Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2014 – Jo Koy and Bill Courtney

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2014 – Jo Koy and Bill Courtney

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Guest Jo Koy and Bill Courtney

Recorded 05-19-2014 – Release Date 05-20-2014

Production Number #1329

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Adam is opening the first of 3 recordings done again on a Monday, Adam says it’s the last week of this schedule and back to normal next week.

Jo is in studio and BB has a nice #TopDrop from Jo himself, What the Fuck!?

Adam is giving out the plugs and getting to Adam’s most recent interview controversy, he’s riffing about “Jap Flaps” and “Zorries” he calls Jo “Joy” and Jo is not happy.


Adam is now getting to the interview he was doing with NPR, he says it’s not aired yet and getting to how it was an ambush attempt.

The guy played clips of Jo doing the Bung Lu Su character, thinking Adam was doing the voice, much like the 2006 incident on the KLSX ACS morning show where Adam also didn’t say anything.

Adam is now bringing up the Salon article, where they asked him about his need to bring people up in the standup realm.


Alison is now quoting Adam’s responses from the article and can’t stop herself from laughing, gold!

Adam is now getting to how comedy is the one field where everyone is represented and how suggesting people set out to get into a profession that doesn’t pay.

Jo and Adam are joking about Jimmy Kimmel and now Alison is reading more of what Adam said in the article, Jo is joking about the shot that Adam gave him and has a killer description.


Jo is riffing as a lame Asian comedian about the time he first met Adam and Adam gifted him with a career, great sarcasm and simultaneous racial humor mocking the conceit that an Asian person needs a white person to help them achieve anything.

Adam is now further riffing with Jo about not being able to book him because he’s not relatable enough.

Wow this scene ended with Jo cutting his hands and dick off, comedy gold!


Adam is further making a point about parental roles in different cultures, he’s using the parents of the girl who plays his daughter in his new movie as an example.

Adam references a point where the person who wrote the article implies Adam has a hidden belief about the deficiencies among Asians.

Jo is asking what’s wrong with stereotypes, he’s bringing up the nursing stereotype about his culture and the logical reasons for it.


Alison is now getting to the assumptions people make about her, she doesn’t want to be seen as part of a group, just her.

Adam has a great Elijah one liner and he’s now pointing out the “white male” finger pointing he gets in every article written about him.

Adam is now listing his ambivalent parents, his construction garbage days.


Adam says he’s the worst fucking enemy of anyone who comes at him with this white privilege bullshit, he was raised on food stamps, free lunches, bottom of the barrel jobs working with illegal immigrants who were equal if not more literate than him.

Adam cites the 8 year wait to become a firefighter, basically a life filled with the antithesis of privilege.

Adam is getting to the level playing fields of the open mic and the construction ditch.


BB is bringing up the meritocracy of comedy, Adam is citing how he told the guy in the article about his childhood appreciation for the work of Richard Pryor and how he didn’t need to see a white man to relate to his work.

Adam is now listing all of the black comedians that have tons of white fans, he’s mentioning Jennifer the now deceased best friend of his wife Lynette and how much she loved the Bring The Pain “N****s vs. Black people routine.”

Adam is now getting to how these people manipulate these articles, Adam is calling out the “deficiencies” line used to frame him for the narrative of the writer, nice work!


Adam is getting to the typical nature of a comedian and their class clown heritage often common, BB is now stepping up for Adam too and saying it’s egregious for someone to claim Adam had some deficiencies in mind.

Adam is now using interests to make a point about people and differences.

Adam says that all of the big comedians now will just skip speaking to these people, they don’t want to deal with this bullshit.


Alison is now reading the headline, Adam does agree with the sub line.

Jo Koy is now paying respects to the comedians that are Asian, so far 90% of the people listed have guested on Loveline, the KLSX ACS or this podcast.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Adam teased that Margaret Cho went to twitter for Adam “not fucking her” he’s citing a strange thing Margaret would do where she claimed to have a role in a screenplay that she wanted someone to try out for, she’s go to their house and then try to have sex with them.

