Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/12/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/12/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 05-05-2014 – Release Date 05-12-2014

Production Number #1320

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Adam is opening the show to a hilarious intro from Lynch and Dawson, he’s plugging the upcoming NYC live show with Greg Gutfeld, as this was recorded last week, Greg hadn’t dropped out and been replaced with Dave Attell yet.

Adam is now giving out some plugs, BB has a classic “Fiancé Daniel” #TopDrop, Adam is pretending to be a week removed from filming the movie.

Adam is now going on his classic “I don’t want to be in your shitty union” jag, about how he doesn’t want to be forced into a group, he’s using the Tea Party as an example, and he says you shouldn’t be forced to be in any group that you don’t want to be in.


Adam says that he doesn’t want to be in SAG or AFTRA, he’s now explaining meal penalties to the gang with an anecdote about a late sound crew, he’s explaining how he’s not against fairness or feeding the crew, he just wants fairness.

Adam is now ranting about a national tutorial on what it means to follow someone in traffic, he wants a national dialogue on that in lieu of another one about race.

Adam is getting to the rules that effect production, he’s now explaining how the tutor was brought in for the actress that plays his daughter.


Adam is now explaining the difficulties to get split credit for the directing and writing, he’s saying how about this, he paid for the fucking film, and he can put whatever the fuck he wants on it.

Adam is saying that the biggest hypocrites are these entertainment types, they want the government out of their business but then want to dictate who can be credited for directing the movie they just financed and directed.

Alison is now sharing an anecdote about a terrible bureaucracy experience, Adam is saying that you never hear anyone speak out against these asshole Nazis.


Adam is sharing that he understands the intent of these laws, but it has nothing to do with the credit on your movies and he’s mentioning the mob like tactics they pull.

Adam is now addressing the medical insurance retort he always gets from know it all pricks.

Adam explains how shooting on the street requires you to hire a cop, he’s now joking about them forcing us to crawl out the window like a strict step-dad and a shitty step-daughter.


He’s explaining the “run and gun” approach to stealing shots across Los Angeles, BB is confirming that he’s been in a car with Adam running red turn arrows in 2006.

Adam is sharing how they had a permit to shoot at lake Hollywood, they wanted to use the dam and but the permit that didn’t cover that.

Adam has a great point about the people who think they own public property don’t have as much say as they would like to pretend they do.


Adam is now bringing up how the cops showed up within 6 minutes to shut down the production with multiple trucks, he’s now contrasting that to his home in eyesight that the cops never made it to when a drunk driver crashed into Adam’s house and ran away.

Telling his wife to risk her and her children’s life to approach the driver, who ran off leaving his liquor bottles behind, nice work?

Adam is now joking about the slippery slope of cops deciding what parts of their job they want to pick and choose to perform.


Adam is bringing up the super comical reality of movies about Los Angeles shot outside of L.A. and he’s now asking are you not allowed to take a day off from school? He’s ranting about a kid needing a tutor on set and the concept of them not being able to call in for a day.

Adam is now doing a live read and claims to still be listening to Greg Fitzsimmons book 3 years running, he either loves that book or listened like 1min at a time.


1st Caller Nathan, he wants to know about Adam’s driving behaviors, Adam is now bringing up the “Take back” honk idea found in his new book.

Adam is giving an example of why he would need that type of a honk.

Adam is giving his take on shaming other motorists, Adam is sharing how sometimes he gets to an intersection with a green arrow and misses his beat to turn, and he doesn’t mind the honk.

Adam doesn’t like the honk with the hand in the air, he doesn’t need the “whoa!” part.


Adam is bringing up the closed freeway onramps near the warehouse, he’s explaining how they put no “U-Turns” at the signal to prevent motorists from being able to get on the freeway.

Adam is now mocking the idea of them trying to prevent tax payers from using a workaround to their shitty lack of options due to the closed onramps, L.A. is fucking awful.

Adam is now joking about trading in one driving infraction for another, he’s going into how no left turns then get him to pull off a slightly more illegal move to go around the dumb rule.


BB is bringing up driving through gas stations to cut corners and get past lights, Adam is joking about how he fakes out a “window shopping” move to make it seem like he was going to stop but then saw prices on some product and is leaving in disgust.

Adam is explaining it in great detail, Adam is explaining the spirit of the law regarding gas stations and how it shouldn’t be a rule, and it should be an option for motorists.

Adam is bringing up the HOV lanes and what people should be able to do when there is nobody behind you on the road, the spirit of the law instead of the letter of the law.


Adam wants to claim our streets back from the Nazi cops of L.A. and wants an end to the hero bullshit.


2nd Caller John, he’s bringing up the “Star Wars” set discussion from last week, he’s bringing up his fandom of Adam and wondering what that means.

He says he’s on the same scale of a Star Wars fan, what does Adam think about someone being into the work of another person so much.

