Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2014 – Larry Miller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2014 – Larry Miller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Larry Miller

Recorded 05-05-2014 – Release Date 05-13-2014

Production Number #1321

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Adam is opening the show, recording number #2 from last Monday the 5th, BB has a Larry Miller #TopDrop by coincidence, very Great Magnet.

Larry is in studio and he sounds great, he’s complimenting BB for his ability to speak.

They’re now discussing Larry’s performance as “Babydoll” playing Adam/Bruce’s agent in the film “Road Hard” and Adam is giving a wise piece of advice about not hassling people, he’s bragging about his own willingness to call into any podcast or show, very ironic timing.


Adam is complimenting the guys in his movie for not bringing publicists and hassles into the schedule, he’s calling DAG a bit of a pain of an ass.

Alison has Adam clarify, he says DAG isn’t a pain in the ass, just “the one thing” and now Larry is bringing up how was called last minute to pick up some scenes.

Adam is bringing up the scene Larry Shot with topless women, Larry is now sharing his feelings about “on-set crushes” and has a funny “she’s pulling the rope” line.


Adam says he wants to fuck the DP all the time, he’s saying that skill is sexy and he’s now describing the two camera guys on set, Adam is waxing poetic on what a technician the man is.

Adam is now contrasting the bullshit producers of Hollywood against the technician/artisans who do the actual work.

Larry is sharing an anecdote from the set of “The Princess Diaries” one of them, he’s telling them about trying to get the DP Werner to share some German swear words.


Adam is now complimenting Larry’s acting chops and he’s citing a very specific take where he did a “Startled” series of breaths mid delivery, now Larry is doing it live for them all.

Adam is explaining the wig situation with Larry in the movie, how they need to make sure the audience knows that the production team is on the hairpiece joke.

Adam is citing the “3 options” request he made and the series of moronic replies he received from the exact kind of people he hates talking to, Adam is now citing this as why people get upset and go insane, asking if they were sent to punish him.


Alison asks about Larry playing “Babydoll” and how much of his persona is based on the real James Babydoll Dixon, Adam is explaining that he just thought was a funny name for an agent, it wasn’t meant to be a Tom Lennon style impersonation.

Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.


Hypothetical Road Trip

A totally judgment free environment in here – Adam, I think you can hear Gary laughing through the soundproof glass.

1st Road Trip Bono or Sonny Bono?

Larry chose Sonny Bono, he’s got a great series of explanations as to why.

Adam is killing it with comb over comedy and joking about the nonstop verbal barrage of local Palm Springs politics, comedy gold!


2nd Road Trip a teacher who insists upon being called an educator or 40 year old female clown? –Wow that’s specific, Lynch? How did he come up with that?

Larry is sharing his take on people changing the name of their profession, Adam agrees with him and mentions server/waiter and the step down that actually is.

Larry is now picking the clown and Adam interrupts him with a greasepaint on the headliner problem and then the molestation story of horror about halfway into the trip.


3rd Road Trip Gal who is rip-shit angry about the raise in the cost of a stamp or the guy who dresses as the statue of liberty and stands outside of the tax prep center each year.

Larry is sharing an anecdote of a man dressed as Lincoln and two bums.

Adam is telling Larry why he’s wrong and why he prefer to driver around with people dressed as the statue of liberty to get out of tickets, solid reasoning.

Adam says cops will be hit by a drunk driver due to “bad Juju” from giving a ticket to the statue of liberty.

They’re now wrapping up the bit and Larry gets them to reveal what the “Victory” sound is, BB plays the same buzzer, they have actually let him win before.


Adam is now doing a live read for Nature Box.

They’re going to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is now playing a sampling of the Audiobook, Adam is sharing the “NASA” chapter.

This is great “Drop the machete and pick up the mechanical pencil” Larry is now sharing his willingness to vote for Adam and his distaste for the current political system.

Adam is sharing how he views the role of the president has changed overtime, from stern leader to a kowtowing publicity seeker.


