Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2014 – Kevin Nealon, John Slattery, Dana Carvey, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2014 – Kevin Nealon, John Slattery, Dana Carvey, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Nealon, John Slattery, Dana Carvey, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 05-07-2014 – Release Date 05-08-2014

Production Number #1323

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Kevin Nealon is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio, he’s telling them about putting “powder” on, he’s unknowingly getting into Adam’s “talc” riff.

Kevin is praising travel size bottles and telling them about his use of hand cream and powder.

Alison is asking Kevin about his tan and gleam of grease coating his skin, Alison is setting up BB’s #TopDrop which he already played without explanation.


Kevin is plugging some of his upcoming dates and BB is asking him how many dates he does per year, he’s telling them about bringing his 7yr old with him next week, Kevin is talking about the movie “Blended” he shot last year in South Africa.

Matt is now talking about Adam Sandler movies and explaining the constant battle between “Man on Wire” and “Toy Story 3” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kevin is telling them about a trip to Niagara Falls and a story of a tight rope walker who made his manager ride him across the rope.


Kevin is sharing his fascination for stories like that and how he reacts to heights even in fiction, using Tom Cruise movies as an example.

They’re talking about transparent balconies and clear floors, Kevin has an anecdote and is now praising Alison saying she looks like she’s glowing.

Kevin asks if she went to a Tony Robbins seminar, she reveals that she once did while writing something for the OC weekly.


Kevin and Alison are sharing their recollections of Tony’s seminars, Matt has a nice religion comment and Alison is taking it back to Kevin meeting an astronaut.

Kevin is now telling them about meeting Buzz Aldrin on a beach, he’s sharing the “what are you a wise guy?” reply to Kevin.

Dana Carvey is now on the line also making his ACS debut.


Dana is telling them about touring with the Bush family, he’s doing the impression of Sr. and W. for the gang.

Kevin is now setting up a bit of Dana’s, he’s now doing a back and forth between Bush, father and son.

Dana has a great Lincoln furiously masturbating footage hypothetical question, he’s now doing an Obama impression, and Kevin calls him the Christopher Walken of presidents.


Kevin is now joking about doing impressions of celebrities that nobody else will copy, Dana is now busting out some “Downtown Abbey” impressions.

Dana has an impression of the guy who plays Hershel on “Walking Dead.”

They’re singing the praises of Peter Dinklage and Kevin says he pictures him as a 6ft tall man and how good looking he would be then, Dana won’t touch that topic.


Dana has a story from his high school days, BB mentions the name of his high school and explains how excited he is to be around Kevin and on the phone with Dana.

Dana is now explaining how he didn’t go to his 20yr high school reunion but they did hire a lookalike.

Kevin is now rapping up with Dana, Dana is saying hi to John Slattery.


Rotten or Fresh –Mom Edition

1st Movie “Throw Momma from the Train” – 1987

The gang are all sharing their reasoning for their guesses, Alison is once again almost 20 points off, too high.


2nd Movie “The Kids are alright”

BB wants to know why only one of the women was nominated for an Academy Award, Kevin is once again not taking the game very seriously.


3rd Movie “Psycho”

Kevin and Alison both share anecdotes about their upcoming guest John and his relatives and wife.


4th Movie “Terms of Endearment”


5th Movie “Mommy Dearest”

BB wins.

They’re going to break and BB is announcing that his book made the New York Time bestsellers list, he’s going in depth on finding out.

Kevin says he’s totally shocked that BB survived that thing, BB is taking it in stride and Kevin wants to know when to give up on his book making the list.

Kevin wants to know if BB read the book for his audiobook and asks him about the next book.

They’re taking a break.


They’re back form break with John Slattery making his ACS debut, Kevin is giving him a warm intro.

Kevin and John are explaining the “Golden Goggles” ceremony they presented at, Kevin is asking John about life after “Mad Men” and how he commutes while filming their final 8 episodes.

John has a 14yr old son, Kevin has a 7yr old son they both agree it’s great and Kevin is getting to the trivia he knows about John.


Kevin is bringing up John’s movie, he directed a film and Kevin is praising it.

John is explaining the premise and how it’s one of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last movies.

Kevin is asking John is that Phillip was using at the time of production and he’s explaining how he was great to work with and shares the very specific notes that he had while editing the movie.


Kevin is bringing up the title “God’s Pocket” and explains it reminds him of his childhood neighborhood, they’re going in depth on the locations used in the movie.

John is praising his cinematographer, Kevin is praising Christina Hendricks work in the movie and how she added color to the film’s palate.

Kevin is asking John about auditioning for “Mad Men” and he’s telling them about auditioning for Don Draper, despite his hesitation at the character not quite fitting his persona.


John is explaining how the pulled a fast one on him and how some see him as pissed off in the pilot, he hints it’s possible it worked its way into his performance.

Kevin is asking John about coloring his hair for work, he’s explaining it to a curious Alison.

Kevin is having John contrast directing a feature film against an episode of Mad Men and he has a very elegant reply.


They’re going into the editing process and John is once again praising his DP, he’s really explaining the scope of directing a film and all that goes into it, even down to securing locations and actor’s schedules.

Kevin is now bringing up John’s wife’s late father again and his acting career, John is talking about his late father in law’s work in 12 Angry Men.

John is sharing a very great magnet moment he experienced while re-watching 12 Angry Men and hearing his late father in law say his last name.


Kevin is peppering John with question and he’s asking him about selling his film and the Cannes film festival, he’s telling them about a house he had restored and plans to spend some time at once he’s done filming the show and promoting his film.

Kevin is bringing up other cast members from the show and Alison just brought up Allan Havey, John reveals he was on Allan’s talk show and John is now telling them about Allan’s character on the show.

They’re wrapping up the show and BB is thanking the fans for the buying his book, Alison is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Kevin had a distinctive in-depth interview style with subtle dry humor throughout, all of these guest hosts are truly doing their own thing, and Alison is doing a great job guiding them.