Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2013 – Fred Stoller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/10/2013 – Fred Stoller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Fred Stoller

Recorded 05-09-2013 – Release Date 05-10-2013

Production Number #1075

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Adam is opening the show to a great #TopDrop from the KLSX ACS meth head callers, BB is following it up with a question from the fan who suggested the drop.

Adam and BB are theorizing on the meth heads possible fate(s) and Alison is wisely asking for clarification.

Adam is offering his theory on daughter’s relationships with their mothers, he citing his own mother and grandmother and the possible roads one’s daughter could take in life.


Alison and BB are joining in and Adam is elaborating on his theory and taking it to the realm of nurses, he’s citing the people assisting surgeons on one end of the spectrum and the person caring for his late grandmother at the opposite.

Adam is now riffing on Hispanic cultures and their use of “mama” for everyone but fertile women of appropriate ages, wow.

Adam is now explaining the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” agreement between him and his parents when it came to his education, Adam is going in depth on the “shame” element and it’s very interesting.


Adam is now describing Natalia’s “talent show” from earlier in the day, Adam is now calling for people to get on the same page for gatherings, he’s citing the way the Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix handles events as an example.

Adam is now explaining how for a change out of the 8 classes his kids finally went first, apparently they weren’t interested in having the “celebrity” watch all the kids as they usually try to pull.

Adam is now recounting being busted by Sonny for not seeing the full segment with Natalia and he’s now describing the open house walkthrough and how he was offered an early time slot, nice!


Adam is now remarking on Natalia’s teacher wearing tight jeans, go-go boots and rocking a nose stud, whoa!

Adam is now taking it back to his own youth and describing his teachers, somehow it’s equally sad and interesting and Adam is describing them as having an attitude of “always being insulted”.

Adam is now commenting on her XL Starbucks Milkshake and Adam is riffing about his own possible thermos he would bring if he was a teacher and how he would’ve reacted if she was his teacher.

Adam is now explaining his conversation with Lynette about the first name being on display on her Starbucks cup, this riff perfectly coincides with Adam’s other theories on society collapsing and the entitlement/lack of consideration among everyone.


BB has a funny one liner and Adam is now riffing about being a time traveler, good stuff!

Adam is describing the 6 ½ year old douchebag/“piece of shit” who backed talked him about being in the class room, Adam is now asking if the gang can imagine back talking another kid’s parent that way.

Great “Studnose” one liner and he’s now riffing on how this didn’t bump him initially and how it slowly crept over his anger wall as he thought about it after he left.

Adam now wants to know the migration of the douchebag and want’s these kids tagged to track them through their life, awesome!


Q and Ace

1st caller Scott, he was reading about football in Time magazine, an article about the ever increasing danger of football related concussions.

Adam is telling Scott to take it easy and explaining his theory on getting rid of anything that brings in tons of taxable income, BB and Adam have some great insight about pop warner and high school football.

Adam is now clarifying that a lot of the damage and studies we’re seeing are from the era before protocols and healthy rules were in effect to protect from permanent damage.


2nd caller Thomas, Alison has a funny comment about being ignored 2 for 2.

Thomas is explaining that he doesn’t get along with his mother in law and shares a mutual repulsion with the woman, Thomas is seeing some gradual signs of his wife becoming his mother in law.

Adam is getting Thomas to elaborate on why he doesn’t get along with his mother in law and asking about him about his own career.


Adam’s making the brilliant point about people often consciously or more importantly unconsciously becoming like their parents, Adam is referencing the time he said something similar to his sister.

Adam has a killer riff about what it means when you’re offended by being described as looking like another person who is also offended, Great Magnet strikes again as I spent my weekend deflecting those comments working the Mangria booth at Wine Riot Chicago.

Hilarious riff including BB and Producer Gary.


3rd caller Jake, heard about a pilot being ordered starring Adam for Spike TV, Adam is explaining the premise of the show, it’s got a really creative angle.

Adam is telling the gang and Jake about the meeting he has scheduled tonight to further discuss it and he’s explaining the premise behind it and who had the initial idea.

BB has a great one liner about Jake’s phone line and Adam is further elaborating on the premise.


Bryan is giving a quick health update, his medication has been reduced for the long haul and everyone is now focusing on his long term health as opposed to the immediate.

Adam is now walking BB through where this all started and what it could’ve meant for his life, This Superfan knew BB would be ok and told him to his face in 2009 at ShakesBeer, luckily everything I told him I knew would happen as how now come to pass, including career milestones.

BB is explaining how the medication that saved him had just been approved by the FDA and was timed perfectly to save his life, very interesting conversation between Adam and BB.


Adam is once again standing up for big Pharma and explaining that BB is still with us because they like money and Adam is making a fine point about people complaining about the cost of life after being saved by drug companies and the medical system.

Adam’s got a hilarious unknowing callback to BB’s old brain tumor website during his GoDaddy live read, nice one liner from BB in reply.


