Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 237

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 237

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-03-2015 – Release Date 05-10-2015

Production Number #237 – Barbed Wire

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Hour #2 opens with the standard intro, Drew wants Adam’s take on the Pacquiáo vs. Mayweather fight and Adam is now giving his take on slickness and how it will always best guys who throw punches in bunches.

Adam is now taking it back to George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali and now getting into the Sugar Ray vs. Roberto Durán and what happened in their first battle vs. the “no mas” rematch.

Adam is giving his take on how people expect boxing to work from movies vs. reality and Drew is sharing his take on the overall reaction from the viewers of the fight.


Adam is now describing how Klitschko and Mayweather are some of the greatest fighters of all time despite what most perceive as a boring style to watch.

Adam comments on how Dana White is the happiest man alive now, Gary weighs in and Adam is now recounting the controversy between him and the Philippines regarding some comments he made years ago on the podcast.

Adam says maybe it’s a good thing when Manny retires so the people of his country can go back to their lives and focus on their families.


Adam says he doesn’t want his kids to become obsessed with anyone out of their sphere, he’s sharing how you shouldn’t live or die with one performer or team, echoing George Carlin in his later years when he gave up on sports.

Adam is now making a point about productivity and happiness in countries who don’t celebrate one figure like that.


Drew is doing a TrueCar live read

Drew is telling them about seeing Chris D’Elia and his new RS-7 and how wants one, Gary gets on mic to mock Drew’s interest in a high performance sports car.

Adam is now defending Drew and his car related manhood, citing his early purchase of an M5 and demand for high performance and brings up Gary jacking off in that pod, hilarious riff!

Drew was driving badass cars while Gary was still a boy.


Drew brings up the book ‘Why We fight’ and now Adam is explaining that he wants everyone in society to go out and have success instead of living and dying off of someone else’s path in life.

Adam comments on people who follow bands, Gary gets on mic and brings up his wife’s love for Bruce Springsteen.

Adam is now citing the devastated Seattle football fans who took over a month to get on with their lives and mood after the recent Super Bowl loss.


Drew is now addressing fans of Adam who cite him as a factor in their inspiration and credit him with being able to navigate their own difficult lives.

Adam is now saying people should be motivated by the man in the mirror and they should get out of their apartments, this is hitting close to home.

Adam explains why he avoids video games like heroin offers, Drew jokes with him about chasing the dragon, Drew mocks Adam thinking about rims all day.


Adam tells Drew about his “Rim Job” and asks him why he’s laughing, good riff.

Adam is now on an extended explanation of how he restored fan blades to the rims on one of his classic Newman cars and Jokes about packing his face with Fudge all day, this is hilarious!


1st Caller Brian, he says he gives up the show and Adam for lent every year and needs to know what’s going to happen with his schizophrenic father who they’re transitioning to a nursing home.

Drew is now asking him all of the medical information and going in depth.


2nd Caller Todd calling from Antigua, he wants to know about years of taking antibiotics to stave off the risk of Malaria while he was working for a military contractor.

Drew explains this medicine is used for the treatment of acne and is safe to administer, Adam is now trying to recall which show he was discussing the graffiti on the cop horse.

ACS #1564

Adam is now ranting about how he just came from a place without razor wire around freeway signs and mocks the former sign of Mayor Villaretardo face down, he jokes about him looking like he was on top of a Telemundo reporter.

Drew is commenting on the razor wire and fleshes out his “string of tires around the alcoholic guy’s Buick” analogy.

Adam says the razor wire around the sign feels more “gulagy” to him.


Adam is talking about Orange county and their currently under construction “school to prison pipeline” and Adam jokes about showing up to break the ground with them and riffs about the artist’s rendering of black and Hispanic kids being sucked up into this pipeline.

Gary gets on mic and makes it funnier, Drew is now asking Gary about the train station in Orange County and if it’s a much of a waste of money as it looks like.

Adam talks about his monthly drive to Irvine with August and how it looks like you’re driving through Tijuana, Adam agrees with drew that is has cleaned up a bit downtown.


Adam and Drew are back to their hilarious maglev “School to Prison Pipeline of the Future” riff.

Adam asks how many Huffpo readers think there is actually a physical pipeline.


3rd Caller Jared, he’s a huge fan and compliments Adam’s movies.

He wants advice and tells them about his two years in recovery, he mentions he’s in nursing school and Adam cites his one exception for junior college studies and coursework.

He’s telling them about losing interest in nursing and his preference for work around the business of MMA.


Drew gives him some practical advice and they move on.


4th Caller Andrew, he’s a huge fan and can’t wait to drive one of Adam’s Newman cars in ‘Forza’ and Adam explains that to Drew.

He is telling them about his abusive brother and giving them some light backstory, Adam is now arguing that once in a blue moon there is a person born like this.

Andrew is telling them about blocking his brother and tells him that he only owes people what they deserve from you +10% and how you should give someone the slightly bigger piece of the candy bar you’re sharing with them.


Adam is now back to the people who think you fucked them or cheated them out of money, he’s explaining you should be able to sleep like a baby and move on without feeling badly.


5th Caller Brent, he was just dumped this morning and feels “used” and they ask him some follow ups about that.

Drew is now clarifying Brent’s role as the rescuer for his now ex.

Adam is bring Mr. Brightside and telling him how he can make use of time alone to raise his personal stock and station in life.

Use this heartbreak time to double down on work, career and gym time.


Drew is telling him how to step out of these roles he casts himself in when dating women.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.