Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 144

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 144

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 05-13-2014 – Release Date 05-18-2014

Production Number #144 Guest Host – The Sklar Brothers

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They’re opening hour number 2 with the Sklars back in studio, Drew is giving out the plugs and gets in a nice Get It On! Mandate, he’s hyping the return of Adam in less than two weeks.

The Sklars are sharing a very intelligent view on contributing to podcasts you love, the patent troll campaign and are generally being very awesome.

The guys are killing it riffing about the patent trolls and their bullshit tactics and what are essentially lies, Dr. Drew is now stepping in and sharing the probable outcome should Adam lose the lawsuit, bummer.


Drew is now asking them about the shows they do, they’re talking about @Midnight the show hosted by Chris Hardwick @Nerdist, Drew laments that Chris has never invited him on despite their long history on air.

They’re now talking about the infamous Jim Rome “What Chris” moment and they’re praising anyone who creates a universe or community, they have a nice line about it.

Drew is praising their knowledge of addiction and they’re now bringing up their deceased father who was addicted to overeating, Drew is mentioning the Jewish propensity for this unique type of alcoholism.


Drew is breaking down the genetic addict genealogy and sharing his theory on addiction being a survival advantage and how it connects to generational assaults and cultures with mass conflicts.

Drew predicts when they one day breakdown the exact genetic pathways he think’s they’ll know for sure it’s a unique variant of addiction that’s often minus alcoholism.

The guy are now asking Drew about “Teen Mom” and wants to how people react to knowing someone from a reality show, Drew is now bringing up the date from “The Mirror Effect” and how he knows for fact the answer.


They’re now telling Drew about the process of auditioning and having skills to fall back on in contrast to reality TV stars, Drew is bringing up the one gal from the show who made the sex tape.

Drew is bringing up the other gals from the show, telling them about how they were affected by the process.

They’re asking Drew what effect the show had, he’s telling them about the teen pregnancy rate dropping to the lowest since the 1940’s.


The Sklars are now quoting some Mitch Hedberg and Drew is explaining how he wanted the women to make money from the show and not be exploited, he’s bringing up the later groups and how social media effected the struggle for those young women.

The Sklars are now breaking up the abuse they took on social media after releasing their new special, quoting a review and explaining how they take criticism and Drew is going in depth asking them follow ups.

The Sklars are sharing the unfortunate details of their insecurities in their act and who they are, which they shouldn’t have, they’re an institution and can branch out solo as they have for acting but anyone who hates on them just doesn’t get it.


Jason (I think) is bringing up Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary “Comedian” and how they’re own crisis of confidence reflects what Jerry was going through in the movie.

Drew calls it the opposite of inspiring and they’re explaining how they were able to rise above during a recent week on the road that put them through the wringer.

They’re explaining the concept of “dominant” in a twin relationship and now Dr. Drew is bringing up how MTV/VH1 never take a bow for the great lengths they go to offer help to the cast of “Teen Mom.”


Drew is now bringing up the amounts of money spent on the cast of “Celebrity Rehab” post filming, 300k per person, wow!

The Sklars are now giving their take on the Celeb Rehab/Sober House shows and bringing up the sadness of “Intervention” due to the frequent relapses.

Drew is now doing another Bark Box live read and mocking the dumb verbiage and weak puns.

They’re now going to break.


They’re back from break.



1st Caller Scott, he’s reading his question and is describing a sad life without friends and girlfriends, he wonders about Low T and Drew wants to know if he’s ever been evaluated.

Scott lost his mother and brother at a young age, he says he saw a therapist who wanted him to finally deal with it.

Drew is correcting him, it is unresolved trauma and he hasn’t dealt with it, Jason is telling them about his own family’s history with the holocaust and how it effects their grandmother.


Drew is now recommending a specific therapist and telling Scott how to reintegrate the past into his life, Drew says his Dad and brother try to bring up the history but he won’t get into it.

Drew says what initially sounded like Asperger’s is clearly now him avoiding everything in his life, The Sklars are telling them about the movie “Into the Void” and the true story behind it.

Drew says it requires getting help, the unwillingness to touch it is ok and it doesn’t have to be shattering, they’re wrapping with him and discussing his possible results.


1st Letter from Hailey, she’s lost 120lbs after gastric bypass surgery, she’s dealing with no longer being obese and still can’t shake the attitude that she uses to keep men away.

Drew is now bringing up the link between big bodies and abuse histories, he’s explaining he recognized it well before the data was officially in, Drew always ahead of the curve.

Drew tells her to go get therapy.


2nd Caller Jeff he is hesitant about getting back together with an ex, Drew is clarifying the advice that he and Adam would give on Loveline and still give on this show.

Drew is getting Jeff to elaborate and unpack what’s going on, they’re giving very practical advice about how he should proceed with caution.

Drew is now doing a live read for Go to Meeting, The Sklars are killing it.


2nd Letter Randy, has a funny joke about thinking these were actually sent in via snail mail.

Monica wants to know about her 13yr old daughter who’s been punished for reading fan fiction on her cellphone and tablet, she lies when caught.

The Sklars are sharing this as their worst fear and Drew is explaining how kids can hide a lot from their parents, Drew is saying they don’t have to get professional help just yet.

Drew is recommending various internet safe technologies to keep kids restricted to safe browsing.


They’re now joking about the first google results for woman and face, acid and monkey attacks, good stuff guys!

Drew is wondering how their daughter can get around them.

Chris is asking the Sklars about their kids cellphone access, Gary says he made it to 16 without a cellphone just fine, take the phone away.


The guys are all preaching the effects of boundaries on kids, Drew explains a parent must keep their emotion out of it, almost like an executioner.

Drew says bring down the hammer, he said he had to see other parents not listen to advice and he had to make sure he was ready to take it to the mat, he’s telling them about his triplets and how profoundly different they all are.

They’re asking about the kids reactions to growing up as multiples and with a famous father, Drew explains their takes as he knows them without putting it into a simple explanation.


The Sklars are going in depth on how they were able to change the way they were viewed, Drew is explaining what he told his kids about drugs and alcohol.

He brings up their love of beer and how it’s fully on them now that they’re adults.

Chris is bringing up the upcoming Dr. Drew and Dennis Prager live show, how cool!

They’re now wrapping up the show, great episode I hope the guys come back when Adam is around and come on the flagship too, not enough Sklars.