Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2013 – Lita Ford and Dr. Spazz

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2013 – Lita Ford and Dr. Spazz

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Lita Ford and Dr. Spazz

Recorded 05-07-2013 – Release Date 05-08-2013

Production Number #1073

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Adam is opening the show with Doc B. in the place to be, a tease for “Hooray for Baldywood” and a nice intro from Dawson.

BB just got in a choice drop from Alison, it wasn’t labeled as #TopDrop but we can only assume, Adam is now riffing about morning time being the best time to plan an attack on him.

Adam’s description of what potential enemies will face if they encounter him at 10pm vs. 830am is off the charts hilarious, great crescent kick comedy with Alison.


Adam is telling the gang about promoting the upcoming live show with Dr. Drew and how the theater seemed like it was going “clean” aka selling out.

Adam has a nice tangent asking Bruce to quiet down and they’re having the familiar polite/aggression thing they do.

Adam is telling the gang about browsing the website for leftover tickets and how he didn’t want to plug the Napa show as it was sold out and instead wanted to plug the Mangria tasting event.


Adam is now on a crazy and desperate “Whhhyyyyy” tangent and reiterating his point in regards to publicity for sold out events and the lack of back up plugs being provided.

Adam is now walking the gang through the discussion with the DJ who was hesitant to promote the Mangria event in place of the sold out live show.

Adam is expounding on the nature in which people often attempt to gaslight him, Alison has a funny point and Adam is now further elaborating on the nonsense he has to put up with.


Adam is telling the gang about the Mangria he ordered at the last tasting event he attended complete with crazy bartender accoutrements.

Adam took Assistant Jay aside and had to order him to keep the bar tenders from adding slicks of chicory and sprigs of mint, BB is asking the standard point shitter line of questioning.

Adam is explaining the point he’s trying to make and he’s got a great tollhouse cookie riff.


Adam is explaining how doing Howie Mandel’s show made everything better and how there is nothing more flattering than someone who doesn’t drink endorsing your booze and getting hammered off of it.

Adam is now making a larger point about people who attract things in their life despite their claims to the contrary, he’s using he example of the “fighting Fitzsimmons” type.

Adam is now telling the gang about his call time for the show and his instructions to valet the car, of course there was no valet when he arrived and of course things were much different when he went to leave.


Adam is walking them through his ticket quandary and how he predicted his fate and attempted to pull a backtrack move, Alison is having an appropriate reaction and Adam is dropping gold!

Alison has a nice argument in defense of Adam and Adam’s got a great “Bill and Ted”-esque riff about time travel to better explain the parking lot attendant’s reaction.

This story is classic Carolla, the great magnet conspires against El Jefe as he tries to thread the needle of life, hilarious Nicole Ritchie one liner!


Adam is describing the “Mildred” he ran into who not only stopped to judge but also blocked his car, Adam’s quote from her perspective is killer, wow!

Bruce has a fine point about people who have these lower level jobs and relish the illusion of power it gives them and Adam has a killer reply.


Health watch with Dr. Bruce

His first article is on a study that shows exercise may effect/reduce alcohol’s negative effect on the brain, Adam has a killer one liner about white matter and the obvious recommendations of these studies that always advise for worst case scenarios.

Adam is now riffing in character as the type of person who would be motivated to abuse substances based on the results of one of these studies.


2nd story is on a recent study on binge drinking among college students.

Bruce is explaining that there were changes observed in blood vessels that line up with middle aged people with coronary artery disease.


3rd story is on a new second hand smoke study and Adam is riffing on the futures where the kids live in a world of 4th, 5th and 6th hand smoke.

Adam is now making a larger point about safety and his kids in reply to Bruce’s claims of 3rd hand smoke in his drapes, interesting.

Adam is now making a variant point about airborne particulate and the chemicals one experiences when moving into a new place or living around new carpeting.


4th story is on caffeine laced foods spurring an FDA investigation, Adam is asking if the gang remember when coffee was an adult beverage to make a larger point about stimulants being foisted upon kids.


5th story is on tanning beds being banned in California and the new age minimums, Adam is now calling for these local council meetings to start including him, Adam is having Spaz do an improv scene with him, nice work so far!

