Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2013 – Marc Maron, Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/09/2013 – Marc Maron, Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Marc Maron, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 05-08-2013 – Release Date 05-09-2013

Production Number #1074

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Adam is opening the show with Marc Maron on stage making his 6th appearance on the podcast and his 3rd live show appearance. BB has an over amplified #TopDrop

I was in studio for his first “fart-talk” visit from 2010, it’s where he was quoted as saying “Who buys DVD’s anymore?” in reply to my DVD prototypes for the ACP year 1 that I had on me to pitch that day, little did we know Adam and Maron would both have very successful DVD sets, you’re welcome Marc!

Adam is heaping some praise on Marc for his excellent WTF! Podcast and its equally great IFC television spin-off “Maron”.


Adam is complimenting Marc on his “cool guy” podcaster status and is sharing his own experience making the walk from Marc’s kitchen to the garage to record the show.

Adam is now trying to figure out his podcast jeans brand in comparison to Maron’s relaxed fit “Levis” and Adam is unknowingly commenting on the Margaret Cho controversy from a recent WTF, whoa GREAT MAGNET!

Marc is telling Adam how they decided to use a house “stand in” for his TV show due to the feelings of his girlfriend, Marc is explaining how they modified the house for the show.


Adam is telling Marc about the little houses up around where he lives as Marc digs into his fantastic hopefully goat cheese free Amalfi Pizza.

Adam is riffing about people adding 2800 square feet of stucco shitbox to the top of their houses in Marc’s neighborhood and across the valley.

Marc is riffing mid bite and BB is chiming in to ask some relevant questions, Marc is explaining the house flipping aspect to these shitty additions.


Adam is reminiscing about people looking back on their old photos and regretting their look, Adam is explaining that he has less embarrassment due to never attempting to cultivate a look and has a quick aside about shaving his head for his “Mr. T” Halloween costume.

Marc is telling Adam about the time he wore black leather pants on Conan, I actually saw that episode live and Adam is tying it into the construction site.

Adam is sharing his musical tastes and attempt to rock a fashion choice with some “creepers’ and he’s explaining his lack of income that kept him from going through phases.


Adam is sharing his black cowboy boots story and how Ray prevented him from his only attempt at a deliberate fashion mistake.

Marc is sharing another fashion blunder that also took place on Conan’s late night NBC show, all of Marc’s happen on television it seems.

Adam is now riffing about the idea of trying to vet a clothing designer, Adam is picking up on why Marc’s all took place on TV, he’s initially too much in his own head to understand what Adam’s getting at.


Adam is taking it back to the “in it” nature of trends and design choices that unknowingly exist around you at all times, Adam’s got a killer black maid one liner that nobody seems to appreciate, BB and Alison have some nice follow ups.

Adam is plugging Marc’s projects again and asking him about trying to hammer out a 4-5min comedy set for live performances on late night TV, Marc is now elaborating on the process and how it’s changed over the years.

Adam is now playing “Frank Smiley” and Marc is playing himself as they recreate the average pre-show phone call where you explain all your potential stories and topics for a late night television appearance.


Marc just announced that he’s doing Leno for the first time and Adam is complimenting his appearance on “Real Time” from last week.

Adam is appreciating the semi condescending move Bill Maher will pull when you say something funny on his show and how it’s much appreciated in comparison to the other shows.

Marc is sharing the details of his phone call with Jay Leno from the day before his appearance on the show, Marc is really getting into the surreal nature of the phone call and further elaborating on the details.


Adam is sharing Jay’s multitude of reactions to a guests latest project, in part he’s boosting Marc’s esteem and telling some insightful behind the scenes truths.

Marc is now sharing a moment with Conan off air hanging out before the show, Adam is explaining that he bonds with Jay over cars in comparison to Marc and Conan’s attempt at a conversation about vinyl.

Adam is sharing his own surreal latest phone call from Jay Leno while he was out and about doing some civilian activities and he’s now sharing the details of the James Franco request.

Adam is sharing the “Great Magnet” inspired story of how he first met Leno while working construction in 1986 and then brought the story up while guesting on the tonight show for the first time but was met with almost no response.


Alison is now jumping in to share her own very uncomfortable moment with Lita Ford after the show, Alison is clearing up her “Runaways” mix up, Adam and Marc both have funny one liner replies.

I relate to Alison so much right now, she’s got a great Nancy Grace aside and Adam is now in character as Nancy praying for abductions and riffing about the lengths she would go to get in on a new story.

Adam is now referencing the infamous “Morton Downey Jr.” bathroom incident.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st topic Paul Newman, Adam is using the angle of Paul being a small statured man and making it difficult for Adam to fit in his race cars, wow this is a hilarious and fresh angle.

Adam is telling Marc about buying a house from the children of the former owners who tried to instruct him where he could make changes and what they wanted left “as is”.

Adam is killing it with this riff. BB is stepping in to compliment Adam and his deft turn, he even remembers an equally impressive angle, nice work BB!


2nd topic profits from Mangria, Adam is explaining that they’ve sold almost 100k bottles already and he’s thanking the great drunken people of society who have made it all possible.

Adam is giving his classic car metaphor for what it’s like starting a new business, he’s using the HP coming out the rear wheels angle.

Adam is on a roll and now he’s explaining Mike August and his many roles, “mute slave” and “worker on a Viking ore ship” being two of the funniest quotes I’ve ever heard.


Adam is explaining what Mike August’s backpack is being utilized for while on the road, Marc seems to know it well, Marc is asking about Adam’s “vegetable mash” and Adam is explaining his anti-scurvy reasoning for smuggling the veggies.

Marc has a great description of the “Sad bake sale” that takes place from time to time in his hotel rooms on the road and Adam is bonding with him over homemade food based gifts from fans, unbeknownst to Adam much like the Margaret Cho WTF reference from the top of the show it’s also kind of Marc’s “thing”.