Adam is now playing a commercial from “wienerschnitzel” promoting their new regional hotdogs menu items, Adam is riffing on the concept of a “Street Dog” now becoming a landmark of Los Angeles.

Adam is making a great point about the regulations found throughout Los Angeles and how it ranks on the national scale yet allows these illegal non taxed secondary revenue markets that are potentially unsafe.

Adam is using Matt Fondiler’s recent bogus ticket that when heard spelled out in full detail makes this Superfan want to march on city hall, while on fire!

Adam is now explaining how he’s going to start his own “Mangria” stand in competition with the illegal hotdog stands, he’s riffing about how it’s technically more legal because he pays taxes and the Mangria is made under strict health guidelines, unlike the bacon and assorted meats on these trucks.


Ubiquitous Podcast guest Fred Stoller, yes the guy from the phone booth in Dumb and Dumber is somehow finally making his ACS debut and is the 5th guest name Fred to ever do the podcast.

Fred is explaining how he often wears out his welcome and why he stopped doing standup.

Fred is now telling Adam and the gang about the time he cursed out a guy at a “Crank Yankers” wrap party and how he often has imaginary shower fights.

Fred is now explaining the guy he cursed out was legendary Loveline guest Charles Fleischer, the voice of “Roger Rabbit”.


Fred is now walking the gang through his post standup nightly routine and an anecdote involving Larry David.

Fred is now telling them about watching a live sex show in Times Square before the city was partially deloused by Giuliani.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing a peep show with a partially obstructed baby stroller in the background, yikes!

Adam is riffing on the abundance of free porn and the reactions he has to keep chambered, Adam is now explaining his new theory on all dudes being kind of gay due to the “Metrosexual” nature of the modern man.


Fred is now sharing more about his career and telling Adam about working on the movie “Little Man” with the Wayans Brothers.

Adam has a funny one liner for Fred pertaining to his instructions of what to do during the news.


Alison’s News

Alison is taking it back to the live sex show that Fred witnessed in NYC and Adam has some funny one liners, Alison wants to know about the seating arrangements and Adam is riffing on the amount of guys who have stumbled across their daughter in one of those shows, WHOA!

Adam is basically referencing “Hardcore” with George C. Scott but in person and Fred wisely picks up on it, BB has choice questions and Adam is processing the odds while advising what one would do if they saw their friend’s daughter in a sex show.

Fred is telling Adam about the absurdity of seeing someone he knows in a porno ad, Adam’s got a hilarious question and follow up to Fred’s rebuking of the accusation.

Adam is explaining how he “drops no dimes” on anyone and decided to not get involved in a recent interpersonal web of intrigue, he’s explaining his “Does it make you money or does it make you happy” logic and how it always needs to be considered before you get involved in these situations.


Her top story is on the delay in the next stage of the Jodi Arias murder case, Adam is now explaining how this story is taking up the time of many people he knows including his wife.

Adam is pondering why everyone is acting so surprised and explaining that the drama of the case is because she’s attractive, echoing his brilliant point from Adam and Drew episode #41, he’s touching on the female chimpanzee shunning behavior that takes place among women.

Fred has a funny question about women’s prison vs. Men’s and Adam has a great “Jodie get your gun” one liner along with a funny aside about prison rape and the threat upon men.


Adam is making a larger point about the inherent differences among men and women due to biology and society, he’s got some excellent ideas about it being a good thing and not a negative

Adam is waxing poetic on the competitive nature among men vs. women, Alison agrees while making a nice counterpoint that actually furthers Adam’s point.


2nd story is on the emerging details about how the women were kept captive for all those years

Alison wants to know why humans have the lust for disturbing details, she’s citing the various articles advertising the details of the kidnappings and Adam is connecting this behavior to the “we’re out of real problems” theory.

Fred is sharing the details of a time he was making love and his partner requested to hit him mid-session, Adam’s got some hilarious one liner replies and BB has an excellent question, Fred has a Kathy Griffin and Andrew Breitbart name drop, Adam steps in to point out that Andrew has passed away.

Adam is joking about Fred’s history with Kathy, amazing quotes!


Fred is now telling the gang about the times he guested on “Crank Yankers”, he’s got a great memory of the events and Adam is helping him explain things.

Adam is taking it back to Cleveland and calling for the house to eventually be bulldozed as he doesn’t think it will be sellable after the crime scene investigation is done.

Alison is explaining the horrific details of how he would induce abortions among the abducted women, this is intense.


Adam is riffing about multiple life sentences and predicting the weird arguments that are going to stir up regarding the violent abortions, holy shit he’s totally right.

Adam is bringing up another story and clarifying he’s got no dog in this fight but just trying to work this out, BB has some salient points and helps Adam further clarify his point.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is doing a great Live read, Adam’s loves their jump rope and I was there in studio after they dropped off his stuff, pretty cool he’s using it!


Adam is giving some plugs and Bryan has a funny last minute non sequitur, Adam’s closing the show and saying Mahalo, nice closing drop from BB.