Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2014 – Allan Havey

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2014 – Allan Havey

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Allan Havey

Recorded 05-04-2014 – Release Date 05-07-2014

Production Number #1319

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Adam is opening the show with a wish for his next book “President Me” to reach the NYT bestsellers list, making it 3 in a row.

BB has an excellent #TopDrop from my pal @CannonballDeath on twitter and Allan Havey is in studio making his ACS debut.

Alison wasn’t aware he had a stand-up career, they’re joking about the perceptions of his character “Lou” on Man Men, good stuff.


Adam and Allan are going over his journey into standup a bit, now Adam is segueing to the bacon overload plaguing the internet and almost every restaurant menu.

Allan has a solid “let me get a pen” reply, Adam is telling them about the bacon he saw added to orange chicken, Adam is now riffing about adding bacon to therapy in reply to Allan’s witty retort.

Adam says bring bacon to every stressful scenario, oncologist’s office, and funeral, divorce etc.


Adam is joking about bacon as the great unifier of food, you hate salads until they add bacon, water chestnuts, Alison is wondering why people love bacon so much and now Adam is going into a “savory” explanation about the cravings humans have for fat.

Adam is now asking Allan about his youth, he says he grew up in Miami and Adam is asking him about that further as he’s amazed anyone actually grew up there.

Allan is telling them about his father’s war history and bonding over the bygone stoic male of past generations.


Allan is now bringing up adult men who celebrate their birthdays, unknowingly hitting one of Adam’s third rail ranting topics.

Adam is now telling them about a trip to the pink berry for some yogurt with the kids, he’s telling them how he tied his dog up outside and how people don’t do that move anymore.

Adam says the clerk bragged about seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was offering a frozen yogurt sample for Molly, Adam is now joking about doggy brain freezes due to their inability to control their intake of food.


Adam is mentioning how Natalia stepped in Molly’s poop in a perfect series of movements, poor Aceman.

Adam and Allan are getting to attire for adult men and the guys who try to pull off a look, Adam is basically describing Vince Neal with a telling body shape comment.

Adam is now doing a live read for

They’re going to break.


They’re back from break

Alison’s News

1st Story is on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s rehab stint, she’s explaining the rumors of another crack smoking video and Adam has a killer cockroach one liner.

Adam is explaining why he would pissed if he was in rehab and this guy showed up, Adam is riding about being the alpha male and having Rob come in and jeopardize that.

Adam says this is not Rob’s last rehab, it’s a stepping stone to his next rehab and Alison is reading the quote about the location, Adam has a solid reply.


Adam has a comment about formerly fat guys losing weight and how it bugs him, BB has a solid “Dude!” reply and Adam explains how BB lost weight very slowly.

“My dream is to be stripped of power but not the paycheck, that’s my ultimate end game” – Adam

Adam explains his time off from the radio show where he was paid, nice joke about smoking crack and a great reference to the Dorner case and the mistaken identity shooting from the incompetent police.


2nd Story Heroin confirmed in the death of Peaches Geldof. Sad.


3rd Story Joel McHale hosted the white house correspondence dinner, Alison is asking Adam if he talked to him and Adam is joking about knowing the last few guys who have hosted it.

Alison is bringing up the mixed reactions and setting up a clip, they don’t have a clip, Adam has a nice defense of Alison moment and they’re all trying to discuss what happened.

Gary is now playing a clip.

“I think that’s just how he breathes” – Adam about Chris Christie laughing at the jokes aimed his way.


Adam is now explaining how you should make documentaries, it’s far simpler and everyone likes them, Romantic Comedies are almost lose/lose.

Alison is reading some of the negative review about his performance.

Allan is asking Adam about his movie “Road Hard” and he’s describing how a large group of people standing around you can destroy an activity you enjoy, kissing Diane Farr or eating brisket or other things… gold!


Adam is now explaining his wiring and how he moves on from things, it’s all work to him and he’s got a nice riff about writing a scene where he makes out with his daughter.

Alison and Adam have a nice riff about men compartmentalizing sex and emotion, using prostitution as an example.

Adam is now asking Allan about hookers back in the day when he was on the road, he’s explaining the allure of a working girl.


Allan asks Adam if he’s ever had a prostitute and gets the immediate no in reply, Adam and Allan are now bonding over the futility of hand jobs and Allan is citing his old bit about this.

Adam has a great hammering nails with his son example that he then twists with an excellent hand job callback.

Adam explains that he’s very shy and it would seem too weird, Adam has a great mix-up of the fat woman/pregnant woman example for finding a prostitute.


