Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2014 – Dan St. Germain and Chas Rampenthal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2014 – Dan St. Germain and Chas Rampenthal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dan St. Germain and Chas Rampenthal

Recorded 05-15-2014 – Release Date 05-16-2014

Production Number #1327

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Adam is opening another show back live in studio, not pre-taped.

Adam is once again praising the fans who tell him about sharing the show and getting others hooked on it, BB has a great #TopDrop of Adam impersonating Natalia’s scream upon entering their home.

Adam is now bringing up the unfinished business from yesterday, he’s telling them about the movie he watched and how Rob Lowe got worked into his brain, and BB plays the alcoholic drop.


Adam says it was “Sharkey’s Machine” and that was the movie that had an unusually high score despite being a piece of shit, Adam is explaining the era of Burt Reynolds career this movie took place in.

Adam is breaking down the movie and cast, he says that “Rachel Ward” from Weird Science is the star, BB corrects him that it’s Kelly Lebrock.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote of making the rounds at Sirius after recording Stern, he’s citing shows like “Ron and Fez” and telling them about the last taping, and Matt Fondiler is trying to find the name, Pete Dominic.


Adam is bringing up how Pete asked him about podcasting vs. working at Sirius and he’s citing the annual dialogue where they call to gauge his interest without offering a number, much like the Joe Rogan deal where he pays broadcast insurance and edits ads out of his own show for the “privilege” of airing it on satellite radio.

Adam is sharing his “fuck Sirius, and Fuck Sirius XM” response and has a 25k figure for his wasted hours over the past decade.

Adam is now getting to his interaction with the woman acting as his liaison, the head of the network was texting her asking to bring Adam by before he left the building, coincidentally, Adam refused and stuck to his guns.


The liaison wanted to know what she should tell the executive when she returned sans Adam, Adam gave her a not into wasting time reply with a word about calling James Babydoll Dixon if they have a serious offer.

Alison is quizzing Adam about this woman, Alison wants to know if Adam would have refused if he hadn’t have gone on the insane rant, he admits he would have went had he not ranted.

Adam is now quoting James Babydoll Dixon’s laughter response to what he did, Alison wants to know what people expect to get out of these speculative discussions that go nowhere.


Adam says it always comes down to “non-cool stuff” or non-paying stuff, Adam is riffing up a show where he rides a donkey in a circle to make a funny analogy.

Adam has a great analogy for the type of chick he is when it comes to prom invites, Adam is now jumping into a live read for Legal Zoom.

Adam is now setting up the clip with Pete Dominic, Adam is sharing the creative way his new publisher had him sign 150 books, and you can view the photo via the show page link above.


They’re now playing the clip at appropriate volume and Adam is killing it, Adam is breaking down the timing of the request to visit the head honcho.

Dawson is now on mic asking what the head honcho said, Adam explains he has no idea as he never met with him.

Alison wants to know if that diatribe would have happened on his 2nd interview of the day, Adam is mentioning the last time he was there, back in 2009 when he spoke with “The Swedish Eagle” one of the originators of Loveline who hosts or hosted their new wave 80’s station, said interaction took place on an episode of the Greg Fitzsimmons Show on Sirius.


Adam is now talking about medial times and the glory days of giant tables, endless tables, they’re all commenting on the picture from the Harper Collins office.

Adam calls it unbelievable and says it only took him 11min, they told him it was Sammy Hagar’s idea, and Adam says if he gave them 8 guesses they would never get it.

Adam says even if he said a guy from van Halen you would say the guy from Extreme, BB has a solid reply naming Gary Cherone.


Adam is bringing up how his radio tour schedules never have lunch worked into the timeframe, he’s making a point about the person who makes the schedule not being concerned with the hunger of the scheduled person.

Adam is now doing a Life Lock live read.


They’re now welcoming Chas Rampenthal from Legal Zoom, Adam is asking him about his expertise and complimenting Legal Zoom.

Adam is asking him about the patent troll case, he’s citing the past conversation on the show and how he intends to bring a different angle.

He’s now going off on entities that exist to sue and how it chaps his hide, he’s explaining how it stifles innovation and fairly offering up both sides of the argument.


Chas is now drawing a clear line about the difference between the little guy patent holder vs. the patent troll litigation monsters suing Adam.

Adam calls himself a piece of bark floating down a retarded river of life, Adam says he doesn’t know how to reply to people anymore, he doesn’t know what he did.

Adam is quoting his conversation with Mike August about why they owe 100k a month now.


Adam is bringing up how they tried to get a venue change out of the district in Texas where they hold a P.O. Box in order to manipulate people they view as limited in their understanding of technology and modern times.

