Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2013 – Stephen Pearcy and David Alan Grier

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/13/2013 – Stephen Pearcy and David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Stephen Pearcy and David Alan Grier

Recorded 05-12-2013 – Release Date 05-13-2013

Production Number #1076

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Adam is opening the show with some Mandates and BB crediting a cool Superfan from twitter for the #TopDrop suggestion.

Adam is now riffing on the recorded message that used to play during the monthly phone calls with “Prisoner David” on the Classic KLSX ACS from 2006-2009.


Adam is telling he gang about working all day long and how the heat is annoying him because he was in Covina all day shooting the pilot for Spike TV.

Adam is making it sound as unglamorous and accurate as I can imagine, Alison has some good questions about being forced to squint and Adam has more details.

Adam is describing how he’s become an even more extreme “puss for sleep”, Adam is explaining how they inflate the arrival and call times and how “they want to get eyeballs on ya!” and why it makes sense despite being a pain in the ass.


Alison just asked if this was for “To Catch a Contractor” and Adam is further elaborating on the shooting and the attempted meeting in Long Beach that was moved to a horrible time slot.

BB has a funny quip an Alison has a hilarious and sympathetic topper, Adam’s going off on his sleep debt and how early call times on the weekend haunt his evenings.

Adam is going off on the guy rocking dreadlocks that he almost hit with his car, Alison is riffing with Adam and it’s pretty great.


Adam is explaining his low expectations on “Mother’s Day” and how his mom demonstrated her true nature and BB has some nice reactions, Adam is elaborating on his family and their attempts to “combine” birthdays and avoid celebrating on holidays.

Adam is explaining how he’s now “more of a liquor store guy” and doesn’t often spend time in the supermarket, he’s telling the gang about getting items to celebrate the holiday with Lynette and the kids.

Adam is explaining his interesting new variant take on the “club” membership for grocery stores and how nonmembers are price gouged to offset the people paying the standard price, Adam is explaining he didn’t cave on the offer to enroll.


Adam is sharing his focus on making money instead of saving money mode of operating, BB has some great back up sports analogies.

Adam is sharing the reaction of the super cool guy who offered to lend Adam his “Vons card” and Adam still refused and he’s now tying in the writer’s meetings after the KLSX show and how he reacted to people trying to get his punches/stamps on their cards.

BB is bringing up his “Adam is Idiosyncratic” argument and Adam is explaining it’s not that because he doesn’t care and it’s a meaningless gesture “because he can”, so awesome!


Adam is on the third lap of this story and explaining his hilarious reaction to the woman who rung up his groceries and her even funnier reply, BB is now chiming with a way to make Matt Fondiler some money while not effecting Adam.

Adam is explaining the woman’s disposition to Alison and he’s joking with BB a bit.

Adam is asking the gang about getting into a conversation with someone who is on a phone call simultaneously, Babydoll was on the line with Jon Stewart while accompanying Adam for his pilot filming.

Adam is sharing the weird “hand over the phone” moment that comes up in these scenarios.


Hooray for Baldywood

Bryan saw “The Great Gatsby” and he’s got some great production information along with some apt insights into the execution of the film.

Alison has a great point about the source material and Adam is going off on the Rotten Tomatoes critics being unusually harsh on the recent crop of movies from 2013.

Bryan has an awesome and unique point about Leo and the time periods for most of his films, Alison is taking it back to the source material and BB has a super hilarious (semi ironic?) blow hardy response, Adam even approves, wow!


BB is sharing a recent anecdote of brunch with his wife and her parents, he ran into a fan who was his server and knew to split the bill the right way because he’s fan of BB and knew what he looked like.

Adam is making a point about check splitting and tips, and BB is wrapping his film segment.


Adam is now sharing the story of the time Daniel Kellison wanted to get dinner at one of the restaurants haunted by “TMZ” after Adam had just lost his radio job.

Alison and BB have nice reactions to Adam’s anecdote about one of his rare “save a buck” modes, Adam is connecting it to the recent “Shawn Green” incident with Dr. Drew that happened when he was in the studio taping his episode of Drew’s podcast prior to his visit for his taping of “The Adam and Drew Show”.


Adam is returning from break to a listener voicemail, Adam is now riffing about historians looking back on the 2010-2013 era, hilarious description.

DAG is now returning to the show, Adam is riffing with DAG/”Peanut” about what his life would be like if she was his mother.

Adam is sharing his grandmothers description of Adam’s physical appearance that deliberately painted in him a negative light and a super rare detail about how he got pissed at his mother for not jumping in to correct his grandma, DAG is snoring away!


DAG is now asking Adam about people thinking he has Asperger’s, he’s wrapping it with a funny bail out move instead of allowing Adam to settle it with facts from experts.

DAG is now sharing a story of a lap dance and being mistaken for a Wayans brother, still not his weirdest lap dance story.

Adam is now taking it back to how he wants “Peanut” as his mom if only just to be defended by her after committing crimes and hiding out in the house.


DAG is now riffing about the mother of the Boston Bombing “suspects” and her reaction, Adam is stepping in with some nice Alison assists.

Adam has a “promise you won’t judge me” and Alison is right in step, DAG is now sharing an anecdote from a discussion with a porn “actress” and Adam is now bringing up DAG’s most insane stripper/lap dance story.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to part of the conversation I don’t recall DAG ever sharing on air, Adam is now asking DAG if he was part of the group who saw one of the final Siegfried and Roy performances because of Adam’s omniscient insisting they go.


