Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/15/2013 – Dana Gould

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/15/2013 – Dana Gould

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dana Gould

Recorded 05-14-2013 – Release Date 05-15-2013

Production Number #1078

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Adam is opening the show to some questions from Alison about his newly truncated WWW. pronunciation and he’s asking some fine questions and making a sound point.

Adam has a funny hot couples one liner and reasoning about shorthand and speaking fast, Alison’s reactions are pretty great.


Adam is now bringing up his daughter and the kids in general and how their lives are entirely composed of swimming and crappy toys imported from China.

Adam is now going off on the noise he was alerted to from one of the toys, Alison has a great question about the “Twilight Zone”-esque scenario and Adam is going off on the motion/emotion activated toys, which he claims are “all chucky to him”.

Adam is now going off on the type of battery case on this toy and shouting to the heavens as to why it’s needed, hilarious rage and one liners from the Aceman.


Adam’s got a nice “I’m not your owner” one liner and Alison has a great understated reaction.

Alison is complimenting Adam’s somewhat subdued reaction in how he didn’t destroy the toy, he’s got a hilarious one liner about punishing his daughter, and this is great!

Adam is sharing about his upcoming big day with the kiddies and his theory on parenting, he wants to know if the kid’s not going to remember it then how important is it.

Adam is now sharing his “if you beat off to it, then it’s not a crime” theory, Alison is chiming in and eliciting greater original comments from Ace.


Adam is now going off on the fellow dads he runs into sporting the Vibram finger shoes who seem to have endless time to spend at their children’s school.

Adam is now explaining why his kids don’t need homework and Alison has a nice reply that BB matches with a choice bit of sound effects.

Adam is making some larger points about time management and homework in general, BB has some lightly critical questions and Alison is backing him up with some secondhand study results.

Adam is now riffing about his kids and their “walk-a-thon” Dawson is now on mic with some great improv work, he’s doing a flawless job.

Adam is making a larger point about all of these events being captured on video and how he doesn’t think Sonny will care if he shows up, Sonny wants another ringtone and wants to invent “Blue” Mangria, hilarious reactions from the whole gang.


Who the Fuck Sells This Shit

The classic KLSX bit once again makes its return to the podcast, the segment that brought us Ruby and her magazine collection and the rest of the nutty loveable goofballs who sell random nonsense on Craigslist.

1st caller Tim, he’s selling empty liquor bottles and everything in between.

Adam is scratching Tim’s lottery ticket and getting him to explain how he started this reselling business, hilarious one liners from Ace.

Adam and BB are weighing in on high end booze and how at a certain point it doesn’t really matter, Adam is riffing about trying the Johnny Walker at the golf course and he’s sharing how Daniel Kellison couldn’t tell the difference between Grey Goose and Smirnoff when given the “Pepsi challenge”.


Alison has a funny and unpredictably insightful comment about empty liquor bottles coming from Henderson and Tim has an interesting reply.

Adam is riffing about the ethics of guys who make booze their prime ambition and business.

Adam is joking about the length of “to do lists” among people who like to create homemade bongs, Dawson is now weighing in to share the description of his own homemade liquor bottle bong.

Adam’s on a hilarious “Grolsch” tangent and Alison’s reactions to his brilliant one liners are almost equally funny, great whore riff too boot!


2nd caller Brandon, he’s selling motor oil.

Adam has some great specific questions and is even bringing up the Feng shui element of Brandon considering the possibility of hanging onto the oil.

Adam is joking about the possible “gay code” this advertisement could be misinterpreted as being and BB is jumping in for a flawless improv, gold!

Adam has an ominous prediction for Brandon’s possible fate, nice work from Alison too.


Dana Gould is now making his 16th appearance on the podcast and Adam is sharing an anecdote from a conversation with Kevin Hench in regards to “Road Hard” and Dana’s variation on being a touring comedian again and his possible atypical motivation.

Dana has a great Liberace reference in reply and a funny reply about his wife’s fictitious profession.

Adam is now riffing on the biggest blowhard move when people describe something then claim “that’s us” taking credit for some invention, business or brand.


Adam is complimenting Dana while explaining that if his wife was mixed up with the “Big Steam lobby” like Dana’s wife is that he might stay busy with charity and household activities.

Dana is telling the gang about his car he’s pushing 200k miles in and Alison is sharing about her own really old car.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the op-ed from Angelina Jolie about her double mastectomy and Adam is sharing the less than tasteful conversation he witnessed among a group of crew members earlier in the day.

Adam is explaining his feelings about her, and how he loves her and her variety of “nuts” Dana has a great reply and Alison has a super thoughtful bit of insight.

