Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/14/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 238

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/14/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 238

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-12-2015 – Release Date 05-14-2015

Production Number #238 – Big to Small

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Adam is opening the show with the standard “Get It On:” intro and thanks the fans for sharing the show, he says that’s about all that’s left in our society, word of mouth recommendations.

Adam says that most of the things he’s come upon are suggestions from friends, Drew says that’s how friendships and relationships develop.

Adam says there is a very cool restaurant in walking distance from his house, Adam says it was a treat to go there and describes the “nut soup” incident with Vince Vaughn from about a year ago.


Adam is back to how you can’t fuck up soup, it’s a hard thing to get wrong and he describes the Hazelnut soup.

Adam says he’s never been back since the shit soup they served him, Adam is explaining that New York is the last bastion of classic foods unfucked by time and hip ideas/trends.

Adam says they use esoteric shit and cites some 15 year old trends, Adam reacts to the news of Drew’s kids graduating college, holy shit I’m old and unaccomplished, we’re all going to get older and then die, bummer


Drew is blowing Adam’s mind (not really) about the school to prison pipeline and overall infrastructure of Tennessee, he brings up their lack of state taxes and the first time he fell in love with Vanderbilt university when they visited in 1997.

Adam has a funny “what, what, what” reaction to the news of the strong systems in place there despite the lack of funds.

Adam is joking about the dream press release he wants from Elon Musk proclaiming to modernize the school to prison pipeline.


Drew is reacting to the state government and their inability to provide water, their basic #1 infrastructure need, Drew is now mocking the state for blaming the citizens and mentions a past governor who was thrown out of office for some similar rhetoric.

Drew supports William Shatner’s idea for a water pipeline, Adam is bringing up the millions of dollars in a slush fund set aside for a union and used for lavish extravagances as typically happens with a lack of oversight.

Adam is now offering up some possible productivity enhancements that could be employed without pouring 1 yard of concrete, flashing yellow signals and now he’s going in depth on how desert plant life thrives in water deprived environments and how he was able to use rocks and cactus in his dog run at one of his old homes and how he never had to touch it nor water it.


Adam says the cacti were over 15 feet tall and he took them with him to his new place, he explains how you carry and haul cactus plants when they’re full size.

Adam says the state needs to realize there is a reason why they haven’t got very much rain, due to the climate, they’re not in the bay area nor in a golf course, stop pretending.

Adam is telling Califo9rnia to mimic the landscaping of Arizona and has a formerly hot chick analogy to make his point about the hubris of L.A.


Adam is describing Los Angeles attempt to battle nature has a solid private country club analogy to make a point about the lack of incentives for tax payers.

Adam is saying it’s a country club where you can never revoke your membership, Drew is now reading about the slush fund for the DWP trust and the misspent funds.

Drew marvels at how some states just work, Adam says the left think like chicks and the right thinks like him politically, the left work on feelings over hard realities.


Adam is getting to the symbolic causes of the left in local California politics, Adam is arguing against Gavin Newsom’s claim to prefer working small to big, he yells really quick.


Drew is now launching into a True Car live read


Adam is back to the supposedly left leaning local CA government over the past 10 years and Adam is calling for the clip of Gavin talking about working small to big.

Adam is now bringing up the symbolic way the president will roll up their sleeves when visiting small town factory type places for a photo-op.

Adam says you shouldn’t want a picture of something like that, Drew says it seems ever more bizarre like a pretend gesture and Chris brings up the hardhat donning part of the photo ops.


1st Caller Nick, he wants a standard recommendation for what he should be doing for his weekly routine that emphases health and everything else he needs to get done.

Drew is talking about his new gum hygiene after using expensive toothpicks for cleaning, he shares his recent information regarding sonic toothbrushes, and he says it irritates his gums but Adam uses one nightly.

Adam is talking about his rope skipping he does every day, he explains how his kids have opposite reactions to it and shares how Natalia will toss things into the rope and try to get exceedingly close.


Adam is commenting on the box he built for skipping rope now that he’s on a slab and ponders the people who have two hours for gym time every day.

Drew promotes his new HLN show since it’s been revamped with a live audience.

Adam is now doing a mock argument for how his “parents and family” advice is shot down by the other panelists, he does both sides of the argument and then closes the scene, gold!


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for Uber

Adam wishes this was around when he was young and struggling and every little bit would help, Adam says that income is now a thousand little hoses all going into the same trough.

Adam and Drew says they should both sign up and try this, Adam is now suggesting a celebrity driver program and Gary says they’ve already done it, but it’s not quite what Adam is suggesting.


Drew brings up “Gunpowder” which is the beverage Adam is now sampling, Adam asks Gary if they’re sponsors or want to be sponsors, Adam says thanks to Drew and explains they sent some in, someone hits the “next caller” drop.


2nd Caller Leah, she’s calling from Toronto and tells them they basically raised them.

She tells them about ending up in Egyptology after getting out Jr. College and Adam is marveling at how rich the history of Egypt is and Adam wants to know what they need to know about her expertise that would blow their minds.

She’s on skype and it’s crapping out and Adam is now ranting about the class action suit they need to file against them for it never working, it’s due to Wi-Fi, you need a hardline.


Gary can think of one time it worked successfully and Chris is saying that Adam’s presence will make it stop working.

Adam is sharing how nobody knows why, actually all of his problems are solvable with the right attention or at least explainable.

Leah is now sharing some points about change and Adam is going on about evolution, Adam asks her why the attraction to this field, I wonder if this is the infamous Leah, the tape provider and hero to Loveline fans everywhere.


Adam is telling Leah to shut up and says they don’t want to spend her time on the line talking about nothing with Drew.

She’s wondering about taking fertility drugs and if she’s interfering with evolution by conceiving and overcoming nature, Drew brings up plastic surgery and Adam talks about sacks of grain in Africa and supporting impoverished civilizations and continents.

They’re now playing the clip of Gavin talking about small to big, Drew has a funny reaction and Adam is now riffing about “bottom up thinking” and takes it back to the serious conversation they were having.


Adam is now using an ‘Armageddon’ like scenario with giant asteroids surrounded by smaller golf balls to paint a metaphor for what Gavin was suggesting.

Adam is saying this is why California is out of water, Adam is mocking Gavin for being destroyed by someone unfit for junior college.

Adam jokes about Gavin coming from a rich family and pretending to care about poor people, Drew says he’s bullshitting and Adam is being honest.


Adam is now quoting himself regarding his argument batting average from a conversation with his wife about why he always comes out top linguistically.


Adam is doing a Quick Books live read

Adam laments talking to his accountant and discovering he only had about 200k and owes the government 250k for his quarterly taxes.


Adam is doing some plugs for his upcoming live shows with Artie Lange and Lisa Lampanelli when he’s NYC next week.

Adam plugs his Newman screening and jokes about how sweet his son is, he mocks his own childhood discovery of wall to wall carpeting and how he was amazed by the notion of it.

Adam is flashing back to his time at his buddy Chris’s house, with the carpet and central air system, even in the 1970’s.


Adam is giving out more plugs and wraps up the show.