Adam is bringing up how it seems unfair to have a biased judge ruling on the venue change, Chas says it’s one of the most horrific parts of being a 1st year law student, Adam is asking what’s so complicated about them having a P.O. box.

Adam says it’s all about money, the money a case and all the people will bring to their city, he’s right.


Adam is talking about judges with Chas and how they walk around like they have no predators, this is not impartial and Adam is now asking what part of the fucking Middle East we’re in.

Adam says the cards are stacked against him, he’s ranting and Chas is doing a great job keeping up and not getting offended by the rage that’s not aimed at him.

Adam is addressing all of the hypocrisy with great sarcasm and moderate yelling, Adam wants to know how this is ok that this judge gets to keep his job fucking the citizens of America.


Chas is confirming that even the best anti-patent troll changes won’t help Adam, Chas is citing the good parts of the legal system in the U.S. and explaining the differences between our system and the U.K.

Adam is now saying this is why England is so much better than us, so much smarter and Adam jokes about smelling the powder from the wig on him.

Adam is now asking Chas about his military service flying a P3 Ryan, anti-submarine patrol.


Adam is now bringing up the lack of preparedness that could either harm or help a case, depending on who is not capable.

Chas is now citing the Newegg case and he’s also explaining the Anna Nicole Smith will to make a point about judges being able to overrule legally binding orders, Alison messes up a Sharkey’s Machine reference.

Adam is thanking Chas, he was awesome!

They’re taking a break.


They’re back from break with Dan St. Germain making his ACS debut, Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam is bringing up Dan’s Super-Bowl commercial with Howard Stern, he’s explaining how he got the gig in the commercial.

Adam is plugging his website and standup dates, he’s asking him about his journey.


Adam is asking if it’s possible to be decent at standup in high school, Adam says black guys can pull it off but now white guys, hilarious German shepherd comedy.

Adam is now saying it would be cool to get everyone to compose a standup set while in in Jr. High and just go back to it like a time capsule.

Dan is now sharing some anecdote of his early appreciating of standup, Adam is now citing how people use Lenny Bruce as a cultural reference or influence, much the same way people use Radiohead and Dan is bringing Bill Hicks into the mix of hipster cred name drops.


Adam is sharing his love for Mitch Hedberg, Alison is asking Adam how that works with his previous words about how he would prefer some George Carlin over some “joke” type standup.

Dan says he was one of the guys influence by Mitch “doing” him during his early open mic days.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Trey, his gf wants to bring a woman into the bedroom and he’s telling them about the ground rules keeping him from touching the other girl, he wants to know if it’s a good or bad idea.

Adam isn’t sure he has to honor the rules, Adam is now asking him to clarify if he’ll be naked and how it’s all going to down.

Alison calls it “lots of jizz control” and BB asks about “fill her up” joking about Trey’s accent and possibly race as well.


Adam says he should go Uri Gellar with his jizz and finish in her hair, he’s giving his old Loveline advice and Alison steps in to emphatically drive the point’s home.

Dan is now sharing a threesome anecdote, he’s got a positive one to balance out the stories.

Adam is now telling Dan he’s got a rubber match, he needs to make a 3rd one happen.


Alison is now asking Dan to clarify if he thinks he can spot vagina size by a woman’s torso shape and size, Adam is now joking about most guy’s reaction to getting punched for trying to munch a stranger’s box and how they would be defeated by it.


2nd Caller Michael, Adam is now busting out a live read for Blinds Galore.

Adam has a cool invite for Mike to show up at the signing at the Mall of America, Michael’s buddy is still a virgin and he wants to know how to help him out.

Adam is breaking down the window for losing one’s virginity and how the 20th birthday is the benchmark for your dick to be dipped in some “pussy wax” and now Adam says he will hire his son a whore, BB has  a perfectly time drop to make things extra creepy.


Adam is now making a point about getting laid too much and losing motivation for men and not enough and how it might inhibit a man in other ways down the road, interesting point about executives of companies.

Adam is now joking about getting Julia Roberts for his son, Alison is quizzing everyone on the show to reveal their age when they lost their virginity.

This is Alison bringing some of the magic of her show Alison’s Rosen is your new best friend onto the flagship show.


Adam is now bringing up the movie trope of guys chasing dudes out of their homes, the shotgun shooting the mailboxes, basically describing “Dazed and Confused” and now Adam is joking about the guy running to catch the car yelling to slow the fuck down instead of them yelling for him to catch up.

Adam says lets screw the calls.

