Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2013 – Steve Schirripa Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/23/2013 – Steve Schirripa Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Steve Schirripa Live from Amalfi

Recorded 05-22-2013 – Release Date 05-23-2013

Production Number #1085

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Adam is opening the show live from Amalfi to a very spirited intro from Dawson and some nice Sopranos love for Steve along with a plug for his new book about raising daughters.

Adam is explaining that he just left his house, Sonny was home with his pal and Natalia was absent with hers, Adam is citing the lack of noise as being a difference between he genders.

Hilarious riff about the war calls that Natalia sounds off upon entering the house and now he’s sharing his daughter = 3 kids, son = 1 old cat analogy.


Steve is sharing some of his parenting tips along with real world examples and Alison and Adam are weighing in, Adam’s got an “everything is always 3x worse than they admit” riff.

Adam and Alison have a hilarious reaction to Steve’s thoughts on a guy he knows putting his daughters on birth control on their 16th birthday and Adam is giving Steve his rarely dished out “I would like my wife to spend some time with you” Complisult. The last person to be given this on air I do believe was Mike Schmidt in 2011.

Adam is sharing how time zones scramble him while on the road, BB attempts some point shitting and Steve has a great point about Hawaii and the 5/6hr shift in time difference.


Steve is now sharing about all the dead people in his phone who have passed in their 40s and 50s, funny reaction from Adam and he’s now explaining that he would take people out of his phone but doesn’t know how.

Steve just revealed his phone, it seems to be a flip phone and Adam’s got a funny description that BB tops with a killer observation about the crowds insane reaction.

They’re now all riffing on memorials and dedications to the deceased, Adam is going off on benches at the zoo, hilarious ass juice comedy!

Adam is explaining that it forces you to think of dead people, he’s citing sitting at the beach unable to enjoy the view because he’s trying to figure out the average lifespan of bench devotees.


Alison is asking Adam about farting as it’s naturally come up, as it always does in the greatest episodes.

Alison wants to know if Adam is prone to lifting his cheek and why he does it, even Steve has some questions about it.

Alison is sharing her mother’s theory on farting and Steve has a funny quip, Adam picks up on it and tells the diners to enjoy their meals, Adam is sharing his own shared “reabsorption of ass” theory and Gary is now being forced to look it up.


Q and Ace

1st question is about Adam’s opinion on mail order brides.

Adam is sharing his theory on the average life of an arranged or bartered marriage being greater than people using their built in “pickers” which is him reaching back to his Loveline expertise.

Adam and Drew actually had a guy on Loveline who ran one of the mail order bride companies in the late 90s FYI.


Steve is citing some examples from his own lineage that worked out and Adam is further riffing on the concept of a “hole in the box” for mail order brides.

Adam is giving a quickie version of the story about his cousin who did get married to a mail order bride and Adam is riffing about sending his wife to Russia and then buying her back just so she appreciates things more, gold!

Adam has now just topped himself, do not miss this riff! Once again he tops himself with another one liner about the term being pejorative and the alternate phrasing that’s preferred.


2nd question is if Alison has ever made an appearance in Adam’s “Spank Bank”

Alison’s immediate reaction is gold and Adam is explaining the dual nature Compisult that’s implied either way he answers.

Based on his immediate reaction and knowing his proclivities I don’t think she has.

Alison is now giving Adam her ideal answer and now Adam is sharing his answer designed to show respect and acknowledge her hotness simultaneously.


3rd question is about Adam’s feelings on the new L.A. Mayor

“From the same people who brought you pot holes and high taxes …” Adam is riffing about the new mayor being from the same place as the last and now he’s digging into Villaretardo and his true life’s work/first love of failing tests.

Adam is now sharing about the first time he realized that “Villaretardo” was so incompetent, he’s giving a shortened version of the story about the time he was hosting a fundraiser event and the mayor brought his own hype man.

Alison wants to know what the world’s worst brothel would be run like and Adam has another amazing quote, wow!


Alison’s News

Adam is asking for the “Sopranos” movie and Steve is now hyping his latest project as the closest thing you’ll ever get to a follow up.

Steve is now breaking down why Adam will most likely never see a feature length version, Adam wants to know what happened with the ending for the series.

Adam is explaining that he’s thick and doesn’t quite understand the final episode of the Sopranos and Steve is explaining that he doesn’t think anything happened in the finale, a simple family dinner is all.


