Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/20/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 05-15-2013 – Release Date 05-20-2013

Production Number #1080

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This episode was recorded after #1078 and was posted after #1080, a very rare out of sequence release, the ACS maintains a 95+% recording average if not higher.

Adam and BB are opening the show discussing the car Adam will be driving in an upcoming race, he’s telling the gang about the history of his car and the racing team, very interesting.

BB is now playing today’s #TopDrop and explaining the mistaken identity part of the request, funny riffing from Adam.


Adam is now going off on the running tab incurred by his dog Molly whose snooty eating habits are still fucking with his head and his wallet, Alison is chiming in and they’re riffing about the gelatinous nature of the canned food.

Adam is joking about using cream cheese to trick Molly into eating and his apparent house rule regarding the terminology for “Din-Din” and when it’s allowed to be used.

Alison is in the mix and Adam is explaining how offended he is by the standard dog run away move when they’re given a treat, I love this riff!


Alison has a key question and Adam’s pause says it all, he’s got a funny reply about goals.

Adam is telling the gang about proof reading his books while commuting for gigs on the road to further explain his nature and how he streamlines things.

Adam is taking it back to Molly and his legendary plan to transition her to the kibble and Adam is explaining the shitty week where they will “break her”.


Adam is taking it to a clip about the L.A. unified school district and it’s initiatives to provide breakfast for students and Adam is riffing about human nature and Alison and BB seem to agree with his perfect logic.

Adam covered this topic in episode #43 of “The Adam and Drew Show” so make sure to check that out, flawless episode!

Adam is elaborating on the message it sends a child when a parent is unwilling to provide food for them, I have to agree.


Adam is explaining the super inexpensive ways even someone living in poverty could supply meals for their family and Alison is explaining why she has to believe Adam is right and it’s not about the cost.

They’re now playing the news clips and Adam is doing hilarious live commentary, this is great!

Adam is having them stop the clip and he’s got some intense ranting and BB is now chiming in with a solid point.


Alison is asking a question about the actual importance of breakfast, Adam of course agrees and takes it even further and BB disagrees, shocking!

Adam is using his Nanny Olga and her “motor” to further explain his point and stance on all of this, Alison is asking how he met her and ended up hiring her, Adam’s replies are hilarious.

Adam is telling the gang about Matt Fondiler and his Mother’s Day trip to Dodgers Stadium, Matt is now on mic commending his dad and his annual slick move of taking the family to the stadium

Matt is explaining the options of “loaded Dodger dogs” and having the control room display the photo he took of the menu.


Greg Fitzsimmons is now joining the show for his nearly 25th visit, Adam is having the control room play the classic Deacon Jones “Head Slap” clip.

Greg is telling Adam about his dad’s love of the head slap, Adam is getting Greg to explain what kind of slap it was and when he was on the wrong end of it.

Adam is now explaining his family life and their communication, comparing it to the uncomfortable chit chat in a waiting room.


Adam is telling Greg about being hit by two adults and how he might be the only person to ever be hit by other people’s parents more than his own.

Adam is sharing the rarely told story of his dad offering a grounding or spanking, Greg has a great question and Adam is explaining the psychology of the offer.

Adam is telling the gang about the photo they’re currently looking at of his dad’s old house where Adam lived in the loft, funny question from A-Rose.


Adam is now fully describing his one spanking from pops Carolla and Alison is making it happen, Adam is transitioning to Greg and his anger management issues and how they may be linked to his childhood abuse.

Adam is riffing about the comedy in the black community about child abuse and how it effects society.

Adam is sharing Drew’s advice about spanking and how it should only be used in circumstances to prevent a child from hurting themselves with behavior like running into traffic.


Alison has a great “Luca” reference, Adam loves it and now he’s sending it down the river and calling for “Hell is for Children” his classic Karaoke number along with “Vehicle”.

They’re discussing the history of this song and BB has a nice point, Adam is walking them through his moves and Greg is now joining in, BB is asking Alison about her reaction and she’s got a hilariously evil response.

Adam is now telling “Luca” to do something to Pat that you will have to listen in order to know, holy shit!


Alison’s reactions are amazing and Adam is further explaining how he adds to his performance with physicality.

Adam’s got a great Iggy Pop reference and he’s just killing it further explaining how he handles this song during karaoke.

They’ve now heard the entire song and it’s amazing, they need to do this more often.


Alison is sharing her family’s attempt to cover up their Judaism and Adam is telling a super rare story about “Lloyd Goldfarb” a childhood Jewish pal who carried a briefcase.

Greg and Adam are getting into “Roots” and Adam has a killer one liner about his mom and her possessions or lack thereof.

Alison is telling Adam that she has been alerted by many black listeners that they do in fact sneeze contrary to Adam’s claims, Adam has a great point about total lifetime footage of sick or infirmed African people.

Adam is now connecting the sneeze idea to his “Squirrel Shit” theory, hilarious one liners and reactions from Alison.


Blah Blah Blog

1st blog choices are Barbara Streisand, Greg Louganis and Al Sharpton

Adam is now responding to what Hilary Clinton said to the father of one of the deceased consulate employees, he’s making a larger point about blame.


2nd blog choices are Jamie Lee Curtis, Clay Aiken and Mia Farrow.

Alison’s reactions are equal to Dawson’s perfect reciting and inflection, Adam is explaining how he considers himself a “Clay Mate” and why their appearance may have influenced his lifestyle.


3rd blog choices are Gene Simmons, Jason Alexander and Harvey Weinstein.


4th blog choices are Mindy Cohn, Daniel Pintauro and Josh Saviano.

Alison has a hilarious bit of excitement at knowing the answer and has now inadvertently blown her one chance to win the game


5th blog choices are Barbara Walters, Star Jones and Ann Curry

Adam has a funny immediate one liner and Alison has a nice callback to the 1st round.


Adam is calling back his earlier announcement about Crank Yankers now airing on “Logo” and how it’s a testament to the entertainment industry that he and Jimmy found out via fans tweeting him.

Alison and Greg have some good points and questions, Adam is explaining the sleight of hand involved in Hollywood, and he’s using Harvey Weinstein to further his point.


Adam is doing a great ManGrate Live read, THEY’RE BACK! Now he’s dishing out some plugs and wrapping the show.