Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2014 – Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, and Tito Ortiz

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2014 – Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, and Tito Ortiz

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, and Tito Ortiz

Recorded 05-08-2014 – Release Date 05-09-2014

Production Number #1324

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Natasha and Moshe are opening the show, everyone is Adam Carolla now like an alien symbiote has taken over, and Moshe has a great one liner about hosting the show despite never being a guest.

Alison queues up the #TopDrop, Natasha has a telling question asking if he’s ever even listened to it, he deflects it nicely.

Alison explains they’re the first team of hosts, this is Natasha’s 5th appearance on the show, and she was on episodes #345 # 550 and #759. She was also the fill in News gal on #394 when I was the guest from September 2010.


Alison is quoting Adam’s continuing thing of bringing up Natasha’s last name and what it means, Natasha and Alison are explaining it to Alison.

Moshe is now reading the bios for them, Moshe is telling them about their dating history and joking about their sex life.

Alison is now sharing a dark story about a guy who claimed to throw himself in front of a bus, Moshe has a funny riff in reply.


Natasha and Moshe are now telling them about “” the comedy and musical festival at sea created by Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun, he’s also a past guest of the ACS with two appearances.

Very cool to hear it promoted on the ACS, Moshe is joking about the cruise and they’re sharing all of the details, they’re giving out an “Adam” promo code so listeners can save 50%.

Natasha wants to know if they prefer the show with or without Adam, Alison gives a diplomatic answer but does have a key phrase about wanting to keep her job, but there wouldn’t be any listeners without Adam…


Moshe has a funny question asking about the talent level in comparison between them and Adam, BB is telling them about their book and Moshe is joking with him about it.

BB is explaining what a big deal 5 years means for him, he thinks that Natasha is asking when it ends and BB says best case is 50yrs left.

Natasha is being very considerate and asking BB about his perspective on life post diagnosis, Moshe has a funny quote he’s attributing to Confucius about brain tumor sex.


BB is sharing how the little things that are annoying he can now appreciate, Moshe is explaining that he had a career “dip” or “blip” and is describing a trip to a Children’s Hospital that immediately put his ego in check.

Alison is now bringing up the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast, Natasha was recently a guest, and the podcast was formerly called “The Lavender Hour” with over 50 episodes when Natasha and Duncan lived together.

Natasha has returned to the show twice for two of the best episodes, very reminiscent of their former chemistry.


Moshe is making a point about the nature of man, they want to know if they just lost the listeners, Natasha asks what the listeners are called, BB uses “Carolla Tards” and Alison is the only one to clarify that, thanks BB it only took 15min talking to Marc Maron to stop that term 4 years ago, how about Adam’s listeners are everyone, because he has the most.

Moshe is making a point about fans, Alison calls herself a nice person and BB is killing her with drops.

Alison wants to know if everyone is nice or thinks they’re nice?


Moshe and Natasha are riffing on Alison’s question and Alison is now asking if most people think about trying to be a good person in their daily life, Natasha is now kind of changing the way she described herself last time she appeared on the show.

Moshe is now implying she wasn’t capable of orgasm until she was with him, poor Duncan.

Alison just plugged her podcast, Moshe is now plugging his show “The Champs” and he’s explaining the rule about who they interview.


Alison is explaining her show to Natasha, Alison mocks her own use of “we try” and Moshe is joking with Natasha, Moshe is explaining the premise of the podcast and why it’s not as creepy as one might think upon learning of the rule about the guests.

Moshe wisely doesn’t shit on the guest roster of the ACS, but he’s citing the other podcasts that have an endless stream of white comedians.

BB wants to know if Will Smith was a good rapper, Moshe is replying and Moshe is calling LL Cool J one of the greatest rappers of all time to make a point.


Moshe is now praising DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dawson is on mic asking Moshe about his school and telling him about growing up in Concord.

They’re now plugging his book and he’s telling them about his upbringing and how he ended up in such extreme circumstances.

Alison is asking him about his time in a mental hospital and there are 3 failed joke attempts.


Moshe is telling Alison about hitting his mom and grandma, Natasha is once again shocked by one of his reveals, wow!

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Tito Ortiz returning to the show, Moshe is not that familiar with UFC but he’s trying and Tito is being kind.

Moshe has a great “Oscar of cage fighting” line and he’s now plugging Tito’s upcoming fight, telling them about sponsoring his opponent despite not being friends with him.

They’re complimenting his looks and how he seems to have taken care of himself, Tito is telling them about taking care of his twin boys.


Natasha is trying to get Tito to talk about his separation from his ex, Tito is saying it’s a challenge from god and he’s vaguely describing his troubles, he’s instead focusing on his fight related injuries.

He’s talking about his ex-wife previous and his son from that marriage.

Tito is sharing his disciplined view on hard work and achievement and how that relates to his personal faith.


Moshe wants to know why he came out of retirement and he’s got a “Fish Bowl” analogy for his personal evolution.

Tito is telling them about taking care of his boys and cooking, he’s going in depth on his 6 days per week of training 4 hours per day.

Tito is praising his training partners and explaining how he stays safe by training smart.


Tito is telling them about his hardest fight and he’s going in depth on the battle with Randy Couture where he lost the belt.

Tito is now telling Natasha about jujitsu training and how it’s the ultimate rape defense, interesting angle.

BB has a killer one liner after learning that Tito likes to sleep in every once in a while, Tito is telling them about his opponent calling him out on twitter, they’re joking about Arnold in Terminator 2.


Tito is describing what he thinks this fight is going to be, Moshe is asking some very solid questions and keeping the show flowing with information.

Moshe is bringing up the weight cutting strategy used in Mixed Martial Arts, Tito is going into his healthy lifestyle and Moshe keeps trying to weave marijuana into the mix.

Moshe has a telling Nick Diaz comment, perhaps he is a fight fan and was just stumbling earlier.


Tito is telling them about the ban on TRT in the UFC, They’re being tough on TRT but it has nothing to be with being a “true man” head injuries, old age and past steroid abuse can cause a legitimate need for replacement, it’s a far more complex issue.

Tito is explaining how popular he is in Japan, he’s joking with them and Natasha can’t answer a question because of Tito’s hard out, they’re now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.

Alison is now doing the heavy lifting and plugging their upcoming live shows, Alison announces that Greg Gutfeld dropped out of the live book podcast in NYC, Dave Attell will be taking his place.


Moshe is giving out some plugs, Natasha is giving out plugs, Alison is giving out a plug for Jo Koy and Natasha is amazed he gets blind plugs even when not appearing.

BB is giving out his plugs, Moshe is sliding in a plug for his book, and Natasha is getting freaked out by the Bosstones music.

Moshe and Natasha are now plugging their twitter accounts, Natasha closes it with a Mahalo.

I think 8% of this episode was plugs, possibly 10%.