Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 345

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 345

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Theo Von

Recorded 05-17-2016 – Release Date 05-20-2016

Production Number #345 – Theo Von

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Adam is now opening the show with the usual intro, he welcomes Theo Von back for his 2nd appearance and Adam is talking about his appearance on the ACS and the thing he’s told him about growing up in Louisiana.

Theo first guested on the show for ADS #323.

Drew comments on Theo’s dad being 70 when he was born and Adam talks about Drew being from Pasadena possibly the sanest place on earth.

Drew says it was larger settled by people from the Midwest and Adam asks Theo where he’s from.


Theo talks about Pistol Pete and Lee Harvey Oswald both being from his town and Adam says Pistol Pete was the last of the white dudes to really light up the court.

Adam is talking about Pete’s dearth and Gary finds out that it happened in Pasadena and Adam is talking about the human brain and how Adam changed the details in his brain trying to figure out the details after Theo’s quasi-misinformation.

Gary is on mic and explains what happened to Pistol Pete, Theo is reacting to the very ‘Grrrrreeat Magnet’ stuff at play here.


Adam is talking about Pistol Pete and Theo talks about how he tried to hide the ball while playing, Adam is asking him about his 70yr old father.

Drew asks if Adam can imagine having kids in 10yrs from now and Drew quotes Adam’s “get peanut butter out of shag carpet” wiping analogy.

Theo talks about being part of the 2nd family his dad had and Drew wants to know if his mother has ever explained what happened and how she needed up with the older man.


Adam is now asking why Theo’s mom didn’t use her white privilege and Adam is asking about the concept and makes a point about all of the white people who died building this country.

Adam is talking about chow lines in the depression and Drew mocks white privilege too but they move on.

Theo talks about a guy being busted with a 30lb bag od hamster bones on him in Louisiana, Adam says that must before some voodoo supply restocking service.


Theo talks about living on a stray animal “belt” and Theo once again tells them about burying roadkill, Adam is back to Theo’s crazy upbringing and he tells them about how deviant his mother was.

Theo says they were always on his hip and his mom would hold a mirror under his dad’s nose to make sure he was still alive.


1st Caller Sarah is calling about her meth addict mother and wants to know what she can expect over the coming years.

Adam says this is a long time to be a meth addict and Sarah trills them about her mother’s use.

Drew says it’s hard to predict how these Poly drug addict cases can go, Theo is chiming in and she tells them about her brother who is a former addict.


Drew says the last poly drug addict he dealt with developed multiple diseases and infections, Drew says that Sara’s mom is really unlikely to see 70 and Adam says that would be nice so Sarah could get the fuck on with her life.

Adam is talking about society and how more and more people are taking their feet of the pedal and letting the smaller and smaller group of responsible people take care of everything for them.

Adam is saying he’s getting tired of it and would rather Sarah’s mom OD than take up her time and life.


Adam says a smaller group is now working harder to care for a larger group not contributing and he jokes about politicians inventing an 8th day to overwork the overworked even more.

Adam is telling Sarah to use her brother to create a united front and she tells them about her dad leaving her money to care for her mom.

She reveals it was over a 100k and she’s trying to care for her, Adam says she can pay for her with conditions and tells her how to manage her and the money.


Adam tells people to join the service before considering going to Junior College and explains how much better your life will be after the 4 years are up.


2nd Caller Joel is concerned about his 11yr old daughter and her text messages, he tells them about his family and their divorce.

Drew says that the texts seem totally appropriate and Drew talks about female shunning behaviors and why they exist for adolescent girls, he explains why it’s threatening and terrifying for kids.

Drew says this is normal behavior and Joel is sharing his further concerns, including an “I love you” text to another boy, he says the texts feel very needy.


Adam says that maybe this is old Walt Carolla again and he talks about his own daughter he moves on to people talking about feelings and how their feelings are wrong.

Adam is talking about his daughter and his wife saying they can’t be wrong because of how they feel, they are wrong and his intention is not to make them feel that way.

Adam thinks this is a newer zeitgeist we’re putting out there and we’re trying to prevent people from denying feelings regardless of how wrong they are.


Drew says Adam is getting to complicated territory and he says he’s not, he says it’s wrong or right and correct ore incorrect.

Adam says you say something that gets balled up, flour added to it and then spat at a 3red party, he’s hinting about his daughter complaining to his wife and moves on to the people who do the “just thought you should know” type tattling.

Adam tells Joel he’s her father, who cares and Drew says that his ex-wife will pass on her codependent behavior and Adam jokes about everyone squandering their white privilege.

Drew says it’s way too much feelings being used a mallet style talk, to inflict damage, used as a weapon.

Adam is now mocking safe zones (spaces) and telling fat cunts on campuses to eat their bugles and shut up.

Theo is now riffing about feelings and how you need to accept reality on realities terms and Theo is suggesting they kill some people off, almost ranting at Drew.


Gary and Chris are on mic with more Pistol Pete death details and Adam is back to feelings and how people used to grow from bad feelings.


Adam uses Kickball to make a point about feelings and Drew says he was chief resident in 1988, he could have easily driven there to help him, Adam is mocking him for not saving Pistol Pete.

Adam is interrogating him and asking him “is it true” questions.


Adam is now framing Drew for killing Pistol Pete, holy shit!

Adam and Drew are both name dropping some old school basketball greats and they move on with some quick comments about the Jazz pre and post move to Utah.


3rd Caller Matt, he’s calling about his wife the breadwinner, she wants to switch jobs and Adam asks Matt if he has a full time nanny and jokes about how he would be viewed if he had a nanny, he asks Drew the same question.

Matt says his wife would forbid him from hiring a full time nanny, why is that absurd?

Doesn’t he have things to do?

Can’t the nanny just work another shift or something?


Adam asks Drew how insane that sounds and makes a point about sexism, he says he’s been privy to conversations with unemployed women are screaming to other unemployed women about the absurdity of not having a full time nanny.

Drew is talking about Matt’s wife the primary care physician and how she can either go back and learn a specialty or start working in a concierge service.

Matt says how she might want to move departments and work in a different aspect of medicine.


Adam is now asking how things would go if his wife came home to no food for her while the family was ingesting ‘In and Out burger’ and he compliments his wife Lynette working full time on Endless Rant, he says now they need the Nanny.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Live Read

You had Adam at Full Blown but then lost him with identity fraud edition


4th Caller Connor, he’s calling from Provo Utah and he asks them about his dilemma, he’s feeling pressured to undertake a Mormon Mission, Adam says the mission should be taking out the leaders of ISIS.

Adam asks how the mission goes and how long it lasts, Connor tells them about his relationship with his girlfriend’s family and Adam jokes about him having to lie to other Mormons about being in Springfield Haiti where he had his fake mission.

Adam is giving Connor some advice, he says he likes the idea of a mission and tells him about extricating himself from a world that is obsessed with this stuff.


Theo suggests a hit of acid and Adam thinks a Jewish gal might be a nice fit for him.

Theo marvels that they didn’t help him at all and snickers about not doing anything for him.


5th Caller Daniel he is calling about his urethroplasty and Drew is explaining what the surgery is, Theo says it’s a nose job for your dick and Adam jokes about being careful what they say on this program.

Daniel is calling about some crossfire urine stream after the surgery, Adam asks him if he’s peeing in the sink and Theo talks about getting busted for peeing in a girl’s sink due to her cats, huh?

Drew tells Daniel this would happen anyway, Adam is trying to give out the plugs and Theo talks about his dick lip plugging his urethra, Adam says screw the plugs and gives his own and Drew gives his plugs and they wrap up the show.