3rd topic LED light bulbs, Marc wants to know if this another metaphor and Adam has a hilarious series of comments mocking his earlier motivational speech.

Adam is explaining his new nickname for his wife “Kill a Watt” and he’s sharing his problem of the scones in his house where he can’t use the LED bulbs.

Adam is now making a larger point about florescent lighting and how disconcerting it can be when looking in a mirror while bathed in it.


Alison has a question about looking in the mirror and trying to figure out if it’s giving you an accurate picture of your size and shape, Maron is now riffing about being naked and Adam has a killer fake question.

Adam is now explaining why he’s over his naked body and Marc is trying to get him to elaborate.


Adam is now sharing how Travis Pastrana made a backflip between two rooftops in downtown Los Angeles.

Adam is now explaining how he was told the camera often makes these stunts look simpler and Adam wants to know what’s up with cameras that they make faces look fat and stunts seem easy, nice riff.


Adam is giving Maron some more plugs, 3 or 4 times already, nice!

Adam is walking Marc through his appearance on The Tonight Show tomorrow and has a great explanation of why the screening is needed for these shows because of the typical types of guests.

Marc just mentioned how he would almost prefer to interview some of these actors in character, great Bryan Cranston name drop from Marc and not Adam, then a nice Seth MacFarlane riff.


Adam is proposing a hypothetical “strangers on a train” scenario where they get berries for each others moms during his Shari’s Berries live read, Marc is being kind of crappy about it and advising people to use his promo code as “Adam has enough money”.

Adam is now asking Marc how long he’s been doing his podcast and Marc gives a decent and accurate reply, the KLSX Carolla podcast started in January 2006 and the dedicated ACP started on February 22nd/23rd 2009, with the ACS format returning June 1st 2010.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the verdict in the Jodi Arias case, Alison is reading the verdict and explaining the process of getting ready while trying to watch the cable news reporting on the verdict.

Adam is sharing his long held theory on functional MRI’s changing the face of law enforcement and criminal justice, he’s citing all the bogus counter arguments against it and his logic is flawless.

Adam is now calling for revolutionary licensing deals for these trials, the taxpayers are footing the bill and one network or a group of networks should be forced to bid on coverage and he’s got another classic “Golden Palace” reference for the 2nd time in the last 2 months.

Adam just added a hilarious corpse reference and killed the bit perfectly.


2nd story is on the two brothers being cleared in the case of the kidnapped runaways, Adam is now riffing in character as the “suspect” trying to hide the abducted women.

Alison has a killer question about Adam’s feminine hygiene related one liner, Alison’s now reading the details of the initial reports that were ignored.

Adam has a great reaction imitating the police “scrubbing” their records looking for these supposed reports and Marc wants to know how this shit can be going on in 2013 and the “domestic situation” excuse people use.


Adam is now citing his NYE party at his aforementioned house that was interrupted by the police at 930pm, Marc and Adam have a hilarious back and forth riff about the police reaction.

Alison is reading the information about Charles Ramsey the “hero” who helped save the abducted women, Adam is quoting himself from yesterday and agreeing with Alison’s point while mocking the man for stealing Al Sharpton’s hair.

Adam is misinterpreting Alison’s point for comedic effect, hilarious quotes and calm reaction from A-rose.


Alison wants to know if Adam’s dad ever laid a hand on him, Adam is riffing about his dad’s colossal pussy status, Adam’s leaving out the time he dropped his saxophone mouthpiece out of the back window and things got heated/close.

Alison wants to know how his dad would have reacted to an intruder and Adam is riffing on the low self-esteem of anyone who would attempt to burglarize a Carolla home.

Marc is shooting down Adam’s claim about a cat being the ultimate throwing weapon and Marc is sharing his anecdote of freaking out the “rogue UPS guy” who shows up after 7pm.

Hilarious riffing from Alison, Marc and Adam.


3rd story is on the most popular types of restaurants among people having extra marital affairs, Adam has a great observation about the type of food you eat before a night of sex.

Adam has a killer “Claim Jumper” one liner and an even funnier observation on “Red Lobster” being on the list.

Adam and Marc have a hilarious riff in reaction to Alison’s observation on the sadness of “Chili’s” being on the list, Marc is refusing to admit what places he would pick in his personal life.


Alison is sharing some anecdotes of fans tweeting her about seeing her out in the wild in reply to Adam’s theory on how twitter and social media prevent you from being able to cheat even if you wanted to.

Adam is sharing an anecdote of Sonny asking him some questions about his upcoming coaching with Mr. Mike for their YMCA games and how Sonny took it from a nice moment to a settling of Adam’s hash.

Marc is agreeing with Sonny and making a nice point, Adam is explaining the only good reason to have kids is to remind them why they should never hope that Daddy stops talking.


4th story is about how listing the calories on the menu of fast food establishments doesn’t actually effecting eating habits.

Adam is explaining his own reaction to finding out the calorie counts and then eating worse in response to the bad news about the “healthier choices”.

Adam is explaining how he’s totally cool with black lung on cigarette packs and caloric contents on display, he’s citing smoothies that have higher caloric amounts than soda.


Marc is lost picturing nude fat people as soda labels and Adam’s now using the anti-smoking commercials with the trach holes for further riffing potential.

Alison has a funny question about the anti-smoking commercials vs. the commercials with the dogs and Sarah McLachlan, Adam’s got a hilarious description of the latter.

Adam is telling Marc and the audience about the Crank Yankers call where shit got real, he was trying to move his morbidly obese wife on a flatbed truck.


Adam is giving some plugs, doing a live read and wrapping the show, Marc once again tries to get listeners to instead use his promo code and Adam is wrapping the show.