Adam and one time Loveline MTV co-host Laura Kightlinger had a shared experience of this happening.

Alison is bringing up the person who tweeted at Margaret Cho trying to stir up shit, Adam is bringing up people correct any generalities that you speak in.


Alison is further reading Margaret’s tweets about Adam’s role in her recovery, Adam is now telling the truth about what Margaret did.

He’s talking to Dawson off mic about the audio.

Adam is now getting to how sex with someone intoxicated is rape in the State of California, he’s being very fair to her and explaining that he had a full time committed girlfriend, his now wife Lynette.


Adam is sharing all of the details about turning her around politely and he says he never said she was disgusting nor tried to shame her.

“I Didn’t Know not fucking her would become a hate crime” – Adam Carolla

Adam is now getting to the 12 step part of Margaret’s recovery and how she was trying to make amends with Adam at Kathy Griffin’s party.


Adam is sharing his take on the 12 steps, how he told her they were cool and he was flattered, he is now explaining that she may have felt that way about herself but he didn’t.

Adam says it’s the best time ever to actually be a racist, it’s almost lost all power because everyone is being called that.

Jo is now bringing up the Philippines controversy from a few years back, Jo is now character as Rosemary the head nurse who is refusing to help Mr. Carolla.

Jo is busting out Mary Beth his other nurse character, Adam is riffing and apologizing about his comments regarding Manny Pacquiáo.


Jo just guessed Chris Laxamana’s name and that a nurse is in his family, he’s proving all of his stereotypes correct.

Adam is quizzing all of the other staffers, he just proved Jo’s point.

Adam wants to know why people won’t help bring the Jewish people up into the nursing profession, Adam is asking Jo’s nurse character why she doesn’t do more.


Bill Courtney is now making his 2nd phoner into the ACS, he was first on episode #791 from April of 2012.

Bill is now explaining how we can integrate core values and hard work into modern living while still being open minded.

Adam is citing his childhood football for forming most of his character, Bill is explaining how he coaches kids on discipline, integrity and commitment, much more than football.


Adam is explaining how common decency and respect are missing from relationships, how kids should fear their coaches a little bit, they don’t need to be best friends.

Bill is telling Adam about a chapter in his book, dealing with entitlement. Adam is making a point about Paul Newman’s late son and other young men of privilege who never see their 30th birthday.

Bill thinks this generation could be the first to leave a worse place for their kids, he’s making a point about being forward thinking and believing in the foundation of hard work and values.


Adam wraps up with Bill and he’s now sharing his discipline free childhood, he’s explaining how he craved it.

Adam is now getting to how people eat dirt due to mineral deficiencies and how on some level a being can crave something they can’t articulate.

Adam is now doing a killer live read for Valvoline, hilarious horse comedy and jokes about Jeff Ross making the American flag.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the new Burger King Motto, “Be Your Way” and she’s reading their logic behind the new motto.

Adam wants to know how come the bigger the company and the more units sold they talk about individuality, he’s calling it overcompensation.

Adam is now mocking the “it’s your world” bullshit of the past 2 decades, Adam hates human beings that yell “you respect me” and people will respect you based on your actions and character.


Alison is sharing how she read a book on this very type of advertising manipulation and how correct Adam is.

Alison has a better idea for a motto to lure in customers, Adam is now singing the Burger King theme song.

Jo is now dancing around how BK has been focusing on a particular group of people and now he’s riffing with Adam about famous speeches with BK lyrics.


They’re now playing the classic commercial to make sure Adam got it right.

Wow this is insane, Adam is now saying he doubles up his vocals like Eminem or Britney Spears when he sings theme songs for fast food restaurants.

Alison praises the classic ad, she’s wrapping the news and BB plays the Margaret Cho quote from Alison.


Adam is now doing a live read for “Deer Hunter 2014” app, Adam says he discovered that Gary was a gamer on the plane and jokes about him going to conventions.

Adam is riffing about Gary correcting expo in place of conventions is like a woman correcting the terms for her makeup to her boyfriend.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.