Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 341

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 341

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-15-2016 – Release Date 05-16-2016

Production Number #341 – The National Anthem

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Adam thanks the fans for keeping the pirate ship floating but it sounds like he says “party” and Adam explains that Drew is in the studio early as he needs to sing the national anthem for a Los Angeles Dodger game today.

Drew is asking Adam about singing for these games and doing it again, he wonders if he’s too casual about it.

Adam is mocking the MLB and their insane amount of games per year, Adam is telling Drew about having to drive past the stadium to get to the Endless Rant event.


Adam jokes about Drew subliminally working in how much the dodger dog sucks into the anthem, Drew references “Subliminal Man” Kevin Nealon’s legendary SNL bit.

Adam is telling Drew about doing this and how he can react if he fucks up, Adam says he can get an incredible learning experience from the event if he screwed the pooch, he would have to start over at Triple-A minor league baseball games.

Drew talks about singing with Seth MacFarlane and finally getting to realize a dream, he makes a point about losing his vocal range over time.


Drew tells Chris about the Christmas album they’re going to release as part of the Dr. Drew Podcast, his son and Chris Maxipada are going to be heavily involved and Drew tells Adam about the two other “Swinging Sounds” albums they’ve released.


1st Caller Joe, he’s calling about his girlfriend’s missed period after a recent round of antibiotics and Drew references ‘Lost in Space’ and Adam is now talking about the earliest one can get an abortion when they’re just passed they’re menstruation, Drew says you have to wait into implantation but after two weeks it should be there.


2nd Caller John, he’s calling about his daughter who has decided to stay out on the west coast for the summer while in college.

He wants to know how to best support his daughter and take care of her while teaching her to learn some responsibility.

Adam asks John about his income and he explains that we have to come up with artificial ways to keep our muscles in space from atrophying, much like astronauts have to do, wealthy parents have to assist their kids with living.

Adam is bringing up various gravity simulators he could use to help with this, Drew is talking about paying up and Adam says this is about the gravity and not the money.


John explains his daughter has been calling him telling him that she’ll be living in her car if she doesn’t get more money.

Adam says the options are if you don’t give her the money she hates you, if you do give her the money she despises you and he says the parent must have a strong and true divining rod.

Adam is now using his daughter and her Starbucks order argument that led to her being left at home.


Adam says he heard and felt what his daughter was doing and that why he decided to cancel the Starbucks run.

Adam is now sharing how you’re going to meet people who have dads footing the bill for their fancy lifestyle and you’re going to meet people who never met their dad.

Adam is explaining how you can only hope for some place in the middle, he uses food stamps and welfare to make a point about humans stalling out and then a mutual friend who sent their daughter out to be an actress and 6yrs later there is no real movement in that department.


Drew is talking about the forces at play in humans and he says it all starts with education, they reference ACS #1822 and Adam says he doesn’t know that his kids will be good in the classroom, he sees them as smart, funny and social creatures.

Drew brings up Chelsea handler’s new Netflix series and an episode about her trying to learn, Gary confirms what Drew is saying.

Adam is telling him about doing her old show on E! and how when you put yourself in the traffic cop role you’re perhaps not the funniest person in the room.


Adam says he always thought she traded on the “hot blonde with a dirty mouth” thing and Gary gives his in depth analysis of her new series, Drew agrees with the production notes.

Dr., Drew references TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2005 – GUEST: CHELSEA HANDLER • HOST: DAVID ALAN GRIER, DR. DREW and says “that was not good” and Adam agrees with him but he wasn’t there, he had left over a month prior to that episode.


Adam says he could tell you the name of the funniest guy in the world but he’s a car up on jack stands not working in comedy, no horse power is hitting the track.


3rd Caller Nisha, she’s not answering so they move on.


4th Caller Steve, he wants the guy’s thoughts on manhood, he’s 26 and doesn’t quite feel like a man or consider himself as one.

Drew wants to know what motivates the question and wants to know what’s happening, Drew asks if he’s self-sufficient and he tells them about moving home after life in Los Angeles, Drew tells him he’s not accepting reality on realities terms.

Adam says he’s found that part of life is eluding us as a society, it’s coming to him at alarming rates, Adam and Drew says ownership of your choices and self-sufficiency are number 1 and 2, they add in giving up a single team or group you attach yourself.


Drew comments on delayed maturity and the longer average lifespan, Adam jokes about cookie milkshakes and how culture is only encouraging people to be 13 forever, they go into a live read.


Drew is doing an Live Read

Dres says monkey kettle bar Edition


5th Caller Matt, he was hit with child support paperwork and he found out he has an 11yr old son, not with his current wife but a woman he was dating for 4 months prior to this relationship.

Matt says his mother ran when he asked for paternity test a decade ago and Drew says this is happening more and more now.

Drew explains the various elements and circumstances behind women running and then coming back, Adam is wisely predicting the real story and Matt confirms his take, it’s about money.


Matt wants to know what to do with his wife and his kid in his life, Adam says here is the bad news about women and he cites how his wife will present something, he will be in the clear and have done nothing wrong but she can and will still be pissed.

Adam says Matt tried to do the right thing, he doesn’t owe any apologies, he’s trying to do the right thing now.

Adam is giving a “disease” analogy and asks if anyone would blame their husband for becoming ill, they go back to Matt and ask him what is going on.


Adam asks how much she wants per month, 600$ a 4th of his paycheck.

Adam says his wife will get over this, it will go from this thing to a regular trip up to see him and they wrap up the show with the usual plugs.