Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/14/2013 – Mark Geragos and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/14/2013 – Mark Geragos and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Mark Geragos and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 05-13-2013 – Release Date 05-14-2013

Production Number #1077

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Adam’s got a nice “tell a friend” intro, Dave Dameshek is in studio mocking Adam right off the bat commenting on Adam’s makeup and Adam is explaining his reasoning for not removing it.

Dave is asking Adam about applying his own makeup and Dave is sharing the details of his own self application before super manly live event broadcasts, Adam welcomes Alison and BB to a fantastic 2006 KLSX ACS #TopDrop from Tracy Metro.

Adam is riffing on the spray on makeup and has a funny forgetful moment about BB, Alison reminds him of his audio reply and Adam is going off on his “beige lung”.


Adam is explain the premise of his Spike TV pilot to Dave and how his two best buddies from high school are the prototypical contractors the show is attempting to catch, hilarious one liner from Ace about what could be worse.

BB has a nice question about trying to find a good contractor and Adam has some very sound advice mixed with appropriate hilarity.


Adam is telling the gang about the extreme heat in Covina, Adam is going off on the insanity of 110 degree temperatures before the end of May.

Adam is explaining how Kevin was standing directly in front of the compressor and Adam was exposed to his wicked fart, hilarious!

Dave is now ranting about the “poisoning of his brain” due to fecal gas exposure while working on staff with Cousin Sal, Dave is calling everyone a creep and telling people to grow up.


Adam is telling the gang about people asking him about “Kiss Me Deadly” and Adam’s reaction to it, he doesn’t like the song but did enjoy her rendition in studio.

Adam is breaking down his reply and how he separated the woman from her work on twitter and how he came home to a gaslighting reply about her fake untimely death.

Adam is going off on people bullshitting him and Alison has a great point about “swatting” and a quick description.


Adam is going off on the police reaction to the last time a drunk driver ran into his home and was able to get away unpunished, Dave can’t believe it and Adam is now elaborating in hilarious detail.

Adam is ranting about people and motivation, he’s focusing on people who work shitty jobs and are pre-annoyed with your presence, and he’s got some specific sports viewing alternate metaphors for Dave.

Adam is riffing about the only way to combat this disinterest from the local police and city, a twist on his “pot plant in the front yard” last stand.


Adam is sharing the ticket Mike Lynch was mailed for missing a toll before heading across the United States in a cube truck with his dad, funny comments from Adam on the amount of money it would require for him to emulate the trip with his own father.

Adam is now on a larger rant about Los Angeles and their convenient “stupid” moments vs. their supreme alertness when it comes to collecting money from tax payers.

Adam has a great “Bonfire of the Vanities” reference and he’s further elaborating on the incentive based hypocrisy of the local government.


Adam is having Dave fast forward to “Creep of the Week”, he’s doing a shorter version but it looks like we’re getting at least a partial “#1 Sports”.

Dave has some hockey playoff talk, complete with Bill Simmons and Nick Santora references.

Dave is sharing an anecdote of a conversation between him and Adam, the “Tickled Brown” story as it were.

Dave has some quick Cheechoo and Teemu references, Adam is now losing his shit in response to Bryan’s drop, and Adam is explaining the context to Alison and listeners who didn’t hear the 2006 morning show.


Dave has a great “Donovan” Dave’s of Thunder reference towards Chris and now Dave is having him queue up a clip of Barbara Walters announcing her retirement.

Adam is now riffing on Barbara’s now former co-hosts off air and on air reactions, Dave saw the whole thing too, Adam and Dave riffing about the “no-talents” who host the view, good times!

Adam is now leveling each host one by one and Alison has a hilarious interjection about Joy Behar and her book, Adam is now calling for a quote used in his “In 5o Years We’ll All Be Chicks” and Producer Gary reads it to hilarious effect.

Dave is riffing on the idea of Chris Berman producing his own retirement electronic press kit television special.


Dave is sharing some comments from Charles Woodson that Mo Dameshek didn’t appreciate and instead of a FF to Creep of the Week we got a full Number #1 sports, totally works.

Dave has some hilarious initial contributions to Adam’s solid “Hulu Plus” live read.


Mark is now joining the show for his first appearance, he’s got some praise for the studio and Adam’s wide range in automotive taste.

Adam is riffing about meeting other car guys and how they can be oddly specific, he’s tying it in to the guys who are only interested in Asian women, hilarious!

Mark also rocks a wide range of vehicles, he’s got an Aston Martin Vanquish and a classic pickup truck he loves too.


Adam wants to know if Mark’s name gets on a list like “good guys who helps bad people” and Mark actually prefers it to “celebrity attorney”.

Adam is now asking Mark what he does with a client such as Winona Ryder and his role in the legal proceedings, Alison has some fine questions and this appearance is already turning out to be a new classic.

Adam is asking Mark about working with Michael Jackson, he’s explaining his fandom and initial work with the man before his 1993 legal proceedings.


Mark is explaining what a genius businessman Michael Jackson was and Adam is asking about the famous story about Paul McCartney.

Adam has a killer one liner and is sharing a thought about Paul from when he was falling asleep the other night, Mark has a great observation on Paul’s haircut and Adam is on a great tangential riff.

Alison has a great point about plastic surgery and its role in the appearance of elderly celebrities. Mark is enjoying the Mangria and is employing his son as a designated driver, quite the compliment for Ace and his signature booze!


Adam is now asking Mark to get heavy and discuss the death penalty and Adam has a funny point about grandfathering in other cases, Adam is using his classic analogy about the pre 1979 NHL helmet clause, hilarious union chant from Ace, only Alison seems to appreciate it.

