Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/12/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 339

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/12/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 339

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-10-2016 – Release Date 05-12-2016

Production Number #339 – He’s That Guy

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Adam welcomes the show and thanks the fans for helping them climb the iTunes charts and Adam reiterates their new focus on problems of any kind, not just drugs and sex.

Adam is now sharing how people respond to him bringing up a door left open by “drunk Stu” and he says shut the fuck up to all of them, how many conversations must we have about the failings of Drunken Stu, know thyself and know those around you and their limitations.

Adam says if you want to be successful and in charge you must be able to do this and Adam talks about hating critters living under his house, he comments on the access panel he has on the side of his home that never gets put back in place.


Adam says that if maintenance workers need to put the cover back on the side of the house in order for their truck to start they would do it every time.

Adam riffs about a raccoon and a rat breeding under his house.

Drew has an “off my plate” explanation for people shirking responsibilities.

Drew is trying to conjure a book title by authors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, Gary jumps in with the assist but they move onto the calls first to let Drew get his thoughts sorted out along with the information he wanted to present.


1st Caller Frank, he’s calling about his current relationship and feels like he’s too agreeable and too attached, he talks about his gal pushing him in an effort to try and get a rise out of him.

Drew talks about “nice guys” and the dual nature to that, Adam is talking about people tamping down emotions and feelings and letting them wear out, Adam says he’s an emotional leach field now and is able to dissipate anger through osmosis like mechanism to prevent himself from getting an ulcer.

Adam is asking if his girlfriend comes from chaos and he asks about her parents, Drew has some follow up questions and Adam misunderstands the “late high school” comment.


Drew says that the actual analogy would be a marriage involving a teen pregnancy, Drew shares how women need men to be present and she might just be trying to get an emotion from him, this could be a healthy move.


Frank wants to know if he should keep working at this and Adam says there comes a point when you stop getting up in your head about relationships, instead you just have them and let things be.


Drew now has Adam check out the book he was referencing ‘The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America’ and Gary reads the slug line from Amazon about this book actually debunking racial stereotypes.

Drew has some examples from the books of Nigerians and Mormon students and how immigration is a major characteristic along with a superiority complex, Drew cites the Jewish people and their “chosen” designation.

Adam is now making a point about Jewish families and the insane narcissism of “this is us and that’s them” the ultimate racism of viewing another culture as less than your own, explaining their negative behavior and bad situations.


Adam is now responding to the “impulse control” element and how losers go to the reservoir and skip summer school and blow off college football scholarships.

Adam says no self-esteem is good for him because he’s never going to be sitting around waiting for his big break, he doesn’t exist therefore must make himself exist and be known through work and achievement.

Drew says the data shows the success dissipates within families over 3 generations and needs to rekindled or else it will fade away.


Adam is mocking systemic racism as a concept and Adam is now talking about people with stomach and back related issues, Drew talks about the gut and Adam says he’s never taken a heartburn medicine.

Drew says he takes antacids every day, as he’s got older his GI stuff has gotten weird and worse, Adam says he’s not that put together and he’s never taken a stomach remedy and has a little diarrhea once every 3 years.

When Adam hears people talking about acid reflux and antacids, Adam wants to know if it’s because of his weird wiring and Drew says it’s more about his sewer rat genes.


Drew says he would not say the GI stuff is caused by mental issues, Adam asks if you’ve seen the Dalai Lama pop a tums or Mylanta.


Drew explains he’s not shitting on Adam’s angle, Drew compliments Brian Koppelman’s recent ‘Take a Knee’ episode and Adam says he is great but would probably not care for this data they were going over re: race.

Adam mocks Huffpo and all of the idiots who can’t understand the simple logic involved in all of this.


2nd Caller Satchel, he’s on 54mg of Concerta and wants to be a pilot, he wants to know if he should wean himself off the medication to pursue his career.

Drew talks about the Air Force using amphetamines for pilots and Adam makes a point about using one of those pills to keep the multimillion-dollar aircraft in the sky for 20+hrs.

Gary says that one can get a pilot’s license while taking Concerta.


3rd Caller Charles, he’s calling about his kid who was exposed to drugs in utero. Drew explains how pregnant moms slamming drugs doesn’t necessarily determine if the kids will have addiction, it’s still genetic.

Drew asks about the ethnicity of the child, Adam jokes about that rub of the white kid you adopt, he’s shooting up in the bathroom.

Drew responds to the idea of having the child’s mother in its life and Adam says he wouldn’t even think of telling the kid they were adopted and Adam talks about the bloodline/ancestry angle that most people focus on and says it’s unfair and nonsensical.


Adam is now saying how unfair it is to the child and to Charles to have the parent in the kid’s life confusing the kid for their entire life, Adam talks about the sheer numbers of unwanted children shat out of crappy moms while he’s been talking.

“I’ll direct you to the trailer park” – Adam on an adoptive parent’s offer for their kid to meet their real parents, Adam now connects this back to stuff he doesn’t want to do ala the ultrasound and umbilical cord parts of Lynette’s pregnancy.

Adam is ranting about how unclear the umbilical cord cutting was presented to him and how he didn’t want to see his kids as jelly globs, he quotes the nurse with the “how’s it going to hurt” and his superior “how’s it going to help” counterpoint/reply.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is now doing a quick weight experiment using the free digital scale that comes with a subscription.

Gary is on mic and he sounds strange, a bit too loud maybe.

Adam is now joking about the indestructible milk crate used by the post office and how it’s the only good thing to come out of the place.

Adam is now sharing how he was made a fool with his presumptions about the T-Shirt weight as heard on the ACS.


Gary has a giant comically oversized wrench and asks for them to now make their 3rd guesses, first the shirt, the mug and now the wrench, getting some Carolla Digital merchandise cross promotion in there.

Adam is now sharing his fustigations regarding adjustable wrench vs. crescent wrench terminology and Drew is misunderstanding, Gary steps in to help him.

They’re good on calls, Drew is feisty and Adam is now giving out the plugs and they mention their next guest Brad Williams and Drew plugs the Caveman Nitro cold brew coffee.


Adam mentions having the Endless Rant beer tap at the warehouse, he says it was a delicious but nonproductive idea and Nick is now on mic having forgotten to get Adam a memory stick with the UFC fights loaded, he then admits to not being aware of how to “do it” c’mon fellas, on air torrent talk? Oh no.

They wrap the show and Adam plugs the live dates.