Adam is joking with Allan about interviewing the prostitute and Adam says that later on when he had money he was on MTV so he didn’t need to pay.

Allan is sharing an insight into his catholic guilt and upbringing, he’s sharing an anecdote of beating off in a group under a flipped over boat, Adam is joking with him about it.

Adam is asking Allan about the “naughty” part of his psychology and why prostitutes were appealing, the taboo part as Adam says.


Allan is sharing some pro-tips about hiding your wallet in a motel room, Alison is asking him about finding prostitutes in the yellow pages.

Adam is explaining how he missed this part of his life, he’s sharing his “my grandma wishes I was gay” theory about her, and he’s sharing her history with Harry Hay the legendary LGBT advocate.

Adam is explaining how “Precious” would be an acceptable choice of a spouse, Allan too, with no follow up comments or explanations about the family and how this looks.


Adam says its open minded meets a super styled attempt to appear progressive, Adam is now citing the book “The Trouble with Harry Hay” and his work with Adam’s grandma.

Adam is now getting to his firsthand account of Harry and his anti-social behavior, Alison has a great analogy about snake owners.

Adam is now launching into a live read for Legal Zoom.


Adam is taking it back to Allan’s days of being balls deep in a whore, Allan is telling them about a song lyric mentioning the whores on 7th avenue.

All of the reasons that Allan is listing that compelled him to be with a prostitute are the ones that kept him away, he’s got a stand-up comedian wages point and cocaine analogy.

Adam is joking about Allan taking Sonny out whoring, gold!


4th Story is on Seth Meyers hosting the Emmy’s, Adam is now making a point about the times we live in and the constant search for youth and a new person to host an event.

Adam is contrasting the Bob Hope era, Allan has a follow up point and Adam calls it back to the wallet hiding technique comedy from earlier.

Adam is saying they should have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do it again.


5th Story Is on the “Paperclip” armrest for airplane seats, Alison is showing them a picture and Adam loves it.

Adam is now predicting a lawsuit that will eliminate them but says enjoy them while you can.

Adam is also predicting people will use the armrests for their bare feet, Alison says they’re going to thread it.


Adam says you shouldn’t have a hot young chick demonstrate a product, instead get Mayor Rob Ford to advertise it.

Adam is sharing his showbiz disappointment about never sitting next to a model while flying across the country, the Lax to JFK route.

Adam is citing the time a 60yr old woman sitting near him in 1st class spilled her guts about a sexual abuse history, whoa!


Allan is sharing an anecdote about a flight and now Adam is joking about Allan’s animal sexuality, nice reaction from Alison.

Adam is now doing a live read for Shari’s berries.


6th Story is on Häagen-Dazs in Japan and their “Spoon Veg” line of ice cream flavors, Adam is now riffing about 31 flavors being too much already.

Adam is citing a comment from Kevin Hench about Neapolitan manufactures creating that flavor to move the less popular strawberry flavor.

Allan cites Neapolitan as a palate expander and takes it back to his prostitute tales, Adam is explaining that he likes pineapple pizza.


Adam says it’s the same relationship people have with ALF, pineapple pizza and Alf, things you love but don’t brag about.

Allan is asking Adam about his grandmother’s history with marijuana and now Adam is telling him about his mom’s marijuana use including the time she lit up a joint at the dinner table with grandma.

Adam says her job was smoking pot and trying to piss off her mother, Adam is now breaking down their dynamic and relationship.


Adam is making a point about resenting the people you rely on and he’s trying to explain why his mom hated her own mother so much.

Allan is quizzing Adam about his dad, Adam has a telling “yeah” in reply to the idea of a having a sibling witness, he’s telling Allan about his sister running away from home.

Adam is taking it back to the joint at the dinner table story, this is incredibly rare!


Adam is explaining his family’s religion of nothing, their plan was to do nothing, and he praises them and says it worked out.

Allan wants to know if Adam had a hard time adjusting to structure as an adult, he’s trying to explain his difficulty to be normal.

Adam is asking BB about how long he’s been working with him, BB says 12yrs, he’s correct.


Adam wants to know if BB has met Adam’s mom after 12yrs of working with him, she lives 3 miles from the studio.

Adam is launching into a Proflowers live read, gold!

Flawless transition!

Alison is wrapping up the news.


Adam is talking to Allan about the nothing he has planned for Mother’s Day, he says nice things about his wife.

Adam is asking BB when he met his dad, all related to him playing the trumpet, right!

Adam is wrapping up the show with some plugs for Allan and his standup dates.