Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 335

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 335

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-02-2016 – Release Date 05-06-2016

Production Number #335 – Gambling

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Adam opens the show with a standard intro and funny garbled closer, Adam asks Drew what it’s like post Loveline after 32+yrs and nearly 23 of those spent working 5 days a week.

Adam talks about his transition from the Loveline schedule to the KLSX ACS and it’s 6am start time.

Adam talk about comedy in the morning and jokes about rousing black Jazz musicians at 6am ad he ponders if the morning jazz jam would be that entertaining.


Drew asks about Jack Silver and the 3 comedians he labeled radio death; Joel McHale, Louis CK and Zach Galifianakis.

Adam is more revealing this time while sharing it in brief, he talks about Jack Silver and his bad advice that quickly became scheduling and basic structure, not content, only talented people can advise about that.

Drew talks about his change in affect after just a week off, Adam says the best way to doom a rich guy is give them a sweet job at strange off hours, he describes a guy working from 2-9am every morning and despite a 9million a year paycheck you still ruin that guy’s life.


1st Caller Molly, she’s calling about “breakthrough panic attacks” despite her anxiety meds, she doesn’t get why they can still occur if she’s on so many meds.

Drew asks about bringing back gambling, he suggests they get to the procedural elements of the show that people have asked him to bring back, Adam affirms he invented gambling and to shove it, explaining his wallet is outside of the studio.

Adam is predicting an out of control mom who created a lot of chaos and Drew says severe neglect, Adam says he feels like Drew was neglected to some degree, he says he was intruded upon but wasn’t neglected, I think Adam means emotionally though.


Adam is now asking Molly to tell them about her upbringing, Molly is explaining how chaotic her alcoholic mother was and Adam is now asking some follow ups about how bad her mother’s alcoholism.

Drew is trying to piggyback on Adam’s mom angle and Adam is calling him out on it.

Drew recommends therapy and Molly is getting upset, Adam asks her about her mom getting sober, she was arrested for attacking Molly’s father and jokes about what it would take for him to call the cops on Lynette, he would need to have a pickaxe sticking out of his ass.


Adam is asking Molly to get out of “wounded mode” and acknowledges you can’t talk people out of this stuff but there is a way to force yourself out of it, logic yourself out of it.

Adam is now using the wide swatch of possible mothers to make a point, he tells them about a girl he saw working to care for other people in Uganda who came from a severe tragedy, Adam is telling people to put their heads down and get it together, they wrap up with Molly.


Drew and Adam are doing an Live Read


2nd Caller Matt, he’s calling about his opiate problem and Adam tells him to be quiet, he wants to hear the song in the background.

Gary talks about their board set to mute the callers unless they’re talking, Gary has the details and Adam is shocked that technology even exists, Gary fills them in.

Adam is now asking him about the song playing in the background, it was ‘Bright Eyes’ and it was his personal selection, he’s allowed to play what he likes at work, at a skateboard shop.

“oh… there you go” – Adam on how only shitty jobs would allow you to play your own music.


Matt talks about his doctor who gives him bad vibes and Adam asks if they sell pot related paraphernalia at the shop.

Adam asks him about his doctor and they go into her pain management work.

Adam is going further in depth on the inventory of the skate shop, Adam has a funny “trucks!?” delivery and he makes a point about jewelry and how Asian men have no time for jewelry, it’s all about work and flashy jewelry will only end up with you getting mugged.


Drew is back to Matt’s opiate addiction and telling him about the disease and how the withdrawal is nothing compared to the work after.

Drew talks about people who look like addicts who aren’t addicts, dependent patients who go back to normal after the meds are taken away, he’s making a point about the addict brain.

Gary is on mic plugging ‘Prescription Thugs’ and asking Drew about it, Drew stops him to say the lobbyists aren’t the issue, Adam lets him finish and now he’s got a funny Tom Hardy joke after describing picturesque “bucolic” scenery.


Adam is citing the homes surrounding Laguna Seca and how they want noise restrictions enforced for their community, Adam has an example of someone paying a lobbyist to go pass legislation to remove the noise limit/ban and how unfair that is to the residents who don’t have the same influence.

Drew is bringing up the criminal charges that doctors can face for not giving out pain reliving medicine, Gary is now clarifying the meaning of “Bucolic” and Adam is making a point about only getting one vote while his wife’s friends all get one vote and we’re all even despite his brain and its differences.


3rd Caller Stewart, he thanks them for expanding the show and tells them about dating a girl who is pressuring him to get married.

He asks how they knew it was the right time, Adam says he’s like a dog that predicts when an earthquake is not going to happen, Drew shares how he took 2-3yrs off with Susan before their marriage, Adam talks about the year he separated before his own marriage.

Adam says they didn’t bang the Heehaw twins nor climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but had they gotten married without the time/separation they wouldn’t have been happy nor had lasting marriages.


Drew says that’s the part women can’t get, that men need to get married when the timing is right, the person is almost secondary to the timing.

Adam says guys need to be ready to take on the job of marriage, after marriage comes kids and he shares how he viewed himself before getting married.


4th Caller Ben, he’s a recovering addict and tells them about using pills, he says he completed a two week in patient recovery, Drew talks about treating 10k addicts and never seeing anyone who could be “cured” after 2 weeks at an inpatient facility.

Drew asks about the counselor Ben is seeing and if she recommends recovery and 12 step meetings.

Adam jokes about how he could use a year in prison to enjoy Jell-O, chillax and get in shape.


Adam is now ranting about back up beepers and how we should all sue attorneys for the backup beeper being forced to go off at 7:30am in an enclosed area without kids nor pets in range.

Adam asks if we’re dumb or not, how do we want to go through life?


Adam is giving out the plugs and Drew plugs his own show.

“Lynette’s All Up in It!” – Adam on the Mangria business