we don’t have a left lane for passing in America, especially during early morning hours.

Adam is referencing the person who refused to change lanes at 3am with Mike August flashing his high beams behind them.


3rd Caller Tim wants to know how to speak to women, Adam Ray is now asking him some exploratory probing questions.

Adam Carolla is now offering up some practical advice about asking someone out, this is his Classic Loveline advice.

Adam Ray is playing the girl’s shitty drunk best friend Tanya, Alison is playing the gal in question and Adam is using “Book of Mormon” as an example of a topic to bring up to gauge interest.


They’re now killing it and Adam calls it, and scene.

Ada Carolla is further explaining how you need to take hints and use disinterest cues to sort out if you should proceed.

Adam is now explaining the various answers from people about what kind of relationship they’re in and how they might be eager to move on.


Adam is now doing a live read, he’s claiming that “Scandal” and “Nashville” are his shows, Adam Ray is now doing a great Tony Danza riff and Adam is asking for some footage of Tony running in central park and hurting his head.

They’re going to break.


They’re back from break, Adam Ray is bringing up Tony Danza’s talk show and he’s explaining the format along with how he would just state the obvious but didn’t seem to have anything prepared.

BB is now mashing up the Whoopi Goldberg noise along with the Chewbacca noise, Adam offers up a book signing plug and BB nails the timing.

Now the information about the video is coming up as he does it, Adam Ray is doing in character narration as Tony and Adam is explaining the incident.

Adam is now asking for the video itself and Gary is searching for it.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on a guy who played Captain America at Universal Studios who’s been arrested for sending dick pics to a 16 year old girl.

Adam Ray is referencing his time at Universal playing Wolverine, Alison is reading the details and they’re all now looking at the guys cock.

Adam Ray seems to know of the guy, Adam is joking about the conversation this guy had with this girl pre ejaculating and then during refractory time, he’s joking about how the interest fades immediately.


Adam now wants a reel of guys talking post orgasm, BB is stepping in and they’re doing a great back and forth.

Adam Ray is bringing up the part where the perpetrator said he thought she was joking about being underage.

Alison is further reading the quotes and Adam is riffing about “To Catch a Predator” and he’s now creating a superhero known as “Poor Judgment” gold!


Alison wants to know what a dick pic means, is it the part he gets off on, Adam says he would use a surrogate cock.

Adam Ray wants to know why a guy wouldn’t find the bet one possible to send, he’s doing some more Tony Danza.

Adam says he’s a twofold dick pic guy, first he finds a better one, and then he says “not my cock” in his defense, beating the cops on a technicality.


Adam is further riffing about the parsley on the side of his dick pick and a Susan B. Anthony coin the size of a dime for scale, to manipulate the sense of perspective.

Adam says they should make mini coins just for this, Alison says they should make the opposite for flattering female photography.

Adam Ray is telling them about his time as Wolverine, as discussed on Adam and Drew #142 and BB is now playing a kid asking him questions about his character.


“Oh fuck his cock’s so hot man” – Adam Carolla, Adam is now riffing about the kind of typing and words a guy uses when he’s trying to meet up with a 16yr old vs, what this guy was seemingly doing.

Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom. Adam Ray is now doing some more Tony Danza and he’s joking with Adam, Adam is doing the “I think we can beat it” writer room riff.


2nd Story Is on the debate in Hawaii in regards to their state instrument, BB has a pompous pronunciation of ukulele in reply to Adam bringing it up.

Alison is sharing the Portuguese origins of the ukulele and how the actual sound invented in Hawaii is the steel guitar, Adam is bringing up Don Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles.”

Don famously has a lost episode of Classic Loveline where Adam asked him about growing pot in Hawaii, Adam is now telling them about the Don Ho talk show and his missing Loveline episode.


They’re now playing some Don Ho “Tiny Bubbles” and Adam Ray has a funny Cinnamon Toast Crunch/stone joke.

Adam is now sharing the details of the Don Ho show and Adam Ray is asking who the guests would be, Adam is describing him walking along the beach talking to overweight tourists.

Alison is now bringing up Dan Ho, Don’s son and how she was contacted by him years ago, she just found out about the Dan Ho show, Adam is now describing his 1996 Loveline for which no recording is known to exist.


BB is bringing up Don Ho’s daughter and her great “Tool Tune” hit single that was in the first Legally Blonde, they’re now playing the song.

They’re playing “Perfect Day” by Hoku, Adam is bringing up Clueless and the step-brother story plot with Paul Rudd.

Adam is doing a live read for National Academy of Sports Medicine, BB is confirming her name is Hoku Ho.


Adam shares how his faking sick resulted him being stuck home watching the Don Ho Show, his kids get 60 inch flat screens and IPads.

Alison is wrapping up the news.


Adam is giving out the live show plugs, his own standup in Richmond Virginia.

Adam is plugging BB’s book tour, Adam Ray’s podcast and CD.

They’re now wrapping up the show, Adam mixes up BB and Brad’s name and BB closes it with Adam Ray as the shitty friend Tanya asking for some coke.