Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/21/2013 – Jim Mora, Kevin Nealon, and Pat O’Brien

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/21/2013 – Jim Mora, Kevin Nealon, and Pat O’Brien

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim Mora, Kevin Nealon, and Pat O’Brien

Recorded 05-20-2013 – Release Date 05-21-2013

Production Number #1082

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Adam is opening the show live from the Riviera Country club with Jim Mora coach of the UCLA Bruins who is attending for charity.

Adam is explaining the event and teasing upcoming guest Kevin Nealon and has some nice Rich Eisen comments.

Adam and Jim are riffing about Rich and his podcast being in competition with Adam, nice and fun chitchat.


Adam is telling Jim why he likes the sons of coaches and what it usually means about a person, he’s referencing Mike August and his nature and Jim is confirming that their fathers used to coach together in Colorado.

Adam is connecting it to people who served in the armed forces as being the only analogous background and Jim just revealed his father was a marine too.

Adam is sharing his “being a pussy is a lifetime sentence” theory and Jim is asking good follow ups.


Jim is explaining he’s known Mike August a long time and offering his own take on Adam’s theory.

Adam is sharing his “I was stupid” response to people who dismiss his low high school GPA and insist he was just a guy who didn’t try hard enough.

Jim is telling Adam about the 16 hall of fame players he’s coached and the special drive that exists among all of them, very interesting!

Adam is sharing an anecdote about Randy White and Thomas Henderson including Mr. Henderson’s two time Texas lottery wins, awesome and hilarious!


Jim is explaining the nature of the modern athlete and where work ethic meets skill level and natural talent. He’s sharing how many of the guys lacking work ethic don’t make it as far as they used to.

Jim is telling Adam about the instant feedback for his players and Adam is asking him about recruiting new guys and dealing with their coaches.

Kevin Nealon has just entered the room and Adam is asking Jim about his kids and if he’s going to allow them to play football.

Adam is waxing poetic on the discipline and character instilled in kids from playing team football.


Jim’s referencing his dad’s infamous “Playoffs?” clip and Adam is complimenting his appearance.

Adam’s joking about “Shaq’s shoes” the long running joke about items featured in celebrity charity auctions and Jim is correcting Adam that they’re actually Charles Barkley’s shoes.

Adam and Jim are riffing about the weight gain and loss among various NFL retirees.

They’re now reminiscing about Craig “Ironhead” Heyward and other former NFL greats.


They’re trying to get Nealon on the show and Adam was just told he has a hard out in 5 minutes.

Kevin is joining the podcast for his 9th visit and they’re discussing golfing, Adam is sharing Drew’s explanation of how he couldn’t even imagine going once per year.

Kevin is citing the 12th hole as the breaking point for interest in golf, Adam agrees and they’re working bowling frames in to the mix for comparison.

Kevin is joking about the evolution of golf and Adam is leaving him hanging for comedic sake.


Adam is explaining his likely reaction if he was paying a large amount of money to be a member of a country club and by Great Magnet’s sake he guessed the cost to join.

Adam is asking Kevin if he finds “Caddyshack” to be overrated and he agrees with a “tree falls in a forest” style reply giving room for taste.


Adam is sharing his theory on comedy also having experts, just like wine and any other product.

Adam just referenced Kevin “trashing” people’s homes and it begins!

Adam is sharing an anecdote about a recent viewing of “Blues Brothers” and how it actually holds up.

Adam is getting the top critics ranking for “Blue Brothers” on Rotten Tomatoes.


Pat O’Brien is joining the show and sharing the “Abe Lincoln style poverty” he comes from, Adam is explaining he’s more interested in Pat’s journey than talking sports or controversy.

Pat’s going in depth on his father and his alcoholism which lead to a hilarious rat related power failure.

Adam is telling Pat about how being drunk all day or drunk while working made him lose appreciation for drinking and it’s why he doesn’t do it.


Pat’s taking it to the cars and he’s telling Adam an anecdote about his 1963 corvette and referencing his “Lineman Dykes”.

Adam is giving an abbreviated version of the story and now asking Pat about his sobriety, Adam is defending him regarding what happened with his controversial leaked phone message and explaining how he didn’t understand what the big deal was.

Adam is explaining how some stories stick in the news and some don’t, he’s citing the Alec Baldwin phone messages that he refused to play on air during that fake controversy.


Hilarious Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn quotes from Pat and Adam is giving him a plug for his upcoming book along with the unused original title.

Adam is taking it back to Pat’s journey and how he took it from poverty to having two of the biggest jobs in entertainment media.

Pat is explaining his role as a “Farber Boy” and how Dr. Farber became his mentor. Adam is sharing that’s his own lament from childhood as he didn’t have anyone like that in L.A. unified.

Pat is explaining the “Pay it forward” element to being a “Farber Boy”.


Adam is using Pat as a prime example of someone who people might write off as being born into success and Adam is connecting it to the convenient reasoning one goes through when they find a lost wallet.

Adam is now doing a live read and can’t get a lock on how many times “Hollywood Henderson” won the lottery and Pat is now texting him, awesome!

Pat is sharing a gym class horror story, nice reaction from Adam. Adam has a hilarious “fatty on the rope” reply about taking ropes down and what it means for life.


Pat is telling Adam about his one hit wonder status with his high school band and how he secretly dated the senior prom queen when he was still in 10th grade, whoa!

Adam is sharing his idea about boosting his sons confidence via hiring a prostitute, Pat interrupts him to share a personal anecdote about advice for his son regarding talking to girls.

Pat is taking it back to his journey and how working with David Brinkley lead to him essentially running NBC in his mid-20s.


Pat is telling Adam about his draft card and how joining the ROTC led to him avoiding serving in Vietnam, this story is epic!

Adam is mocking Kevin’s “Hard Out” and giving thanks to the great Jim Mora and some additional plugs before he wraps the show.