Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 337

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 337

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-08-2016 – Release Date 05-010-2016

Production Number #337 – 20,000 Leagues Under The Pod

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Adam has a standard intro where he mandates you got to get it on and declares that people wanted these 5 days per week and they’re bringing it!

Drew talks about conversation from ACS #1817 taped before this where Adam was ranting about measurement terminology form a bygone era.

Gary is on mic and he’s giving them some math about distances and explains what 20,000 leagues is exactly, now Adam is talking about the metric system and how much simpler it is.


Adam and Drew both joke about the proposed conversion to the metric system during Jimmy Carter’s presidency and Adam mocks his teachers preaching about it and how he was right to ignore them.


1st Caller Jeff, he’s heading out on deployment again in about half a fortnight and he tells them about his wife getting pregnant and then losing the pregnancy after they had sex.

Jeff wants to know if he can get it wet before he heads off to parts unknown without fear of killing his unborn child, Adam asks him how far a click is and Adam jokes about it being mistaken for being rude, like you would think they hung up on you.

Drew is back to the question and now gets that Jeff thinks his magic death-dong somehow terminated the pregnancy and Drew reiterates that most pregnancies end during the first trimester at Adam’s behest.


Adam is now reacting to the question and Drew’s expertise, Adam jokes about this being a hell of an argument for a blowjob and Jeff’s wife chimes in, Drew does some “Soldier Sniffing” and kisses ass and points out how Adam mocks Corona California where Jeff is calling from.

Adam is mocking the temperatures in Corona and how they must have hit nearly 200 during July last year.

Adam is back to the question and Drew says he does advise they lay off the vigorous sex as they don’t need to somehow cause a third miscarriage.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam says this stuff is bespoke


2nd Caller Patrick, he’s calling about him and his wife expecting their first child and explains his leftover family stuff possibly impacting his life now.

Patrick mentions his father coming out as gay after 20+yrs of marriage.

Adam says it surely couldn’t have been just this issue, Drew is now asking some follow up questions and Patrick talks about his father leaving a very obvious computer trail for his homosexual liaisons.


Adam and Drew are both sharing another way he could view this and feel the pity for his father and his secret life, Patrick is still angry and unwilling to empathize with his father like his sisters do.

Drew explains how grandkids can be the great equalizer and Adam asks him how he feels about gay people in general outside of his dad, Patrick is sensible and has no bias against gay people, it’s about the distrust.

Adam is now cautioning Patrick and everyone about jumping to a conclusion that only confirms a predetermined idea about who someone is, even bad people can do kind things and have good intentions etc.


Adam says people need to not turn everything into further evidence of how bad someone is, let people do something nice and give it to them.

Adam is defending Patrick’s father and Drew thinks that Patrick is feeling resentment about having to harbor the knowledge of his dad’s secret life, Adam agrees and they move on.


3rd Caller Danielle, she’s a 2nd time caller and tells them about her own dilemma with her father, she shares the details of her text sent to her father, step mother and step sister.

Drew picks up on Danielle’s anger that her father didn’t show up for her as a child but is not showing up for his new daughter.

Adam is now joking about half marathons and shortened distances, half of an achievement is nothing and Drew brings up Gary’s half birthday parties from his loving family, Gary gets on mic with a very cool “c’mon Drew” which is very pleasant and funny.


Danielle is back to the dynamic with her parents and Drew asks about her possibly being the most accomplished person in her family, he comments on the “she doesn’t need us” feeling they might have, Drew makes a point about love for children and how they would want it to be equitable but it’s more complex than that when you’re a parent.


Adam is telling her to focus on her, and move past her resentment, whether she tells him or not.

Adam tells her not to be disappointed by men and how she can graft this dynamic on her relationship with men in her life.

Adam asks why she would choose to walk around with that sack of sadness strapped to your shoulder, Drew brings up Adam bitching about his family and Adam says that’s like writing off your gas mileage when you have a driving based job, his family are comedic write-offs.


Adam talks about Danielle twisting events and making things have deeper meaning than they actually have.

Drew brings up the pain management system in this country and an article he read about withdrawals and how the opiates don’t last long enough.

Drew is removing moral judgments from a biological relationship that humans have with a chemical and Adam talks about how alcohol has followed the same track as the transgendered community, the way we view both.


Adam is commenting on the bizarre back surgeries people get in their 30’s and Adam comments on how the pharmaceutical companies couldn’t have been pissed about selling extra units for drug addicts.

Adam references his attack crows and Drew says some crows alerted him to a coyote in his yard, Adam has a funny “people smuggling” misunderstanding.

Drew is now responding to the idea Adam presented about the drug companies benefiting from the excess prescriptions and Adam says that they’re making laxatives to ease pooping from the opiates so they’re spinning off the success.


Drew tells Adam about seeing his dog get into a fight with a coyote and the crows alerted him to where the drama was happening.

Adam is now describing his attack crow’s idea and Drew shares his initial fear about them possibly attacking him, Drew treats the story of a hawk attacking him, he teases it for the next episode.

Adam has a killer riff about the hawk having the spirit of a warrior who was upset about Drew jogging on his turf., they wrap the show, terrific episode!