Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 343

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 343

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-15-2016 – Release Date 05-18-2016

Production Number #343 – The Pageboy

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Adam has the standard intro and Gary gets on mic to plug their limited edition merch, Drew brings up Chelsea Handler having the Secretary of Education saying his #1 job was to make sure civil rights weren’t violated, nothing about educating kids.

Adam is talking about the society we’ve crafted that is now at the level where elected politicians are here to make people feel good about themselves instead of the bygone era of goals and working large to small with the fringe topics leftover after we’ve accomplished the big stuff.

Adam is using a lot of sarcasm and jokes about an air sandwich, he riffs various ideas for non-offensive or allergy inducing lunch options.


Adam is now bringing up President Obama’s pet peeve about luck as discussed on the ACS last week, Adam explains his speech from Howard University to Drew.

Drew brings up the Nigerian students kicking ass in American colleges across the country.

Adam says he doesn’t mind the fact of someone being born to a loving family with a solid income having a leg up on everyone else, he just doesn’t like the message that no matter how hard you work you’ll never catch up.


Gary is now playing the Obama speech and Drew is asking who this speech is addressed towards, he asks if his message is ultimately positive and for them to be humble.

Adam is having Gary play it again and Drew admits he’s trying to soften it, Adam asks why and if he’s trying to spread some agenda.

Adam asks what the end to this speech is, the intent.


Drew is doing a Live Read


1st Caller Scott, he says his mom has always been a huge bitch and has only gotten bitchier over the years. Drew asks for an example and he gives one regarding an interaction she had with a new tenant at her apartment complex.

Adam is bringing up the “Down Rounders” (Round Downers) who always go low and short change you, 1500 seats instead of 1758, round up and not down.

Adam is talking about the lift he put into his old house, nothing more undoable than a lift and shares how a friend’s dad came by and commented on it and suggested he use a 4 post lift instead.


Adam is now quoting that old guy and how he replied sternly after the 7th time the guy did a lap on the 4 post lifts.

Adam is bringing up the Pageboy haircut and how he would tell Caelan not to get one, but if he showed up with one on Monday he would tell him how good it looks and move on.

Drew is defending the people who put their foot in their mouth in these encounters Adam brings up his wife who defends people who get mad at him, saying they were probably just nervous fans.


Adam says he just got off the phone with his wife and she told him about the hot muffin talk they had while Adam’s mother visited at the kids flag football game, wow!

Adam tells Scott to let his mom dictate the frequency of their visits and terms of their relationship, Drew says she will see the relationship start to narrow and Adam says the ultimate narcissism is asking why you weren’t invited to an event, clearly if you didn’t get the invite it’s about you.

Adam says that when somebody isn’t chomping at the bit to hang out with you and you get angry with them for that, that’s the ultimate grandiosity.


Adam says he has gotten into it with both of his parents about not spending enough time together and he says the groundwork they’ve laid is what it is, he would go to lunch, call and ask him, that’s all on you farmer, you should have thought about planting season.


2nd Caller Tyler, he’s a habitual nail biter, he sent in a picture and Gary is posting the photo even though Adam isn’t going to look at it.

Tyler tells them about all of the methods he’s gone to in order to stop this, Adam wants to know how this has impacted his life in other ways.

Tyler tells them about the pain it causes him and Drew asks if he’s tried actual treatment, Adam says this must be a weird one for Tyler’s wife.

Drew brings up various therapies and medical interventions that could be tried.


Tyler jokes about him licking his finger and being reminded to bite his nails while reading the book he told them about that was meant to cure his habit.


3rd Caller Terry, she wants to know the age when you know it’s time to have a real long term relationship, she’s unaware of her own BS and they’re picking up on it.

Adam is now chalking it up to wiring and he thinks something happened to her and intimacy, they ask about her time in the service. Adam jokes about people using the lie of “focusing on my career” to excuse being single and not having intimacy in their lives.

Drew says she’s avoidant and it makes sense based on her relationship with her dad, she shares how she was in a pattern of dating weak men and then leaving them.


Adam says she’s a capable person and could come out on the other side. He tells her to not feed into her own bullshit about Los Angeles and people being in their phones.


4th Caller Nathan, he’s sharing how he’s been trying to get healthy and has been taking fish oil, he read about a possible link to prostate cancer and brings up his family history of the disease.

Drew tells him about proper prostate cancer screenings and explains why he’s a big believer in active screening and tumor surveillance if it’s not growing.

Drew says all males are guaranteed to get prostate cancer if they don’t die from something else first.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam is talking about Memorial Day being his birthday weekend edition


5th Caller Phil, he’s been a big fan since the 90’s and wants to do more in his life. He gets off work and can’t get more done.

Drew asks if he’s over weight and if he has any sleep disturbances.

Adam says that we’re all kind of wired to chillax and some people fight against that feeling, like spitting your gum into a wrapper then tossing in a garbage can and not spitting it right on the street.


Adam talks about people fighting against their exhaustion and desire to chillax, Drew says he gets almost high off working out and listening to lectures.

Phil shares how inspirational he’s been for him in life, he cites Adam’s Prager U. video about luck.

Adam has Gary play 60 seconds of the video.


They’re playing the video with no commentary.

Drew has a couple quick reactions to the video, they are playing the whole thing it seems, solid points from years ago at this point.

Drew says he counts on being unluckily and Adam reminds him that he’s white.

Adam says they could sit down everyone in the studio and decide who is lucky vs. unlucky and jokes about measuring his net worth against Caelan’s and they go back to Phil.


Adam says this will all start with Phil losing 15lbs and they wrap up the show.