Adam has a great Transformers, Star Wars vs. Thomas Jefferson and Jesus Christ, he says that John is receiving wisdom at the hem of Adam’s garment as he returns from the mountain.


Adam is sharing his days as an AM radio junkie and trying to gleam life advice and wisdom vs. fake sword fights pretending they’re light sabers.

“There you go John, don’t follow me!” – Adam

They’re all giving their take and John is offering up a nice closing argument and Adam is mocking the advice of normal people and how they offer nothing.


Adam is explaining what “satisfying” means compared to happy, BB mocks Adam’s book writing process and solely credits Mike Lynch, funny when Adam says it, less funny when BB says it.

BB is now discussing the calories burned to write the book and if he’ll remember it 10yrs down the road.


3rd Caller doesn’t get on air but wants to know if Adam looks at skateboarding as a real sport, Adam explains his theory on things he can’t do being impressive to him.

Adam says he doesn’t get why skateboarders don’t wear elbow pads and knee pads, Adam is now telling story of “Ordinary Extraordinary” with John Ritter and Leanza Cornett.

Alison is asking Adam if he auditioned for it and he’s sharing some tales of the plane flight with John, leaving out their key discussion about a book that just been released and revealed his affair.


Adam is explaining this era of John Ritter, pre “Sling Blade” and he’s got a hilarious joke about the working title for “10 rules for dating my teenage daughter.”

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.

They’re taking a break.


Adam is now back from break and finishing the story of filming the pilot for “Ordinary Extraordinary” and getting Gary to get the info on Leanza Cornett a former Ms. America.

Adam is now getting to the “tell all book” story, he’s explaining the premise of the book and how the woman would influence men into sleeping with her for book material.

He’s citing their conversation about “Tex Ritter” his grandfather and the stunt that Dave Mirra was set to pull off with buddy pegs on the front and rear tire.


Adam wanted to know why he wouldn’t take them off for a jump, he wasn’t using the bike for freestyle riding and Dave ate shit during his double back flip and was impaled by one of his pegs that nobody would remove.

Adam is commenting on a clip of Dave successfully pulling off the tricks on an outdoor attempt where he pulled it off.

Adam wants to know why pegs are on a bike that is not being used for freestyle maneuvers, he’s saying that when people say “Adam you’re smart” the reality is everyone else is dumb.


Adam explains that the show went to series with John Schneider in place of John Ritter, he was told they want to keep him on for the SAG minimum and only wanted to pay him 311$ an episode.

Adam says the producers were total assholes and he’s always surprised when people offer you a show with no money, he’s saying that Disney pulls the same shit.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Time Today – President Edition

1st Description “Insecurities haunt the 37th president…”

2nd Description “Demanding the release of a political prisoner”

3rd Description “During his final months in office president Abraham Lincoln”

4th Description “an assassin toys with the a white a house”

BB pulls it off, Adam gives a “Whoa!”

5th Description “A fighter pilot…”

Adam and BB both kill it

6th Description “George W. Bush…”

7th Description “Former presidential candidate Al Gore…”

8th Description “President John F. Kennedy and members of his staff”

9th Description “A page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth…”

Everyone is losing their shit because Adam can’t name “National Treasure” you can hear them from the booth, gold!

They try to give Alison a point, nice work Dawson, but she then names the movie wrong as she wasn’t listening that it was number #2.

10th Description “To divert attention”

Bryan kills it, Alison shouts “Jesus!” and BB wants to know who has seen the movie, BB is trying to blow past the praise for getting this one so quick.

11th Description “The Death of his mother at the hands of a Vampire”

Adam wants to know how this movie was green lit.

Alison says the movie “Dave” never came up and that was the one she had chambered.


Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is about a New Jersey family who found their lost dog, it was lost during Hurricane Sandy and now a couple years later they found the dog while going to a shelter to find a new one.

Adam is commenting on the woman in the story and how if he has a wife with an upper titty tattoo he would ask her to cover it up in public.

Adam is commenting on the idea of likeminded gents being attracted to each other, Alison is sharing her desire to tweet about her farting frequency.

Adam is now riffing an ideal situation where Alison finds her true love a guy who farts a lot, he’s joking about a word where farting is ok.


They’re all commenting on this woman flaunting her titty tat in public being flanked by her children, Adam is sharing how he likes the president to act like the president, an uptight guy constantly up in his head about foreign affairs.

Adam is now getting to the idea of mommy being mommy, not wanting mommy to be mounted from behind or have a tattoo.

Adam is wondering if that effects the kids who just need and want mommy, Alison agrees with Adam that children only want their parents to be a parent, to fill that role and that alone.


Alison is explaining how the family was forced to prove that was their dog, Alison wants to know why they were required to present photo.

BB jokes about a Pitbull terrier, calling that a “rape baby” and Alison wraps up the news to a new drop about her farting.

Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom.

Adam is giving out the thank you’s to the fans and wrapping up the show plugging his 3rd book “President Me.”