Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 336

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 336

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-08-2016 – Release Date 05-09-2016

Production Number #336 – Sudden Onset Erectile Dysfunction

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Adam has a standard intro for this first of three episodes taped on Mother’s Day 2016, Drew says he’s eating shit for missing Mother’s Day dinner and Adam asks why they chose to celebrate at night.

Drew comments on his wife’s busy schedule with the hardware store and his surprise that Adam never stopped by and he explains he’s got way too much shit and asks Adam about the real estate for the store.

Adam is asking about the will and if they were left anything, Adam mocks the notion of people being left things and he comments on his own belongings that will be given to his kids.


Adam says that his kids appreciate the stuff of their life, the accoutrements about as much as we appreciate our smartphones.

Adam says in order to properly appreciate the advances in modern technology is to pop in to different time periods like the warlock Dr. Bombay from ‘Bewitched’ and Drew riffs with Adam about that pop culture reference before they move onto the calls.


1st Caller Eldritch, he grew up listening to Loveline and Drew congratulates him for never having to call in before, he’s tells them about his sudden onset erectile dysfunction.

Drew is telling Adam about penile insulin injections and Eldritch tells them about the doctor shooting up his dick, Adam has a killer riff about expecting the doctor to finish the job.

Eldritch confirms he’s got no sex drive and Drew asks about drug use, Drew says that drug withdrawal could lead to something like this, he says he’ not overweight and he is involved in a serious workout program.


Drew is telling him to move on to a neurologist, something is brewing, he doesn’t know what and says you want to rule out everything else before you presume it’s psychiatric and not physical.


2nd Caller Austin says he battles with suicidal thoughts every day and gets into the details about how he feels the need to cry but can’t.

Adam asks about the daily fight against killing himself, Adam says it seems like he’s won most of the battles, that’s a good batting average.

Adam asks if someone says they’ve battled suicidal thoughts for that long and haven’t attempted it arte they really suicidal, Austin cites his mantra of “I want to kill myself” and they lose him right then…


3rd Caller Matt, he’s a big fan of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he’s bummed out about it not coming back for a 4th season.

Adam shares his quiet happiness when and relief when something ends, he is now riffing about the horrific problems and tragic living situations he would witness and would make him miserable.

Matt is bringing up an investment argument with his wife, she wants to invest in a rental property and he wants to put it in the stock market.


Adam asks him about the millennials he worries about renting to, Adam is saying he likes warehouses and he explains why that’s a tangible investment.

Adam says he’s never had financial arguments with Lynette and Drew is saying he’s more like Matt and likes liquid assets, you can get at it, if you need it!

Adam talks about selling a house and a car last year, he says you can sell stuff if you need to.


Adam is now saying since his wife is going to honcho this thing then let her be the person in charge, he likes that and is impressed with that gene, he says that’s a nice first world problem.

Adam says he would say to his wife let’s do it and let’s get coached up, he tells them to diversify and Adam makes a point about how you can shoot down any activity or goal, he gets to the pain of having to wake up, stand up, brush his teeth. It’s called life!

Adam makes a solid point about tending to needs and they move on.


2nd Caller Austin, he’s back and Drew says he’s perhaps got some OCD and a panic disorder, it’s very treatable.

He tells them about his wife and young child, Adam shares how important collaborations and partnerships are, how much it can get you through years of your life.

Adam has a point about endless writing sessions and creative meetings for sketches at ACME.

Adam says it doesn’t have to be comedy, if you have a passion that’s not fully realized yet you can meet other people and forge ahead together.


4th Caller Amy, she says she listened to the show in the 90’s and tells them about growing up with an alcoholic father, Amy tells them about reporting her father for his physical abuse and violence.

Adam and Drew talk about the counterintuitive feeling to attack or hurt smaller things, he riffs about it being akin to getting drunk and declaring your intent to go punch a dolphin, hilarious!

Amy cites Adam’s parental muffin discussion while explaining her difficulty talking about anything meaningful with her own parents and mother.


Adam is now citing the beer argument with is mom, Drew brings up Adam’s IPA and cites the Germany purity laws, forgetting about the news about the beer from there actually being contaminated, so she was double wrong.

Andrew makes a point about being a good daughter and tells her about father the straight up alcoholic.

Amy hasn’t heard from her parents since January and Drew asks her to talk to her sponsor and she says she’s unsure he has one, Drew reveals his conversational duplicity to get her to divulge that, now he’s making a point about him not being fully in the program.

Adam is now giving his 1-10 scale for parents, your parents will be on one end or the other of that scale, that’s just how it is, he cites Matt Fondiler’s parents as an 11 and brings up his room that’s turned into a shrine and the custom license plate with his name combined with his sister.


Drew and Adam are riffing about Adam’s parents never getting a custom plate and Adam takes it back to Amy and tells her to dial in her relationship to make it commiserate with what they gave her.

Adam jokes about Matt in a hot tub having a daiquiri with his father looking though a scrapbook at Matt’s first pube, holy shit!

Drew has a killer reaction and he tells Amy that’s who she got stuck with, whatever they deposited in the bank of Amy is all they should get back in return from her, he mentions the wounded victims among us looking for an 8-10 parental experience that will just never come.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Jim Carolla and Ray, the only two guys in history to be given their identities back edition


5th Caller Jill, she’s a longtime listener and first time caller and tells them about her fibromyalgia diagnosis and shares her unwillingness to self-diagnose via the internet.

She has the details of the diagnosis and Drew brings up Epstein–Barr virus and Chronic fatigue syndrome and Drew brings up sleep disturbances.

Adam is talking about his own back and neck issues when he was living a depressing existence and was easily awoken due to his hyper vigilance.


Jill has nothing in her past and Drew talks about sleep hygiene and how important that is in this whole diagnosis, Adam and Drew hear no crazy in her voice.

Drew says he’s going to go do dinner and Drew comments on the whole week of asking her about the holiday, she said she didn’t want to do anything and then was pissed when he didn’t’ plan anything.

Adam is now talking about the differences between men and women when it comes to thinking and cites his daughter’s clay project, Lynette wanted Adam to tell her no clay and instead they will make a quilt or a movie.


Adam shares how Lynette came in the room and then acted like she didn’t know what was going on, she sort of admitted it and then gave him a pass, Adam says you got to learn to speak that language, he thinks, Drew tries.


Adam and Drew give out the plugs and wrap up the show, solid episode!