Adam is now riffing about being an expert tattoo artist but only in areolas, BB and Dana have some nice contributions and Alison has a solid closer.


Alison has some even greater personal insight into this form of testing and the genetic reasoning for the preemptive surgery.

Adam is predicting the first tweet that everyone overreacts to and he’s now defending his tweeting method and BB is becoming the incarnate of all the negativity about it.

Alison wants to know if this effects Angelina’s sex appeal and Adam is explaining how it will affect her status and how society reacts to her.

Alison and Dana have a great side riff about Dana being unsure of how to make love to Angelina due to her beauty, Alison makes it great.

Dana now has them on a one hit wonders themed tangent.


2nd story is on the justice department investigating the IRS and Adam is asking when people thought they could start getting away with things.

BB is explaining the reasoning behind the attempt to acquire tax exempt status and Adam is going off on conspiracy theories and the theorists.

Dana is describing the “bukake of hate” from his twitter feed, he’s going off on militants and Adam is blaming “Red Dawn”.

Adam has a great tyranny one liner and is explaining that society will collapse before a revolution would ever be necessary and is blaming the crappy post-apocalyptic films for influencing popular thinking.


Dana is busting out his “Chris Matthews” as recently featured on the latest episode of “The Dana Gould Hour” and Alison and Adam are having great reactions to the impression.

They’re all now weighing in on the career of Barbara Walters, Dana is busting out the impression and Adam is now giving her credit while appropriately shitting on her, Adam wants his kid to grow up to become more Barbara Walters and less Dana Gould.

Adam is making a larger point about self-esteem superseding talent and skills, Dana is using Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting ability as an example of what Adam’s talking about.

They’re going even further in depth on the acting topic and Adam seems to have just got a verbal confirmation that Dana will join the cast of his upcoming movie.


Story is interrupted by Alison’s “Tiny Vagina on her thumb that has a period” – BB get that drop, like 1 million times.

Adam is citing the kicking your small toe against a metal bed frame, Alison knows exactly what Adam’s talking about and Adam is walking them through his attempts to solicit sympathy for the injury.


3rd story is on the Justice Department subpoenaing over 2 months of phone calls from the associated press, Alison is explaining the defense argument and Dana has a wise Nixon comment.

Adam is now riffing on Nixon hanging out in hell with Bob Ponzi and the idea of people associating your name with a scheme, BB has a nice reply that nobody gives any reaction to.

They’re taking it back to Adam’s earlier question of how people think they can get away with anything in the modern age, Adam is referencing an upcoming bachelor party and how nobody attending will be able to be trying to cheat.

Adam is taking it to the Boston Bombing and Dana is chiming in to confirm some details, Adam is citing the first helicopter crash during the Osama Bin Laden raid as another example of the government not being able to sneak things passed the public.


4th story is an update on the abortion doctor and his plea agreement that will result in life in prison instead of the death penalty and Adam is explaining how his elderly dad would prefer a life in prison at this point.

Adam’s got a hilarious quote from the POV of his dad in reply to Dana’s funny comment about the threat of rape for elderly men in prison.

Alison has a funny aside about watching an old man who was into extreme sports and Adam is furthering his point about prison being a vacation for elderly men.


Dana’s reaction to Adam’s description of this doctor’s profession is great and Dana is now asking for him to endure what he did, citing the death penalty as being too quick.

Adams got a hilarious reply about the death penalty being too good for some people as it sends them to the same place as notable greats from history and all of your dead family members.

Dana just made up a hilarious book of poems using Adam’s own quote, now Adam is taking it to the story of the 3 kidnapped women.


Adam’s now explaining how he wants the death penalty considered for all cases that “make you drop your fork” despite the details and making note of a cop’s life being worth more than his own.

Adam is bringing up the murder of Dominque Dunn and the defense argument justifying the murder’s actions that resulted in his short sentence.

Dana is making a point about expecting to go to prison for an accidental vehicular homicide due to weather and Adam is reading the facts of the sentencing.

Dana just brought Manson into the argument and Adam has a crazy quip, Dana’s reply is appropriately hilarious.


Adam is trying to get the facts on how much time the guy served for murdering Dominque Dunn and a semi evil wish for Producer Gary to feel bad/worse.

Adam and Dana are riffing on the sentencing and Adam is plugging some upcoming events including his wife Lynette’s trip to NYC.

Adam is sharing his line of questioning for Lynette about her trip to NYC and the reveal about her interview for the Sirius/XM Springsteen station.

Dana is asking if she works for the station or is just that big of a fan, she hosted an hour on the channel a few years back and is that big of a fan!

Adam is wrapping the show.