Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/19/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 344

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/19/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 344

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-17-2016 – Release Date 05-19-2016

Production Number #344 – Fiery Plane Crash

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Adam opens the show with a nasally “thanks for telling a friend” intro and Drew comments on the way they ran into each other 3 different times the other day.

Drew says they crossed each other in the radio station, Adam is now telling him about the way to go through life and he tells Drew to leave his buck slip alone, he can find another buck slip to deface.

Adam says the reason they were crossing yesterday was because Adam was taping Dan Patrick’s show while it was out west, Adam talks about the horrible traffic and time to commute towards LAX.


Adam comments on the airport in Denver being far away from the city too, but it’s smooth sailing, he’s right.

Adam is now talking to the listeners and Adam explains he decided to grab a ‘Take a Knee’ episode with Dan while out in Bumfuck after doing a lot of driving.

Adam says that they chose to use Dan’s equipment and Adam explains that Drew called him at 815am and remarks on how lucky he was to reach him.


Adam is telling people to lay their life out so that things can flow this same way, Adam explains how Heidi and Frank have wanted him to come in to their station to record a playlist segment, he knew they wanted him and he figured he could come in and pre-tape the bit for the following day.

Adam explains how it wall worked out and how it was very efficient scheduling, it only took 10 days to make it happen.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

See the scatter gram of your area edition


1st Caller Tyler, he’s a veteran who has been listening since 2009 and the shows have gotten him through various deployments.

Tyler tells them about his experience in the military and how it leads to his ability to get things done, his wife is an attorney and is super smart but she can’t “go, go, go” and actually act on a plan.

Adam jokes about this being about anal sex, Tyler explains how his wife ends up thanking him for making her go do fun things she’s initially resisted.


Adam talks about people who are doers and those who are nesters, Adam says they do a lot of work coming up with how things could go wrong.

Drew wants some examples of things she’s resisted; Tyler brings up a recent attempt to get her to agree to a vacation in Denver.

Ada masks if Tyler feels like he’s the one always pushing the other people in his house, Adam says this might be getting al title cathartic and he says he doesn’t want to be the nudger in his family but he does worry about the door being locked and the lights being turned off.


Adam says it makes you feel like the bummer, he says he used to be called “Walt” after Grandpa Walton because he would try and steer them towards responsibility and Drew says that means that Adam’s executive brain function was superior to his peers.

Adam says it was only superior to them and we get a rare mention of a guy who never comes up anymore, wow.

Drew takes it back to Tyler and his wife and their “constitutional differences” and he tells him to wait until they have kids and see how this develops.


Drew ask about chronic anxiety and gets Adam to admit if he feels that he has it, he’s saying she might have the same condition.

Adam says you just need to have the mentality not to argue, he says that Lynette didn’t go to the Geragos gathering and he didn’t fight her on it, he did get the million questions about where she was, hilarious “fiery plane crash” reply with a nice reaction from the boys in the booth.

Adam says he simply chose to go without her and had a great time, know the wiring of your partner and Adam says he likes that Lynette likes to stay home and relax with the kids.


Drew says the Dodger National Anthem went good, he says he’s feeling a little spoiled and has a wild hair for this now and the preferential treatment.

Gary mentions the San Diego Chargers and how his celebrity might go even further there.

Adam says he doesn’t give a shit about the dodgers nor the Kings and Drew says they have new hotdog options at the stadium, Adam says they must still get rid of their dodger dog.


Adam pulled the dog hair off of Drew’s sweater, Drew then picked it up and dropped it on the floor.

Adam says Drew has no deductive reasoning and Drew explains he misinterpreted the move, Adam tells him his self-esteem is too low and he wouldn’t blame him for having a dog hair on his clothing.


2nd Caller Wayne, he’s started a reclaimed woodworking business and he talks about the interns he employs who are a pain in his ass, they are upset and noted about having to run the original sander and do the less glamourous jobs in the process.

Adam is talking about a recent complaint he heard from Geragos about his interns, Adam feels like the left is poisoning people on internships and hard work.

Drew says Adam is unclear and he rephrases his comments.


Adam is mocking the self-entitled douchebags of a liberal arts school, Drew clarifies what liberal arts actually means and Adam is now talking about the priceless experience of working at Mark Geragos law firm.

Adam talks about cleaning up garbage on a construction site and how at some point he would work his way up the ladder.

Wayne says that was his hope for these kids, Adam says the kid’s attention spans are shot and Adam says the ability to engage in massive repetition like he’s describing is impossible for kids today.


Adam says this kind of work is insane, the kind of stuff one would employ to break a prisoner.

Adam says you show him a person who can accomplish that work and get through it and you have someone who is ready to achieve and accomplish things.

Adam says that Journeyman and apprentice shouldn’t be mistaken for master and slave, it’s coach and player and you learn from those ahead of you.

Adam is further ranting about college campuses and Drew comments on the 1960’s and the uproars on campuses then vs. now.


Adam says these young people have been contaminated and he explains they get cycled in and out every 3 months.

Drew asks about the way they present the experience to the interns, Wayne explains how they want to come up with a curriculum and Adam asks if they have a drum sander and tells him to leave the kids alone.

Adam is now talking about Wayne’s Festool sander and Adam is joking with Drew about the various countries it could be manufactured in, Germany of course.


Drew says maybe it’s use and we’re expecting more than we should from today’s youth.

Adam is talking about the ’60 Minutes’ he saw on the new industry of efficiency experts that come in to coach employers on how to deal with today’s young people on their staff.

Adam is bringing up the participation trophy generation element and Drew misinterprets Adam’s exaggerated example as reality, Adam clarifies and tells him that these kids need to be kicked in the ass to rise up to their level.


3rd Caller Sabrina, she’s about her weight loss, she’s lost 180lbs and is at 220, she can’t drop more and is scared for her life.

Drew brings up her confusing math, she said 330 and then lost 180, possibly intentionally.

Adam asks Sabrina what she is eating now, she says carbs can come in any form and what her breakfast is now, Adam is hearing her obfuscation and comments on her eggs and avocado, she has bread for lunch and Adam says there must be some slipping during the day, Adam tells her to knock off the protein bars, she’s resistant with her response.


Sabrina says she’s got a food addiction, she is confusing the guys and Adam tells her to knock off the protein bars, he tells her to have an apple and a piece of cheese as a snack, no protein bars.

Adam says everyone craves carbs and we needn’t make it a huge deal, he explains how he had a small portion of pasta last night and he tells Sabrina to work on her narrative of her life.


Adam is doing a Casper Live Read

Adam isn’t sure he needs his bed having that much of a memory, at a cot convention perhaps edition


Adam gives out the plug for the live podcast with chis from The Foo Fighters and they wrap up the show.