Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 338

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 338

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-08-2016 – Release Date 05-011-2016

Production Number #338 – For The Birds

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Drew brings up the Foo Fighters and upcoming ACS guest for the live show in Irvine, Chris Shiflett the guitarist for the band.

Adam is now telling Drew about seeing The Foo Fighters live with Stevie Knicks performing ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and Adam wants to ask him about her handing him stuff during the performance.

Drew switches gears and tells Adam about his battle with a hawk, Drew says he heard a disturbance in the air above him, he describes the hawk dive bombing him, Drew took his bright red shirt off to escape and makes a point about the dangers of a talon to the throat.


Adam says it is kinda weird but it’s also strange that more people don’t have bird attack stories, echoing his famous quote “Birds are Just flying Dinosaurs that hate you” and he brings up Crows and their thirst for revenge.

Adam has a point about bird pet owners and Adam says “they’re weird little dinosaurs that hate us” and says that if birds were big they would be eating humans.

Adam says they’re all mean and got a lot of bravado, he’s bringing up birds not jumping out of the way of cars, pigeons with their chests puffed out.


Adam says he doesn’t see that much bird shit on the ground and is convinced they shit on cars intentionally.

Adam is now asking Gary to get some footage of Lenny Kravitz picking up Naomi Campbell from her 500$ book launch event, Adam says it’s one of those spectacle books with a crazy high price tag.

Adam says they left the event and the car was comically covered in bird shit, like someone dumped a gallon of bird shit on it while they were in the book store.


1st Caller David, he wants to know about vasectomies and tubal ligations, they’re done having kids and they want the most effective and safest option.

Drew informs him that neither are 100% effective and explains how vasectomies can backfire, he says at least with the vasectomy you can test it.

Adam asks what costs more and takes longer, Adam has a point about vasectomies occurring more often than tubal ligations the price has dropped ala a replacement bumper for a VW bug, they made so many it’s cheap.


Adam is now asking Gary for the stats about tubal ligations vs. vasectomies, which is more common.


2nd Caller Spencer, he misses Loveline and Drew reiterates this is new venture is blossoming in Loveline’s departure.

He has a dilemma about a possible promotion at Apple, he drops his attempt to hide the companies name and tells them about working in student housing.

Spencer is going to school to become an air traffic controller and Drew gets in depth with him about the two gigs and how they could help prepare him for a future career.


Adam talks about his iPhone replacement purchase in Minneapolis, Adam has a waiting cab and left the box behind with the charger and the earbuds.

Adam has a killer shoebox with a secret shoe and really cool tennis socks analogy.


Drew is doing a Sideline Live Read


Gary has the stats and it seems that 6% of men have vasectomies and 16% of women have tubal ligations, Adam is now trying to wrap him mind around these numbers.


3rd Caller Sam, he’s telling them about having sex with hot MILF’s and how he has to think of his aunt when having sex with older women.

Adam is mocking Sam’s reply about his aunt being provocative around him, Adam has Drew ask him if his aunt Pat was ever provocative to him, hilarious reenactment from Adam.

Drew asks about Sam’s happiness with these encounters, Sam says that his aunt’s bush was the first bush he ever saw, he was 9.


Sam describes seeing it while she was picking apples, he says it’s the bush he wants to have.

Sam’s accent wanes in and out, 25% bogus call odds.

Sam references Adam’s Pegasus “Raffles” and he riffs about getting him to shit on his neighbor’s car, Drew says Pegasus is the name of the horse, Adam thinks it’s the name of the species like a Centaur.

Adam brings up a Centaur and Gary explains that’s different, Adam makes it clear he knows that but was asking if Centaur is a name or species designation.


Adam is now reacting to the costs of the vasectomy vs. a tubal ligation and how the higher percentages don’t make sense when compared to the cost of the operations.

Gary has the details on the Pegasus and Centaurs, Drew brings up Minotaur’s and they move on.

Adam is now singing “Don’t stare at my fucking bush” to the tune of ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree’ by the Andrews Sisters.


4th Caller Nicholas, he had a vasectomy and gives some support to the previous caller and makes a point about the man’s wife going through a delivery and how he can now “man up” and get this procedure.

Nicholas wants to know about testosterone replacement therapy and Drew shares his own conversations with his doctor about this very topic.

Drew reveals that Dr. Bruce is a big fan of the hormone replacement therapy and Adam is now talking about steroids and the actual effects of them.


Drew says you would be risking spreading cancer but not creating cancer, stress on the kidneys and increased risks of heart attacks and strokes.

Drew tells him he’s a little young to be worrying about this and thinks perhaps 20yrs down the road might be a more appropriate time for these concerns.


5th Caller Lisa, she’s calling about an incident with her nephew who filmed her showering with his cellphone, Adam says she could be flattered by this and Adam asks her to speculate as to the purpose for him.

Adam says this could be blackmail, a goof or something sexual.

Lisa says she’s in her 50’s, she’s heavy and was in his life growing up, it’s so weird.

Adam is now talking about young men and the brainwashing of testosterone for young men.


Lisa says the nephew is a renowned loser in the family and a marijuana addict, Lisa is now explaining why her brother and his wife are pissed at her for the nephew filming her.

Adam asks Lisa to wait to die like he is, she’s 52 and she needs to escape the drama.

Adam talks about “character” and how he’s only met a handful of people who possess that trait.


Adam say he thinks he has character, he doesn’t view himself as nice per se, he’s got character.

Adam asks why so much connection to the family, maybe it’s time back off and get a little distance, it doesn’t all have to be vitriolic distance, it can be cordial, civil even.

Drew says Adam might be right and telling the 3rd party might be her mistake, but not a big one.


6th Caller Jeff, he doesn’t get on the line but wants tips for working at night, Adam says his tip would be attempting to get to bed by 1am and Drew says focus on getting out while he’s off work.

Adam gives out his plugs and Drew plus his most recent episode of the Dr. Drew Podcast, DDP #224 Mike Carano which is a must listen episode, don’t miss it!