Alison has a great question about the popularity and critical acclaim of the series, interesting reply from Steve.

Her top story is on a sting operation on bars in New Jersey, Alison and Adam are explaining how they blew the lid off that booze bottle last week during “Who the F sells this S”.

Steve has a rat meat tangent.


2nd story is on restaurant in Burlingame that was selling Lion meat, Alison is reading the reactions from people who tried it.

Adam’s got a great point about some animals being considered to regal or cute to eat and an even funnier riff in character as the guy insisting he try some exotic meat.

BB has a perfect setup question and Adam’s reply is once again top notch, great Leykis drop timing too!

Adam is now riffing about the POV of cows when people start comparing other meat sources to them while remarking it’s healthier and tastier, hilarious!


3rd story is on the Ft. hood shooter requesting to represent himself.

Adam is now ranting about the classification for his terrorist acts being classified as a workplace accident which prevents the families of victims from collecting terror related death benefits.

Alison is now taking it back to the decision to represent yourself being a tell of your guilt and or madness, that it never indicates innocence nor leads to success.

Adam is now riffing about being his own judge and jury instead of lawyer and Adam is bringing up the long island railroad shooter case.

Adam is now going off on the Ted Bundy death row trial and how he liked the prosecutions reaction to his last minute attempt to skate out of the hot seat.


They’re now touching on the concept of “70’s hot” and Alison is working 70’s names that you don’t hear much anymore unlike Mike.

Alison is now referencing Adam’s 9 month dream stint in prison, where he could knock out his 3rd book and get some workout time in.

Adam and BB are riffing about the phrase “what we used to do to guys like in your prison” being fairly self-evident, now BB is in character as himself aka the only guy on earth who you’d have to explain it to, hilarious improv, Ace Awards 2013 material!


Adam is riffing on Ted being in hell with a very funny selection of personal choices from the Aceman and he’s now citing the OJ Simpson attorney defending their work in his burglary trial.

Adam is blaming OJ’s lack of impulse control for his current prison stint and Steve is asking Adam about his take on him being punished for past crimes, Adam is using Jimmy Carter in OJ’s place to make sense out of it, genius!

Adam is once again objecting to the use of the word stellar from OJ’s attorney.


3rd story is on the most common disagreements between mothers and teenage daughters.

Adam is now in character as Steve’s wife mocking him for his opinion.

Alison is listing the top 5 and the 4th listed is striking a chord with Adam and Steve, Adam is sharing how Natalia and her smart brain with relentless attitude will only be further trouble for Lynette.

Steve is going off and now Adam is sharing a story for the audience to “DIG” from the Adam and Drew show about how easy access to ice cream was a plus for tonsillectomies but no longer in this day and age when ice cream is so abundant and available.


Alison is getting Adam to clarify on the Sonny Gate 2013 controversy and Adam is closing the lid saying he doesn’t think Sonny stole the money.

Alison is asking a larger question about the past and regret, she’s describing cringing and disgust and Adam is explaining how men tend to think back with rose colored glasses as opposed to vomit filled goggles.

Adam explains how he does look back on huge chunks of his life as wasted time and energy, Steve is getting him to elaborate and he’s making a lot of sense.


4th story is on how 4 out of 5 Americans don’t think “The Redskins” should change their team name.

Steve is now touching on the Sambos restaurant chain and how it still exits, Alison is commenting on the Great Magnet nature of that restaurant coming up while live at Amalfi once again.

Dawson is now on mic singing the praises of Sambos and their awesome breakfast menu.


Adam is asking for the story behind the restaurant and their name. Adam has a great callback to the lion meat topic from earlier and the audience is clearing up the details of the story.

Adam is reacting to the story and explaining how when you retreat or take your sign down you are admitting to being racist and using his mother’s demand for an apology to finish up his example.

Adam has a great Johnny Cakes callback, Steve is even hesitant to get into that topic and Adam is doing a live read with a nice callback from BB!


5th story is on Hostess reopening this week.

Adam is now complaining about the gender bias in the name and how it makes him feel.

Adam has a funny one liner about what hostess is American like and is now stating he’s done with this audience, whoa!

Adam is now riffing with an audience member during a live read for “Dollar Shave Club” he’s taking her from stepdad to dude nearby to hypothetical penis she doesn’t despise somewhere in the future, wow!

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping this very unusual yet great episode.