Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 340

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 340

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Brad Williams

Recorded 05-10-2016 – Release Date 05-13-2016

Production Number #340 – Brad Williams

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Adam has a standard intro with a “it’s fun to watch us climb the iTunes charts” comment and Brad Williams is in studio and jokes about climbing up the stool, Adam is now killing it with a ‘Batman’ 1966 reference, describing Brad trying to get seated as akin to Batman climbing the side of a building with celebrity cameos.

Brad talks about his new special and the billboard on Sunset, they look at the photo and Adam jokes about Dr. Drew’s racial tirade on stage, Brad rolls with it and they move on.

Brad Williams plugs his podcast with Adam Ray ‘About Last Night’ and he tells them about their recent guest Susan Sarandon and how despite her intelligence and impressive list of other attributes he couldn’t stop marveling at the fact he would still bang her.


Drew says good for her, nice, he thinks that’s a good thing.

Drew gets into the MILF phenomenon in society and Adam takes it to the ultimate feminist/equality based argument of us living in a society where the greatest compliment you can give a woman over 50 is that you would still fuck her.

Adam is now riffing about letting a 50+ yr. old woman “suck him off for a while” and further riffs in character about possibly jizzing in her hair, he comments on her master’s degree from Yale.

Brad is reacting along with Drew, hilarious tangent!


Adam is now making a point about Father’s Day and how women don’t burn a lot of calories making sure the day is perfect, which fits in perfectly for what men prefer, he jokes about being upset that his wife didn’t get him decorative soap.

Adam is now sharing how women have the ultimate trump card via their mouths, a blow job.

Adam has a BJ could solve everything, he’s got a great counter point about how him forgetting to get her a card could be made up for by eating his wife’s pussy, holy shit.


Adam is now suggesting the notion of a gay couple not being aware who has the mother or father role in a relationship, funny Father’s Day blow job riff that turns into an R rated sitcom premise, Brad riffs along with him.

Adam, is now riffing about missing birthdays and anniversaries and Brad jokes about trying to buy flowers off the side of freeway off-ramps, Adam has a killer sack of oranges mythology explanation for his poorly chosen road side gift, he then adds in mayo covered corn and they move on.


1st Caller Lynette, she wants to know about her antidepressant meds and her pregnancy, she’s afraid her doctor will want her to go off the Topamax and Lexapro and Drew gives his expertise and Adam asks why she’s on both medications.

She tells Drew about speaking to him in the past and Adam is now trying to pitch this to her as an opportunity to get off the meds and use this as a crossroads for her to change her life for good, he even suggests sensory deprivation tanks and has a great “pay someone else to work out for me” analogy.

Drew puts some doubt in Lynette’s mind and then she immediately echoes his sentiment and Adam observes and makes note of it, they wrap up their advice and move on.


2nd Caller Matt, he’s calling about a sinus infection that turned into an ear infection and he comments on the tinnitus he’s experiencing and tells Drew it’s 3 weeks to a month out for him to get an appointment with an ENT in Chicago.

Drew tells him this is all pretty routine and Brad says that Matt has AIDS and jokes about him not being able to rinse out the AIDS and jokes further to varying success.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

Brad’s upgraded from the Mini Cooper to a new Lexus and they all talk about the incredible range of the Mini.


3rd Caller Andrew is calling about Wegener’s Granulomatosis and they talk about its’ connection to cocaine addiction and Adam jokes about always smoking his coke instead of snorting it, because he’s smart.

Brad jokes about vaccinations and Drew tells him good luck, Adam jumps on the vaccination riff and makes it funny.

Brad has a laborious but funny “finding the real killers” joke and Adam is now riffing as OJ searching for them on the golf course.


4th Caller Misty, she tells Adam he has a “great character” and compliments him before telling him about a missed opportunity to meet him.

Misty is commenting on her engagement and explains she’s been with the same guy since she was 13, she’s 22 and Drew is commenting on these feelings she’s having of needing to experience more of life, Adam jokes about her coming looking for him during her birthday party, she left to find him, hilarious implication she was trying to fuck him.

Adam is now saying that everything feels like it should, a boob is a boob and skydiving is what you imagine it is, standing on a surfboard etc.


Adam says when people do that “I got to go out and explore” and you can tell them all you want but he’s not sure they can know that if they don’t go out and learn it for themselves.

Adam says the grass isn’t greener or worse, it’s the same.

She says she’s Hmong to help shape Adam’s racial profiling, Adam talks about what would happen if her dude was to leave to and go out and experience things.

Adam is now asking if she should suggest a break or talk about these feelings, he might be having them too.


Misty tells them about working in domestic violence counseling and they talk about her dad and background.


5th Caller Mike, he tells them about going through rehab and being clean for 7 months, he is desperate to get back in tough with his family.

Drew says something is wrong with Mike’s sobriety and is trying to sniff it out, Drew says that Mike should only be thinking about his recovery at this point, he asks why this isn’t in him, he asks if he’s on suboxone.

Adam asks if his ex-wife is seeing someone else, Adam says this feels like “another entity” and that explains his affect and tone.


Adam likes the cut of this guy’s jib when the tells them about his ex, Adam explains how women start “winding down” in a relationship and they plan for a next partner, Drew promises Mike that he will feel sorry for his ex in a year, as her life devolves and Mike describes his obsessive thoughts about his ex-wife and her new dude.

Adam is now making some real sense talking about change and getting past a breakup.


6th Caller Eric, he tells them about being an avid listener and how he’s had personal and career success since listening to Adam.

Adam talks about how combative most people are and how they immediately default to negativity and attacking.

Brad has a point about assholes.

Adam wants a tithing from Eric’s wages since he inspired him, Drew and Brad pitch Adam on a religion and he describes a future where the clergy examine your phone and send you to damnation for having WTF with Marc Maron on their phone.


Eric shares something his CEO said to him about his recent weight-loss, he explained that people respect the fit way more than average or obese people.

Adam talks about self-mastery and what being fit says about you, Adam shares what he pictures when someone tells him they wrestled in their past, he echoes the sentiment of the CEO.

Adam plugs Brad’s new special and his own live dates, Drew plugs his shows and Adam clears up his live dates with Gary and Chris as they wrap it up.