Adam is now firing back and Bruce is doing his best (pretty damn good!) and Adam is overpowering him with sheer logic and hilarious anger, Alison has a killer add on line and Adam is impressing with his knowledge of hip hop music.


6th story is on a new study that correlates resting heart rate with the risk of sudden cardiovascular death, Adam is now riffing on his heart rate and the level he operates at and who it is and isn’t good for, hilarious!


7th story is on U.S. scientists finding high levels of lead in rice imported from China, Bruce is sharing his rule for shopping at Walmart and Adam is now having Bryan play him in a reenactment recreating their infamous Pizza order.

Alison is jumping in to mock Bruce and his phrasing, Bruce is quoting some tweets and Adam is giving his classic “Bruce is actually smarter than Dr. Drew” explanation and Alison’s reaction is hilarious!


8th story is on L- Carnitine amino acid the food and supplement additive, Adam is riffing to mock Bruce and Alison is stepping in to clarify.

Bruce is explaining the new theory that it may metabolize into a substance that causes/increases coronary artery disease.

Adam is now quoting Dr. Drew’s “There are no free lunches in nature” explanation.

Bruce is now quoting his top article and Adam has a funny reply about him not getting to it sooner, it actually confirms Adam’s long held suspicions on germ exposure and allergies.


Adam is now explaining how he’s trying to work out a documentary on Paul Newman to prove his point while he’s ranting about enthusiasm being the greatest energy supplement, brilliant Ace Awards 2013 material here!

Adam has turned this rant into a brilliant inspirational speech, even Doc B agrees!

Adam is doing a great pro flowers live read where he claims to monitor all their shipments and has a brilliant observation on how often numbers are communicated through media without you being aware unless you’re attempting to count at the time.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Iron Man 3 written and directed by Shane Black, BB has some thoughts on the opening weekend and claims to not usually be interested in box office.

BB is smartly crediting Shane’s previous work including his acting work in Predator(1987) and BB is updating on plot and points out Terrance Howard and his replacement in part 2.

Adam is citing his performance in part 1 and explaining it stood out to him even before he was recast or the contract drama had been made public.


BB is sad to report he didn’t like the movie very much and Adam is explaining how he enjoys RDJ and most of his work, Adam thinks the first one was good and they’re recalling seeing it together back in the KLSX morning show days.

Adam has a funny foreplay riff complete with clarification about his home life and they’re both explaining how the series took a turn in part 2, and Adam has a hilarious Jaws riff.

Adam has a hilarious spay and neuter one liner and Adam is claiming he could have cured Tony Stark’s panic attacks.


Adam is clarifying his Alien/Aliens point and stopping Bryan to explain it proves both of his points, the foreplay point and the single antagonist plot structure.

Bryan is making a larger point about the stakes in a film/universe where The Hulk and Thor exist as well, Adam is now suggesting a split screen with a guy in Darfur at age 34 explaining to his wife that all the cattle have died and the crops are dust with less passion than BB and his superhero problems.

Adam has a great question about the overall RT score compared to part 2, Adam is bringing up his Ocean’s 12/13 piece of shit idea and the claims of them coming back for a solid part 3.


Adam is now having the control room fire up the Rotten Tomato scores for the Ocean’s trilogy vs. the Iron Man trilogy and they’re now charting it with a background soundtrack of sneezes.

Bryan recommending Predator from 1987 instead of this movie and Adam is breaking down the scores.

Adam just revealed that he watched “The Avengers” with Sonny the other night and that he enjoyed it but still doesn’t get all of the rules, citing the scene where Bruce Banner dusts himself off after waking up in rubble.

Adam is sharing his “if it bleeds we can kill it” theory that echoes the very film Bryan just recommended.


Lita is now joining the show with her guitar man Mitch Perry who had been bonding with Adam over vintage race cars, Adam wants Lita to open her segment with a live song.

Lita is playing “Kiss Me Deadly” live in studio, maybe a bit heavy on the echo/reverb but it sounds amazing!


Lita is now on mic and Adam is giving her some plugs and getting Lita to reveal how long it’s been since her last record was released.