Adam is on an epic rant mocking the platitudes and clichés of present day speeches and proclamation from politicians, Adam is now taking this to the board room and asking how this kind of rhetoric actually can be pulled off.

Adam is being realistic on the negative sides of trying to please all people at all times.

Larry is now sharing his reaction to some of Bill Clinton’s rhetoric from one of his campaigns about a million assistants for teachers.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on Boston Pizza, a Canadian chain and she’s sharing their new pizza innovations.

She’s reading their top 8

#8 Pizza pocket, Adam is mocking the image of the pizza shirt and has a killer riff about someone’s father attacked by birds while wearing it, Adam jokes that wearing that shirt minus the pizza pocket makes it the vagina shirt.

#7 The Pizza Beardkin, it allows you to protect your beard from pizza, Adam likes that one and Alison is sharing her problem with it.


Adam has them pull up a picture of “Inspector Detector” and saying that’s a real beard, he’s now realizing it might be a bad Japanese translation like the famous “Violence Fight” video game story.

Adam and Alison has a great back and forth.

#6 Pizza Car Freshener, makes your car smell like pizza and Adam says there is nothing good about pizza smell in the absence of future Za.


Larry is now sharing his take, but he’s jumping ahead.

#5 Pizza Cheese Clippers, Adam says it’s unnecessary and would be a disaster after a few pies.

#4 Pizza protector, Alison is mocking it.

#3 Gas Powered Pizza Cutter

#2 Pizza Mints

#1Pizza Cake, Alison explains they will actually make this.

Adam is now sharing the Phil Rosenthal advice on pizza, BB reveals that he had pizza with in NYC just last week.

Adam is further sharing his love for New York pizzerias and how he likes the garlic powder, he’s mocking crushed pepper and parmesan cheese packets, saying it’s hard to find in L.A. and means he’s a genius.


2nd Story on a new study that says that stricter parents are more likely to raise obese children, she’s sharing their parenting types broken and down and a funny astrology one liner shoved in there.

Adam is now decoding these labels and Alison is assisting him, Adam says it’s the sweet spot of life not too little and not too much.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Lynette about him raising his voice at Natalia and he cited it only happening two times, Lynette agreed but then used “true, but” to revisit this thing that he doesn’t do.


Adam is being very fair and Alison has a funny comment, Adam is sharing how Natalia works the people around her in comparison to Sonny, Adam says he even he isn’t as evolved as his son.

Adam is now giving two examples, what Sonny demands from him vs. Natalia.

“Before you know it, you have entered her world, we’re all just dancing to the crazed piper” –Adam

BB calls it a very elaborate dance, the manipulation of his daughter vs. his requirement to provide and authoritarian figure, Adam says they don’t need to be best friends but they need to love and respect each other.


Alison wants to know how Sonny reacts to Natalia, Adam is joking about how Sonny can’t pronounce his sister’s name “Natall’Ya” and Larry is bringing up men’s only lodges.

Larry says he’ll “put on the buffalo hat anytime” and Adam has a killer gay slur reply.

Adam is now doing a live read for STP.


3rd Story is on a Texas vet who was arrested for keeping animals alive that he was supped to put down, she’s sharing the grim details.

Adam has a great “fucking your ear while your asleep” riff as the long lost dog left with this vet, BB is the owner reuniting with him, this is an Ace Awards 2014 candidate for sure.

Adam is killing it and BB is doing a great job too, fake pump move comedy and Adam is mocking his erectile difficulty and bedroom time with Shelley.


“Of course I keep a tally of that shit!” – Adam as the dog

Adam is joking about Dr. Mengele spelled differently and demands his favorite kibble, Adam is now starting “dog with a blog” to tattle on BB for the peanut butter move.

Alison wraps the news and Adam wants to know if they think there have ever been any super smart dogs who have faked being tricked by the “fake pump move” with the tennis ball just to appease their owner and make them feel good.


Adam is now doing a live read, giving up the plugs and wrapping up the show.