DAG has a complaint about Kerry Washington and Adam has a funny and creepy question. Adam and DAG are now having a love affair over “Django Unchained”.

DAG is asking BB about Gatsby and Iron Man 3, he’s now sharing his thoughts on Robert Downey Jr. being irreplaceable in the role of Tony Stark and Adam agrees.


Adam is setting up another “Teddy Pendergrass” bit and Adam is explaining why we have to have this done while DAG tries to use the criticisms from the few negative voices on twitter to avoid doing it.

Adam has some Jewel from the wonderful Chris “Maxipada’s” collection, DAG is now encouraging the gang to at least BS if he’s going to do the bit, hilarious and spontaneous cave from Dag.

Adam is now riffing with “Teddy” and telling him about his god given gifts.


Teddy is now joining a recording of Jewel singing “Who Will Save Your Soul?” and it’s totally insane and great, this is already one of the funniest Teddy bits. Adam is back in character trying to take it to the next level.

Teddy is admitting to a rare mistake and taking a 2nd crack at the song, DO NOT MISS THIS!

Adam’s engineer character is some of the most brilliant and understated acting in the history of the podcast, I wish this guy had a fake documentary about his work with Teddy on various projects.


DAG is now trying his hand at another Jewel song, Chris has a more impressive Jewel collection than my own and DAG is killing it with madness, YES, YES, YES!

DAG just cracked himself up and closes his Teddy bit, DAG wants to talk about working with Adam on his new movie “Road Hard” and Adam just revealed the kickstarter video is finished.


DAG is giving him some advice about the various promises and perks for donating, Adam still hasn’t revealed if it’s Kickstarter of IndieGoGo yet, although all mentions from other people have been “Kickstarter” and Adam has confirmed them, but he’s not one to correct people either, hmm?

Adam and Dag are riffing on the speeches from coaches during youth sports, Adam is sharing the details of the “Eskimo Slideshow” speech.

DAG is busting BB’s balls and doing the “much respect” thing, Adam picks up on it and they’re riffing even further, nice reactions from Alison and BB is finally playing DAG’s peanut intro.

Adam is now riffing with Peanut, this DAG segment is perfection! Peanut even has a “Funky Flops” callback as he runs “out of character”.


Stephen is making his ACS debut and Adam is plugging his new book charting his time in RATT, Stephen is explaining how he was talking cars with Adam before the show.

Stephen is explaining his origins with cars and racing, Adam knows the language and they’re discussing some names including celebrity funny car driver Melanie Troxel who joined Adam in his recent and possibly final Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix.

Stephen is telling the gang about riding his bike and how it influenced his early career, Adam stops him to comment on his Mangria/Twizzler combination.


Adam is now dropping the names of some of the famous funny/monster car and truck drivers he hung out with at Laguna Seca, Adam would always drop a lot of these names in his hilarious “some go, some blow” riff about the commercials for local dirt based automotive events.

Stephen is now explaining how he was run over by a car and how that lead to his music career, Adam has a hilarious “Some Go, Some Blow” callback, wow!

Stephen is explaining the details of his stay in the hospital and how he learned to play the guitar while in traction.

Adam has a funny quip about Stephen’s accident and its role in the creation of RATT, Stephen is reiterating his love of racing and Adam is now doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the free meal for mother’s promotion at “Hooters” and she’s reading the details of the offer.

She’s got a funny observation about the funny fine print and the expected amount of increased traffic, Adam and BB are explaining why people legitimately are interested in doing this and it’s similar reasoning to his “Sex and the City 2” birthday party.

Alison has further questions about the reasoning for going to “Hooters” and Adam is giving a deflated answer with a move it along tone.


2nd story is about Miley Cyrus leading the votes for the “Maxim Hot 100” and Stephen is defending Mila Kunis and her positioning on these lists.

Adam is sternly reiterating his point and using a great sports analogy to sum it up.

Alison has some other names including Rihanna, Adam is now rationalizing her “beauty chops”

Adam has a funny comment towards Stephen as Alison gives another couple names. Stephen has a funny question about who makes these lists and Adam has an insanely hilarious response.


3rd story is on an article about the teen girls who are supporting the “Free Jahar” ideology and Adam is patting himself on the back for his prediction about his newfound “Tiger Beat” status.

Alison has some quotes from a young gal running the campaign and Adam has an excellent reaction to how you can get away with anything now.

BB has a funny point about the tattoo of one of Jahar’s tweets.


4th story is on Chris Christie and his recent lap band surgery, Alison is reading his quote and reasoning for getting the operation.

Adam has a funny point about running for president and what it means for your family time, Adam is now riffing about Chris and his 1st and 2nd “gunt”.

Adam is now telling people to study overweight black guys in order to look good while heavyset.


Adam is breaking down the reasoning against voting for Chris due to his weight and he’s got some excellent points about overweight America and “the novelty vote”.

Adam is now making a very sweet point about an overweight president being an inspiration to overweight children and even has a funny oval office joke to boot.

Adam is now calling for Chris to “steer into the fat” and has a funny prediction about a probable slight that would turn the election in his favor.


Alison is wrapping the news to a choice drop from DAG thanks to BB and Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.