Adam saw the Rodney on the rock documentary “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” and wants to know how creepy the manager of “The Runaways” actually was in real life.

Lita is explaining that she’s been on a literal deserted island for the past decade and how she’s been deprived of television and the internet.


Adam is asking Lita about the reasoning behind her living on the island and she’s hinting around her marriage being the reason she was living there.

Lita is telling Adam that their manager was more eccentric than creepy and Adam’s trying to get her to elaborate on the crazy times of the late 70’s and early 80’s circling around the sunset strip.

Lita is giving some insight into her journey and how she ended up in “The Runaways” while still in Jr. High, wow!


Lita is telling Adam about her parent’s reaction to her role in the band and she’s explaining the various reactions among the parents of the girls.

Adam’s riffing about Lita’s description of her high school and her dad helping her graduate, Lita is going further in depth on her family and Adam was correct about her high school team name.

Alison has a great reaction to what Lita told her parents and Adam is doing a quick impromptu improv with BB showcasing his parent’s hypothetical reaction.


Lita is now explaining her phone call from their manager that led to her leaving the band, she’s now breaking down the behavior of the manager based on what suit he was wearing.

BB has a hilarious birthday suit one liner and Lita is still complimenting Kim’s role in their formation and Adam is telling Lita to skip the aforementioned documentary if she wants to remember him in a positive light.

Alison has a funny Nazi joke in reply to Adam’s riff about how Kim is portrayed. Lita is elaborating on their early days and telling the gang about throwing condoms filled with noodles, Alison has a killer pasta sauce comment.


Adam is sharing the time he was almost taken out by a mini Jagermeister bottle while on stage, Lita has a story about her ex-boyfriend being hit by a frozen rump roast and being knocked unconscious.

Adam is now telling the gang about seeing the “Plasmatics” live in the 80’s, Lita’s guitar player is stepping into give the name of the guy in the band who violated Adam with his one testicle display, Lita has a great reaction!

Alison has a great question and Adam is telling them about Ray’s epic fight over a broken guitar and Alison is having Adam share his new theory on the commonplace of guitars.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the news out of Cleveland pertaining to the missing 3 women including Amanda Berry who were rescued by Charles Ramsey

Alison is now having BB fire up the 911 call, she’s describing the rest of the details and how despite her frenzied nature the lack of assistance from the operator.

Alison is now reading the details of the perpetrator and his behavior including actually searching for the girls in false search and rescue posing attempts and how despite all of his tells he was never viewed as a suspect.

Adam is now riffing on the concept of “ample time for backup” in contrast to the movies and how cops actually behave.


Adam is explaining the “cannot judge” aspect of society and how it keeps some crimes and suspicious behavior from being reported.

Alison is now having the control room fire up the video of Charles discussing how he found the women in the clip that has now gone viral across the internet.

Adam is now explaining how he would make the world’s worst journalist, he’s riffing on his follow up questions for Charles about his day to day activities.


Adam and BB are doing a great improv bit of two inmates trying to decide how to welcome this perpetrator to prison, hilarious Ace Awards 2013 candidate!

Adam just invented “Trouble Sniffing Dogs” and BB has an excellent “Minority Report” reference.

Adam is complaining about the story and how he can predict something will be revealed that will make him freak out, hilarious predictions of probable scenarios.

Adam is cementing his theory on how the majority of modern day police work all comes back to someone dropping a dime.


2nd story is on Elizabeth Smart, she’s in the news with comments about the Amanda Berry case.

Adam is now going off on her abduction and how “handy men” are the worst people on the planet and is making a great point about the average guy who installs home security systems having a longer rap sheet than the average teacher or janitor.

Alison is reading the comments from Elizabeth who cites her abstinence only sex education with what kept her stuck in her abduction.

Adam is correcting her and wishing people threw gum away, Alison has effortlessly switched to Adam’s frivolous gum topic.


He’s now sharing the anecdote about the woman who recently tapped his car and how he was punished immediately after his faith was restored in the human race.

Adam is explaining that his old-school B-Boy Adidas are still sitting outside his front door and how it’s actually worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Adam is asking for everyone’s advice and Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show, nice ex-husband one liner to boot!