Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2013 – Tracy Morgan and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/16/2013 – Tracy Morgan and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tracy Morgan and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Recorded 05-15-2013 – Release Date 05-16-2013

Production Number #1079

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Adam is opening the show with a slick intro form Dawson, a great #TopDrop from BB and some makeup application compliments from Alison.

Adam is trying to set up an anecdote about a misunderstanding between the upcoming phoner guest Tracy Morgan and Producer “Handsome Goro” Gary (it’s better than Adam’s nickname for him).

Tracy just called in and Gary might have been saved by the bell on this one, Tracy is telling Adam about his work on “30 Rock” and they both have some praise for Tina Fey and her immense talent.


Adam is now explaining how Alec Baldwin acts on a different level and Tracy is counting him in his top 5 all-time actors.

Adam and Tracy are joking about all the guys who now do impressions of him and how flattering that must be, Tracy has a nice dig at the end there.

Adam is asking Tracy about his sobriety and lifestyle, they’re both singing the praises of a night at home.

Tracy is telling Adam about his upcoming 4th kid, and the insane age range of his children. Adam’s got a killer reply to Tracy’s claims about unplanned pregnancies in urban centers.


Tracy is defending his life choice and Adam has a killer one liner reply, Tracy’s now joking about his youth and Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is getting Tracy to elaborate on his 28yr old son who works at “Carolines” comedy club in NYC and Adam has possibly met during one of his live podcast tours.

Tracy is telling Adam he has to ask his son if he has any ambitions for the entertainment business and Adam has yet another fantastic response.


Tracy is now stepping in to thank Adam for defending him during his controversy from a while back, Adam is now elaborating on his thoughts on what happened to Tracy and the nature of comedy.

Adam and Tracy are going even further in depth on the sad and bizarre nature of comedians being held up to a language and PC police standard.

Adam has a great “Cop Out” plug and Tracy’s emphatic reaction is equally charming. Adam’s mow riffing on Jeff Ross modeling bathing suits as his only alternative if people silence comedians.

Adam is now wrapping with Tracy and they’re sharing some mutual love and Adam is giving some plugs.


BB is now stepping in to comment on his friend who books guest for a TV writing class, and have already had the 30 Rock cast writers guest for Master degree students.

BB has some thoughts on Alec Baldwin and his career, very “The Film Vault” –esque. Adam is calling Alec Baldwin the male Angelina Jolie and explaining how good looks can eventually limit your options.


Adam is now teasing his talk about the kids and his beef with the Magnificent Producer Gary, Alison is now jumping in to explain her take on comedians and the exaggerated personas of stage performers.

Adam is quoting production meetings where smoking, racism and other character traits were taboo, hilarious reasoning from the Aceman.

Alison is making some great points and really helping further Adam’s points, he’s now quoting a joke he was trying to include in one of his sitcom pilots and the behind the scenes controversy about it.


Adam is now sharing the email from Producer Gary he got in regards to the call with Tracy and the confusing schedule because of the time zones and time options being exactly 3hrs apart.

Adam is walking them through the rest of the story and how he ended up being correct and wishes he had the ability to insist someone is wrong with “personal momentum” when they’re explaining something to you and correcting a mistake.

Gary is now on mic explaining his “very difficult circumstances” and Adam is telling him he’s “not trying to fucking, fuck with him”, the mood seems to have switched to a more jovial tone and Adam is still asking where he can get Gary’s confidence featured in this mix up scenario.


Alison is weighing with weight in her voice as she has great affection for Gary and Adam is going another lap with Gary about this, poor guy sounds so apologetic and Alison is now giving an example from her own experiences.

Adam has a first time phrase that BB comments on and Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is now sharing how he has to explain he can’t do things and will often get people who go multiple laps requesting things he just can’t attend.


Adam is taking it back to Sonny’s play and his nature, the play was at 8am today and Adam was run ragged from his pilot taping in Covina in 108 degrees.

They’re going super in depth on his conversations with Lynette about attending Sonny’s play and his worn out status.

Alison and BB are weighing in and adding a lot to the subject.


Adam is talking up their upcoming guest Arie and his confusion caused by Mike August much like the Mike Schmidt confusion from 2011.

Dawson is on mic and Adam is further elaborating, Bryan is now playing Adam and Adam is playing August in a quick improv, Adam is giving him some tips and they’re taking a second crack at it.

They’re on lap number 4 of this and it’s still hilarious, awesome!


Adam is returning to the show with a solid Evoice listener voicemail intro, suggesting a “Brosé helmet”.

