Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2013 – Rosie Perez and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2013 – Rosie Perez and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Rosie Perez and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 05-06-2013 – Release Date 05-07-2013

Production Number #1072

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Dave is in studio and has the exact same opening question as Alison, they both want to know how the Malibu event went and BB want’s to tell Dave about the new #TopDrop listener contribution element of the show.

Dave has a hilarious mocking reply and Adam is having BB fire up “Look Around” to make a point about John’s musical ability and how he gets stepped on by his own harmonica skills while explaining how he’s responsible for getting this song added back into their touring roster.

Adam is explaining his perplexed reaction to everyone including the artists thanking him for the opportunity to be part of the Malibu event. Adam is telling the gang about Howie Mandel getting drunk and what that led to.


Adam is complimenting “Fitz and Tantrums” and is now pausing to appreciate John’s vocal talents, they try to move on but Adam can’t get enough and is geeking out over John doing this live at his Malibu house.

Alison wants to know how the song fell off the rotation and Adam is citing how he will be reminded of classic bits he often forgets and how it can sometimes lead to something good like this.

BB is now asking if John played it yesterday and Adam is reiterating he did and again explaining he played it for Adam because Adam is why they play it during current shows.


Adam is telling the gang the impetus of bringing the kids to the house for the event, Adam insisted upon it and is explaining why he wanted them to experience it and feel the weight of what was happening.

Adam is now shocked that Howie attempted to use one of the “port a potty’s” which this Superfan can confirm, I knew better than to approach the man but heard from another fan who did while he was in line, interesting I guess news spreads quickly in Malibu backyards.

Adam is riffing on guys who prefer the white/sweet Mangria and his discussion with Howie about his foibles and how he wanted to pressure him to get over them to improve his quality of life.


Adam is explaining his reaction to Howie praising his parents for indulging his phobias as a child and the more appropriate and hilarious reaction they should have had.

Adam has a great quote about keeping people on the payroll to keep you insane and he’s now working in the anecdote of the time he talked Dr. Drew down from his post “Jon Favreau” MTV Loveline panic attack.

Adam is riffing on this working for everything but broken bones, DD and BB both have funny replies.


Adam is explaining how the only bad part of the day came when he was pressuring Lynette to pull out of the driveway into a two lane road being monitored by half a dozen cops, The Superfan actually was able to witness this happen in real time.

Adam is now telling the gang an anecdote about the time he was given a new Lamborghini for two days during the KLSX morning show and he took the car out with Lynette who wanted to try driving it down Mulholland Drive.

Adam is explaining how he profiles other motorists like “The Terminator” in hilarious detail.


Adam’s finishing up the anecdote and making a larger point, he’s got a hilarious riff taking it back to the party and running into Ron Jeremy and being given his “signature rum”. BB has a killer one liner.

Adam is now riffing and ranting on drivers who enjoy “living” in other motorists blind spots, Alison has a funny title for these people and BB disagrees.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

He’s bringing up the NBA and NHL playoffs and how it’s a grand time to enjoy the “last/previous channel” button on your TV remote to flip back and forth.

Adam wants to start to trim down the amount of buttons on the average remote and is using his “hot steak knife” actions to explain his point.

Adam is explaining how the AV guy will notice the regular remote out around the house and the implication it’s being used in place of the giant universal remote, BB is jumping in to improv a scene.


Dave is going off on the trite replies and honesty in post-game interviews and pondering why it’s only ok in sports.

Adam is asking the gang to think about the way things evolve and making a point about the amount of hours logged behind microphones for folks who aren’t that great at public speaking.


Dave is now telling the gang about Kobe Bryant suing his mother for selling his childhood memorabilia and Dave is now referencing the two questions it brings to mind.

Dave wants to know the equivalent memorabilia from Adam’s childhood and BB is the only person to think of something, Adam is now explaining the origin of the cherry flavored fruit roll up stuck to the ceiling above his step dad’s bed in the den.

Adam and Dave are speculating on what this means about Kobe and his relationship to his parents and is explaining how you don’t want your dad to be a shittier version of you, with a great riff about the “black guy” thing where older fathers will speculate on being able to kick their son’s asses if they were 30yrs younger.


Adam is now working women and their relationship to engagement rings into his analogy, he’s adding in immigrants sending money back home to care for their families as well, all to sum up how Kobe’s parents are reacting and to explain how everything is relative.

Adam is sharing how his mom was always kind of pissed about him leasing a car for his dad while simultaneously fixing her house gratis, BB has a great observation and DD is bringing it back to the sports news and working his relationship with his mom in as a 3rd example citing another extreme parental reaction.

They’re taking it back to KLSX 2006 and its gold.


Creep of the Week, DD is telling the gang about being tweeted about “ruining” the Star Wars theme by someone claiming to be a fan, Alison rightly defends his singing and agrees with me that it enhances the music.

DD is citing the people who argue against trivial issues when they have no dog in the fight, DD is starting with BB and has some nice yelling in reply to his Fred Savage drop.

DD is arguing the best/most important food color, they’re arguing red vs. Green and DD claims brown is the definitive color for food on your plate.