They’re having some fun Mangria back and forth in reply to Mark’s Pruno joke and Alison is telling Mark about her sister the public defender and has a solid question. Mark seems to be reverent for her career choice and Adam is jumping in with some solid points.


Adam is now sharing his theory on the Robert Blake murder case and asking Mark his opinion, Mark is telling Adam about a case he had with Glendale P.D. and how it was classified “special circumstances” and Adam has a clever “things that sounds good but aren’t” in reply.

Adam is asking Mark about the Amanda Knox murder case and they’re now riffing about their hypothetical reactions if someone close to them were to be found dead, Alison has some nice follow up questions.

Adam is now telling Mark and the gang about his late buddies “Robert and Leonard” who died in a pinto, Adam is noting the different atmosphere at Leonard’s funeral and joking about his own parents reaction had it been his funeral.


Adam is taking it back to Amanda and he’s connecting it to the Chandra Levy murder case, Mark is explaining how he worked on the case and Adam is commending him for it.

Adam is now showing the gang a picture of Robert and Lenny that was featured in “Not Taco Bell Material” thanks to Chris and Gary I presume, Mark seems to appreciate the weight of the photo and Adam is paying them a beautiful tribute.

Adam is going super in depth on the details of the actual killer of Chandra and Mark seems to truly appreciate someone so well versed who can paint it so cut and dry with perfect logic, very compelling audio!


Mark is making a point about Chandra’s Walkman and how she was targeted in part because of it, much like the infamous Mia Zapata of the “Gits” murder case as referenced on my 2nd ACP visit from 2010 when Adam praised the documentary “The Gits Movie”.

Adam is on a great “you asswipes work for me” rant, describing himself as “J-Lo” and saying the LAPD needs to starting acting like his personal security force as he pays them as much, Mark seems to agree!?

Adam and Mark are bonding over the classic Mike Tyson bouts.

Adam is asking Mark a hilarious hypothetical question about what he’d rather own Dawson’s company or The Beatles entire catalog, Dawson is on mic and getting Marc to give an answer, awesome!


Alison’s News

Her top story is interrupted by a very kind compliment from Mark to Alison about her engagement ring, nice work Daniel! Alison’s reply is something all men want to hear or never want to hear, about jewels and anything else.

Adam and Mark are now riffing on the paprika like nature of Armenians.


Her top story is on the verdict in the case of the Philadelphia abortion doctor who was performing extremely late term abortions and even murdering babies born alive, Alison is reading the details and Adam is filling in some he saw via a TV special.

Adam’s got some hilarious descriptions of the horrific acts and Mark has some great insight along with more polite flirting with Alison.

Alison is now giving her take on why she thinks this case hasn’t been covered the way many people would prefer and Adam agrees with 2/3rd’s of her theory.


Adam is bringing up media bias and the team aspect of news reporting and society, they’re now on the Travon Martin case and why it was abandoned by the media.

They’re making larger points about things “not fitting the narrative” and it’s once again very compelling audio!

Adam is describing himself as something akin to “The Artful Dodger of Live Reads” in response to Mark’s compliments on his smooth transition.


2nd story is on the Chris Brown news, Mark wants Adam’s take and he’s now telling the gang about some news story from last week and Alison is now explaining the story and how his murals are ruining the aesthetic of his neighborhood.

Adam likes his Lamborghini but wants to take Chris aside to fuck with him by explaining his multicolor paintjob is just the gay flag and he’s observing that he seems to be living in Kathy Griffin’s old house, wow!

Mark is making a great point about Chris and his murals compared to the unlawful tagging on his property and Adam is now making a point about being a property owner and the motivation behind it.


Adam is mindful of property values and public safety along with hateful messages while explaining he actually sides with Chris on this one as he’s not hurting anyone or decreasing values.

Mark is explaining this all roots back to busy body neighbors and Adam is trying to explain he’s dealt with this very same thing.

Mark makes the mistake of asking Adam about noise complaints, you can hear the air suck out of the room as Adam prepares to quickly reiterate the story he recently retold on the show about his NYE party.


Adam is sharing his theory on frivolous calls to the police and what should happen to people that waste the time of the police and how they should be fined.

Adam is “ranting away” the possible slippery slope arguments against his idea of fining people who waste public resources.

Mark is telling Adam he calls that “The Parade of Horrible” argument and getting Alison to read the quotes from the crappy neighbors.

Adam is explaining how “Home” and “Child/Children” replacing “House” and “Kids” is the sign of a specific type of person, hilarious impression and vocalizations.


Adam is telling Mark about his other shitty neighbor, not the Israeli woman and her zaftig puss son but the old crazy man who filed complaints about Adam’s hedges being too tall and the city’s “cash register” response.

Adam is sharing the anecdote of the time his buddy’s car was towed and BB is firing on all cylinders with the drops then drops the ball.

Alison is wrapping the news and Mark is quizzing Adam about how he was able to never take the SAT’s nor the ACT’s and Mark is being humble while not rubbing Adam’s nose in his lack of formal education.


Adam is sharing his excellent “like someone buying you an AbFlex a week before you go into prison” to explain what the SAT’s would have meant to a person in his position with his possible career paths.

Mark is complimenting Adam’s carpentry skills and insisting he must know complex math, Adam is explaining how he was forced to learn it on the job.


Adam is asking who “the animals” are that do 15% calculation on a check under 5 dollars when dining out.

Mark is joining Adam for his “Go to Meeting” live read, Mark is explain he could actually use the service and is really making it fun, love this guy! Mark is now insisting he be invited to guest on “The Adam and Drew Show” as well, he’s got my vote!

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.