Adam is plugging his books signings


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the San Diego wildfires and Adam has a great reaction, Alison says she wants to hear it again and Adam obliges.

Adam is now asking for football fields instead of acres for measurements given, he says it allows one to image the size more clearly.

Adam is now trying to figure it out, he’s doing the math. Alison has a great point about shits and giggles not going together and Adam has a killer one liner about having a kid’s birthday party.


Adam is now figuring out that there are 3 acres in a football field, they’re now stuck on the math and Gary is now on mic, they’re trying to figure it out.

Alison is bringing up that it’s a suspected arsonist who started these blazes, Adam says they should be burned at the stake, good news and bad news, you love fire right?

BB is asking about his grass which is now getting crispy, Adam is going to switch to fake turf and he’s explaining how grass is too much work for California.


Adam is joking about dogs being dumb and eating grass when their bellies hurt, funny use of belly.

Dan is sharing some J.D. Salinger facts, possibly mixing up someone else.

Alison is now bringing up a woman who had an affair with him, Adam is bringing up a boxer who drank his own urine before his big fight against Floyd Mayweather.


Adam is now joking about people using Yogis for inspiration on what to drink or do, he’s saying he wants whatever Elon Musk is doing, and he wants his secrets of the orient.

Adam says it was Juan Manuel Márquez and Adam jokes that next time he’ll tell him he didn’t take it far enough and he needs to start eating his own shit to really up his game.


2nd story Is on Aaron Hernandez and his two new murder charges in addition to the one he’s already facing, Alison is reading the details and explaining how truly fucked he is.

Adam doesn’t like the part where a guy gets moved around for different cases, Adam says once you’re in its good enough for him.

Adam is now asking for mobile court proceedings to happen outside your prison cell, Adam doesn’t want to pay for him to be transported, mostly due to Con-Air.


Adam is now sarcastically mocking the movie trope of someone loving their cherry classic car only for it to be destroyed before the movie is over.

Alison is explaining how this connects to the original murder charge, Adam wants to know if Tom Brady visits him and checks his watch noting how he needs to go live life and bang Giselle.

BB jumps in for a flawless improv as Aaron who’s going to beat off to the mental image Adam/Tom has left him with.


Adam is now mocking the way people murder, how it’s not sorted out and just done, Alison wants to know if they believe anyone can commit murder and BB cites a person he knows that might be capable, Alison has a great Anderson reference.

Adam wants to know the scenario and he’s taking it to daughter rape revenge scenarios, Adam is now bringing up the Ray Carruth murder contract and how little that cost him cash wise.

Adam says that part is the scariest part of life, people willing to murder strangers for almost no money, the guys with no dog in the fight whose murder skills can be bought.


Adam is now breaking down the horrible Ray Carruth case, Alison agrees with Adam and now he’s pitching “Nice Job” his new show with Howie Mendel where they take the parents of these people and shame them on air.

Adam is riffing and episode with the parents of Ray Carruth and Dan is bringing Jeffery Dahmer into the mix, Adam wants to know how that interview goes down, Adam is the guy interviewing Dahmer’s dad about eating people.

BB is killing it with his deadpan and Adam is bringing Flintstones Chewable into the mix, using them as a possible precursor to Jeffery’s cannibalism.


Adam is now joking about Maxipada eating the nature box shipments, like a small rat ferreting into the boxes and eating the contents with nobody else aware.


3rd Story Is on Donald Sterling, Adam is jumping in to point out that Carruth is getting out in 2018, he’ll still be young enough for a comeback.

Adam is now mocking out legal system and the “he didn’t squeeze the trigger” loophole, Adam is citing Hitler and Manson.

Adam is asking where they were and Alison is sharing the details of his interview on Anderson Cooper, Adam is suggesting he’s pulling bullshit trying to fake out a “crazy” defense to escape persecution much like Junior Soprano used to escape prosecution.


Alison wants to know if he’s crazy or crazy like a fox, Adam is sharing his willingness to buy that racism could be caused by dementia, he believes it.

Adam says Michael Richards is the happiest man on earth, Dan says Jesse Jackson is the 2nd.

Alison is now setting up a clip, the clip of him discussing Magic Johnson.


Adam is joking about Anderson Cooper’s reaction to the AIDS comment and jokes about his mom’s probable name “Trudy” that Dan seems to appreciate.

Alison is now setting up a clip of Magic Johnson, he’s going off on Donald roping him into this controversy.

Adam has a great use of “doll hairs” and jokes about praying for an anvil to fall on someone, instead of merely praying for them.

They’re wrapping up the news and Adam is giving out the plugs.