Dave has turned his blaster on the entire gang and Adam is remarking on Rosie’s probable reaction to the madness she just witnessed.


Rosie is now joining the show for her debut appearance and Adam is asking her about her involvement in “The 24 Plays” and how it works.

Rosie is explaining the insanity involved in it and how she’s been involved with it for 11 years, she’s citing the reactions of film actors and their fear as being one of the few highlights of the experience.

Adam wants to know who was crapping their pants in fear, Rosie is actually now revealing that Eva Mendes had an accidental slip with a prop and couldn’t stop cracking up in reaction.


Adam is sharing his theory on actors being inherently shitty students and how the cheating muscle often overrides the homework muscle.

Rosie is telling him about the cramped conditions and he’s got a hilarious reply about accidentally seeing Eva’s boobies, Rosie’s reaction is telling and hilarious!

Adam is remarking on Rosie’s unlikely leading woman status and she’s telling him about what she was often described as in high school and Adam’s got a killer reply that she seems to really enjoy.


The dog Rosie is watching just peed on a copy of a script laying on the floor, Adam is thankful it’s not her dog and asks who it belongs to.

Adam has a hilarious reaction and Alison is now explaining how she was discussing the amount of work involved in dog sitting, he’s now having the lowest goomper on the totem pole come in to clean up, poor guy!

Adam is sharing the classic story from his construction days about “Jeff, Mike and Buckwheat” his own tale of dog sitting in response to his studio being whizzed up by the dog.


They’re back to the 24 plays and discussing Liev Schreiber and his famous wife they can’t name, Naomi Watts is the answer and the control room have it as soon as they actually hear the request.

Adam is asking Rosie about her love of boxing and who she likes, she’s going in depth on the most recent Mayweather fight and she’s got some definitive expertise on the sweet science.

Adam is giving his own thoughts and closing the discussion.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the top 10 cities with the worst traffic, Adam wants her to read the entire list and he’s reacting to the cities named, a nice riff about Boston and how when you’re trapped in traffic you at least get to stare at some historical significance.

Alison is reading off the remaining cities and Adam is citing the reasons why they’re not so bad.

Adam is now ranting about the hilarity in “Villaretardo” being considered for the job of transportation secretary and about how someone was given a ticket outside his Malibu home for no front license plate and how he received the same for parking his wife’s car.


Adam is advocating everyone leave off their front license plate and citing how he got away with it for 4 years on his old Audi and he’s advocating people to run left turn arrows when safe and unmonitored by cameras.

Adam is now having Chris get on mic to help confirm a story after some initial racist dog comedy and he’s telling Rosie about his feelings when it comes to radar detectors and how much time you actually save by utilizing one.

Adam is citing how Mike would shoot the other motorists “the high beams” in an attempt to get them to move out of the left lane when they were driving the speed limit and how to a person everyone refused to change lanes to let them pass.


Chris is now confirming the “hurt” reaction from the other motorists who had the look of disbelief and Adam is giving a nice explanation of road conditions and appropriate speed, he’s using the current argument for driving safe while there’s bad weather.

Adam has a killer reply about safety and Chris has a key point about the cops sitting with their lights off and what that says about their true motivation as opposed to what they claim.

Adam is calling for everyone to get a radar detector and has some amazing quotes about the cops you need these to protect yourself from.


Rosie is explaining how Bloomberg messed up the traffic in NYC in her opinion and she’s got some facts to back up her argument, good stuff!

Adam is telling Rosie he has walked the Brooklyn Bridge and riffing on when guys on bikes were losers, he’s got a hilarious quote about the passing cyclist giving him shit and a great “Quicksilver” reference.

Adam is now riffing on the displays and comical icons featured at many Mexican butcher shops, BB is confirming it and Adam has some amazing quotes.


2nd story is on Cops leaving the FOX network after 25yrs for the Spike network and Adam is explaining to Alison why she was probably unaware it was still being made.

Adam is riffing on the timeless fashion featured on the cops and the perp’s on the show, and the Shakespearean stories that are as old as time that are on display on the show.

Rosie is now describing an episode featuring an obese woman running with a butcher knife who tripped and fell on it.


Alison is sharing a point from her Fiancé Daniel and Adam is disagreeing while making an alternate point about women and reflexes, Alison even agrees.

Alison is asking if Adam thinks men have to control their impulses more than women due to their size and strength advantages in day to day life.

Adam is making a larger point about the reptilian brain comparing women to birds with his theory on how if women and birds were larger we’d all be dead.


Rosie is telling the gang about doing some charity work at a women’s prison and she’s sharing some details of how all of the CO’s wanted to be transferred to a Men’s prison.

Rosie is explaining how the women inmates will mentally destroy you citing the conversations with the corrections officers.

Adam is making a larger point about men and using the might of the United States to exemplify his point about interpersonal relations, Alison is now jokingly claiming to be totally capable of domestic abuse if the physicality was reversed.

Adam is now riffing with BB about his reaction to being taken advantage of by his wife, BB is right in step and Rosie’s reactions are priceless, nice closing drop work from BB!


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a mother’s day live read that works in his closing argument and he’s now giving some plugs and wrapping the show.