Arie is now telling Adam about racing super trucks and Adam is admiring the modifications and transformations they complete on these stadiums.

Adam is asking him about dirt racing compared to Indy and he’s explaining his POV.

Adam is taking it back to Arie, his father and his origins in racing, Adam’s now getting the “journey” from Arie.

Adam is sharing his own experiences racing and the fun of the fanfare and pageantry of it all, Arie is telling Adam about racing super trucks at Long Beach and Adam has a great moment of recollection about the insanity they were up to with metal jumps.


Adam and Arie are now going in depth on the murder of Mickey Thompson and his Wife, Adam is now remarking on the madness of people considering contract murder for 5k dollars.

Adam is now adeptly segueing to “The Bachelorette” and Arie is now explaining his motivation for doing the show.

Alison has a hilarious one liner reply and Adam is remarking on how he got down to the final two and Arie is explaining the super awkward moment meeting the Bachelorette’s parents.

Adam’s got a solid one liner about Arie not closing the marriage deal and Adam’s commenting on the attractive woman accompanying Arie to the studio.


Alison has a great callback to Adam’s earlier crazy gibberish in reply to his excellent joke about attractive woman being forced to work.

Jenna is now joining the show and explaining her role in assisting with the drivers, BB has a now kind of rare “Stripper DJ” bit and Arie seems to be a fan, nice!

Adam is now trying to set them up while suggesting he’s going to give her a tryout as a sports reporter, hilarious and brutal quotes from Adam about Arie and his potential wife from the TV show.


Adam is trying to get Jenna to elaborate on why she’s not as excited about this as he is, Alison has a great reaction and a perfect harmonizing with Adam, awesome!

Chris Maxipada is now on mic claiming to be the opposite of Arie and claiming to be undesired, nice try clever man, I’ve met an ex of his at a live show.

Adam has some funny racial hinting and BB just outright drops the lame dong comedy, chagrin for Chris!


Adam has now just succeeded as matchmaker, BB has a funny creepy “full” update comment and Alison has a hilarious Meta joke about the gang joining them on the date.

Alison is now asking what foundation existed before among the two of them, she’s doubting their claims and Adam wants to know if she’s dipped her toe in lake Arie/Lug nut.

Jenna is doing the hot chick protest thing, turning down an attempt to report on sports as she wants to interview a player, Adam is offering to bust out a player impression and has a funny one liner about not wanting to be in character as an NBA or NFL player.


Adam is now setting up his improv interview with Jenna, he’s setting the scene and Jenna is on point.

Adam is killing it in character and has hilarious reasoning as to why he took a 3 point shot instead of driving into the paint.

Adam is in character is now quoting Adam Carolla as a fan and BB has a choice Tracy Metro drop, Adam and everyone agree she was pretty damn good.

Adam is explaining his reasoning for insisting beautiful single people mate, he’s citing Gabrielle Reese and Laird Hamilton. Alison has a funny comment about driving long distances with platonic company.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on OJ Simpson requesting a retrial, she’s explaining the people’s criticisms about his appearance and weight gain dominating the news coverage.

Adam has a hilarious mid 60’s moment with Alison and is explaining why aging athletes don’t hold up very well and how federal prison is the place to let yourself go.

Adam is elaborating and explaining his take on OJ’s sentencing and how “the bleed over” from trial to trial is against the spirit of our justice system.

Adam’s got a great explanation in response to Alison’s question about OJ and his lack of insight and remorse after escaping conviction for double murder.


2nd story is on the IRS employee being fired for abusing powers, Alison is reading the quotes from The President and Adam wants this opportunity used to have a new conversation about the IRS and its role in our lives.

Adam wants a simple tax code, not to pay less but to make the process more transparent and he’s explaining how the loopholes are a required part of the current system.

Adam has a great Nick Santora name drop and his theory on Mangria opening the door for Adam to write off every drink for the rest of his life and Adam is explaining why he’s too tired to try to keep track of that stuff.


Adam is riffing up a new tax code where people who make less than 40k per year don’t pay a dime and it scales upwards from there.

Adam has a great point about the cost of taxing the taxpayers and all the ancillary costs that result from having this complex system, Alison has a hilarious comment about how IRS employees pay taxes.

Adam is explaining how the complex tax code has a greater cost in how it divides Americans by creating misconceptions about wealth and equality among tax payers.


Alison is wrapping the news in a nonstandard fashion, Adam calls it.

Adam is doing a live read and giving some closing plugs before wrapping the show.