Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2013 – Ray William Johnson and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2013 – Ray William Johnson and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ray William Johnson and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 05-21-2013 – Release Date 05-22-2013

Production Number #1084

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Adam is opening the show with a heartfelt thank you for telling a friend, Dave Dameshek’s in studio and has some comments about Adam’s sunburns.

Ray William Johnson is also in studio and he’s explaining how he climbed the YouTube charts.

Adam’s got a funny “flan” comparison and a funnier Chupacabra riff along with some funny observations about mythical creatures all emanating from countries that enjoy over consumption of alcohol.


Ray has a funny observation about Chupacabra sightings and Adam is now riffing about the lack of ghosts in North Hollywood compared to New Orleans.

Adam is now riffing about a post mortem calendar with date’s zombie Mike August insists he must keep, gold!

Ray is sharing his interesting take on inspiration and motivation for his videos, Adam is citing the people who claim they want to be doing comedy for a living but don’t spend their free time pursuing it.


Adam is polling the group on blocked phone numbers, Adam and Dave are the only two and Adam is sharing a phone call with Jeff Fox from the other day where he was using his “in between voice”.

Dave’s now riffing with Adam about his voice and how it’s the opposite of what a celebrity wants to have, Adam is citing the Joel McHale and Jeff Fox phone calls.

Jeff is now on mic to re-enact his two different phone voices. Great two fold explanation from Jeff as to why Adam got the unusual answer from him.


Adam is taking it back to Ray and his journey, Dameshek has a funny one liner and Adam is really being considerate.

Adam is now listing the things you never get to the end/last of, he’s citing rolling papers and Dave has gum.


What Can’t Adam Complain about Video Edition

Adam is riffing about the miscommunication between adults “I blame everything on Mike August” and he’s citing the previous episode recorded from the Casino.

Gary is now on mic confirming the traffic on the way home, his deadpan “fucking miserable” says it all.

Alison has a great reaction and Adam is finishing up the hilarious anecdote.


1st video from Dan in Korea, he doesn’t think Adam can complain about Alison getting engaged.

Adam’s taking the angle of her being off the market ruining the “selling sexuality” angle of the show complete with hilarious boy band analogy.

Adam is now riffing about the hypocrisy of fucking when it comes to boy band audiences, wow!

Hilarious Megadeath aside with comments from Dave and Ray.

Hilarious riffing about the gift Adam will have to get Allison complete with funny BB and awesome Dawson asides.


2nd Video from Australia, he doesn’t think Adam can complain about orgasms.

Adam is taking the tact of cleanup and the mess, calling women’s orgasms the “smokeless cigarette” in comparison.

Hilarious shitting riff, Alison’s reactions are almost as priceless as the quotes from the Aceman.


Adam and Dave are now sharing about their former Man Show compatriots who would wear a special uniform to strip clubs to take advantage of their easy triggers and Adam has a hilarious thigh hair and hummus closing comment.

Adam’s got a great callback to his ghost and its unfinished business, he’s sharing the retrograde ejaculation move that they could employ to change the game.

Adam is now going even further in depth on group sex and multiple dudes being involved, gold!


Adam is elaborating on how he doesn’t believe in stifling the body, hilarious examples and Dameshek is trying to paint Dr. Drew as a practitioner of the technique and Adam is explaining why he knew about it.

Hilarious counter reply from Dave and now Alison is reading the explanation of what happens and Adam is now riffing in character as the unsuspecting bladder with an incoming “iceberg”, holy shit don’t miss this!

Adam is wrapping the segment and has a funny comment to boot. Adam is doing a hilarious “Mangrate” live read and BB has a nice addition that leads to Adam singing a jingle, nice.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave is sharing his 13 favorite names from all of NFL hockey, the two most famous among Dameshek fans are ranked the lowest shockingly.

This was literally the whole segment, great closer from Dave and BB is the default creep as per usual.

Adam and Dave are discussing names that trip people up in professional sports, hilarious. Adam and Dave are explaining the “Sugar Ray” namesakes to Alison and Adam is making larger points about sportscasters shooting themselves in the foot.


Adam is now riffing about the “Chicago Transit Authority” and “Manhattan Transfer” just to have a WTF moment where one band asks how they got away with the name.

Adam’s making a larger point about people naming their band after a real thing or organization and then that entity reacting with legal threats because they don’t want tons of free publicity, such as the “Postal Service” and “Defamation League vs. the Anti-Defamation league”.

Adam’s got a killer closing line about going to break, these live shows can get confusing for the cast.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the huge tornado that touched down in Oklahoma, she’s sharing some of the details and Adam has a goofy reply about what he would do.

Ray is now explaining the reality as he grew up in that area, he’s telling them how the warnings actually work and how people actually respond due to the false alarms.

Adam is bringing up Lizz Winstead and her tweet about the tornados that seemed to be in bad taste, Adam has a very fair minded reaction and is being the bigger man.


Alison is reading the facts and explaining that Glenn Beck came to her defense and Adam is surprised as well and giving a nice explanation about how that shows consistency regardless of partisan politics.

Alison has a great question about Lizz and her reasoning, Adam is summing her up nicely while quoting something he heard Joe Rogan talking about regarding the open mics Lizz used to run back in the day.

Alison is reading more of the details of this terrible storm and Adam has a funny observation about wind, he’s asking Gary to get some information on the new Boeing 787, BB gaslights the room by bringing up the Airbus A380.


2nd story is about the woman who found her lost dog on live TV, the feel good story of the disaster.

Adam is doing live commentary on the clip, hilarious!

Ray and Alison are challenging Adam’s reaction and Adam is taking it back to the woman in the clip whose attitude he enjoyed.

Adam has a funny reply about speaking German.


3rd story is on the death of Ray Manzarek of “The Doors” and Adam is remarking on his triumphant life and connecting it to Avril Lavigne only being 28yrs old.

BB is shouting about them talking about Avril despite the comedy and Ray is making a fine point about Ray’s epic life, Adam is now remarking on Avril’s 1st hit song from 1999 and her still being under 30.

Alison is commenting on 2000, still sounding very recent and Adam is explaining that the 13yrs before 2k took forever and the 13yrs after have been the blink of an eye for us all.


Alison’s asking a wise question about perception and the actual amount of tragedy in the world and Adam is connecting it back to the news outlets that need material.

He’s riffing on the Africanized killer bees that seemed to be threatened annually by the local news.


4th story is on the famous haircut known as “The Rachel” that Jennifer Aniston rocked on the classic early seasons of friends.

Alison is asking the gang if they’re familiar with it and Adam is now reacting to a picture and BB has a great point about “The Clooney” and Alison corrects it as “The Caesar” which she didn’t care for.

Adam is lamenting the lack of style options due to his genetic hair hand, BB is now sharing the story of the time Jonathan Anton of “Blow Out” was dared into styling Adam’s hair on the old KLSX morning show.


Adam is going off on Jennifer and her actual standings on the attractive scale, he’s getting Gary to fire up pictures of the Brady bunch to connect his hair to the boys on the show, and Adam is saying his hair plagiarized their looks

Ray is calling her attainable and Adam is arguing against that logic and argument, hilarious line of questioning and reactions from Alison and BB.

Adam is doing live reads, plugs and wrapping the show, BB is closing is it to Adam’s new classic drop.