Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 145

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 145

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 05-20-2014 – Release Date 05-22-2014

Production Number #145 Guest Host – Brad Williams

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Brad is opening the show with a “Get It Low” riff showing an increased confidence level since his hosting debut a couple weeks back.

Drew and Brad are now discussing people with muscular and skeletal conditions and if you should offer assistance when you see them struggling.

Brad and Drew are describing Brad’s epic climb up the chair to sit and host the show, Chris is now mic asking the same question about being helpful.


Brad is joking about “Lucky Charms” and how gullible/vulnerable he was to advertising as a kid, he’s telling Drew an anecdote about a “He-Man” sword commercial and toy.

Brad seems to be riffing some bits now, pretty funny stuff, they’re giving out his plugs and he’s explaining that Drew met his “midget stalker” lady.

Brad is explaining how being a touring comedian leads to strangers knowing where you are due to such a public schedule.


Brad is telling people to never come up to him with dwarf jokes, he’s giving an example and now he’s getting to all of the stereotypes of dwarfism and how they all aim towards the supernatural or fantastical.

Brad is describing a recent physical altercation, he’s telling Drew about being in a bar watching a hockey game and how some back and forth verbal barbs.

Brad is telling them about throwing a fake “Hadouken” from Street Fighter II, Drew amazingly knows this reference, probably from his kids, and he seems to be familiar with the character “Ken” and not “Ryu.”


Drew is now plugging his upcoming talk with Dennis Prager and plugging Adam’s book tour that has him hitting The Mall of America and Naperville IL.

Gary is now on mic adding a bunch of information, Brad is telling them about the theme park in the middle of the Mall of America.

Brad knows it well from touring and performing in the comedy club within the mall.


Brad is waxing poetic on being on tour, Drew is explaining how Uber is revolutionizing driving and more importantly drinking and driving.

Drew is making a point about the car becoming less important in Los Angeles due to Uber, Drew is quizzing Chris and Gary about their thoughts on what Uber has done.

Gary has a wide point about the unique effect Uber has on Los Angeles specifically, due to how horrendous it is to drive there.


Drew is describing his trip to Adam’s new house and the time they spent in the garage looking at his cars, Drew is explaining “Disquisition” to Gary who’s now reading the definition and lamenting how he didn’t already know it.

Gary is explaining that Adam literally doesn’t drive his exotic cars, he’s telling them about his assistant driving them across town.

Chris loved the use of “he pets them” by Drew, Drew is now getting to the collector gene and how cool it can be, Brad is explaining the wine equivalent he’s been experiencing while attending higher class parties.


Drew is telling them about the movie “Somm” and Brad is riffing about how he immediately decides someone is a douchebag if their profession is Sommelier but he would also like to speak to them first at said parties.

Drew and Brad are joking about the descriptions for the scents and bodies of the wine.

Drew is now doing a live read for Go to Meeting.


Brad is bringing up a study on a recent “60 Minutes” the 90+ study as they call it, Drew is now giving his take on the most recent data that was debunked in regards to antioxidant content.

Drew is now explaining the reality of the new data and how people who live into their late 80’s and 90’s enjoying cocktail hour up until their twilight years.

Drew is once again sharing his take on marijuana and how he’s not Dr. Bummer, he’s now citing Joe Rogan and Seth Rogan taking aim at Drew.


Drew is now singing the praises of Seth Rogan, his movies and work for Alzheimer’s, Drew is forgetting that Seth was a two time guest on Loveline in 2000 and 2001, promoting “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared.”

Brad is now offering up a great possible reasoning for the benefit of alcohol when it comes to longevity, Adam and Drew are no discussing brain plaques and scars and Brad is giving his take on Adam’s advice about exposure to germs to avoid getting sick.

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break

Drew is sharing an ominous detail about Adam’s take on the patent troll case and doing a Bark Box live read.


1st Caller Ryan, he’s 29 and “was a virgin on his birthday” and he’s lamenting how hard it is to meet girls, Drew is explaining the role testosterone plays and he suggest it could be true social phobia that has Ryan in its grips.

Drew explains that typically he can sense why these guy callers aren’t connecting, they sound like robots, unlike Ryan who sees just social phobic.

Ryan explains he lost his virginity via online dating, he’s explaining how he’s hesitant to jump into a long-term relationship without first sewing his wild oats.


Ryan doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart and wants to get laid but doesn’t want to get involved in a long-term relationship.

Brad says he needs to be up front about being single and playing the field, Brad is making a point about motivating women via competition, Brad says he should bust that out on the 2nd or 3rd date, not the first.

Brad and Drew are breaking down anxiety and says that the typical person who experiences no anxiety is a sociopath.


2nd Caller JR, he’s telling them about dating an older woman, 11 years his senior, he’s 40 and she’s 51.

JR is outside and refuses to stand still like Dr. Drew instructed, the wind keeps cutting against his mic on his phone.

Drew tells JR that both people are in middle age and its fine, he’s explaining exactly why it’s totally ok.

Drew and Brad are singing the praises of older women, Drew is making a point about women being consumed by their reproductive biology and how after that’s all done men and women can connect on new levels.


Brad was watching the view and saw Brandon Marshall on “The View” and Drew mocks him for being gay, hahahaha gold!

They’re now singing the praises of Brandon and his quest towards mental health, Brad and Drew are in agreement about psychological treatment chaining lives.

Brad brings up Amanda Bynes and Drew is discussing using social media to aim help at people who need it, he’s taking his metaphorical hat off to Amanda and her parents.


Drew is bringing up the trend of shaman’s and spiritual advisors stepping place of medical professionals, Drew recommends both, not spirituality in place of medical interventions and professionals.

They’re now plugging Adam and Drew Episode #89 and wrapping up the show, back for another hour with Brad on Sunday.