Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2014 – Robin Antin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2014 – Robin Antin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Robin Antin

Recorded 05-04-2014 – Release Date 05-06-2014

Production Number #1318

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Adam opens recording number #2 by sharing how he’s been tweeted by fans about the corrective childhood helmets being a scam.

Adam asks what he always says and Alison wins by perfectly quoting Adam, BB is almost shocked that someone who works on the show can listen and appreciate the work of Adam telling by his incredulous tone.

Adam is now on a riff about the bullshit of this first world fake problem, humans have devolved to needing corrective skull shaping head gear in just 12 years?


Adam is bringing up the racist implications of these bogus medical concerns and the possibly unethical manipulation of the emotions of concerned parents.

Adam is bringing up how he was critiqued about the helmets, almost quoting Lynette circa 2006 and Adam is now getting to the study.

Alison is now reading the study that proves Adam right, great “Whaaaat!?” reply from Adam.


Adam is now mocking the “BMJ” and joking that it sounds like a sexual interest that’s beyond wrong.

Dawson is now reading the chapter from Adam’s first book “In 50 years we’ll all be chicks” about the corrective helmets.

Adam is now going off on the specialist who is gaslighting the concerned mother, Adam says the doctor is just a shill for the specialist and Adam says that once you go down the road you don’t hear the gate locking behind you but its fucking welded shut once you get to that specialist.


Adam is now asking about the collective misery of wearing this helmet for 23hrs per day, Adam is bringing up how miserable this helmet made Sonny, citing that infamous moment in the summer of 2007 or 2008 where he witnessed the one bead of sweat fall into Sonny’s eye.

Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom.


“Hooray for Baldywood”

BB is recommending the movie “Let the fire Burn” and he explains the premise of this documentary as discussed on “The Film Vault” recently.

He’s explaining the “MOVE” group in the documentary and he’s asking Adam is he remembers when this news story happened in the 1980’s and Adam says it’s hard remembering what he recalls from the time vs. what he saw 10yrs later on “60 Minutes.”

BB explains how it’s a truly found footage documentary and Adam is bringing up one of the original 30 for 30’s about the OJ case and how they compiled that with existing footage as well.


Adam has a solid Larry the cable guy reference while talking about the movie not having a narrator, Adam is bringing up a conversation with Kevin Hench about a movie based on a true story.

Adam is mocking the idea of changing the endings to true stories, he’s getting to the Jon Hamm movie “Million Dollar Arms” and Alison is sharing how she wouldn’t come up with an angle for story until she had interviewed everyone she could.

BB gives it an A


Adam is now asking him if the doc was steered would it have gotten the missing love from the Academy Awards, Adam wants to know if it’s even handed does that prevent it from being awarded.

Adam is making a larger point about “tweeners” and things that have a narrative more like life, he’s pondering if only over the top or farcical material gets recognizes.

Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving a nice tease for upcoming guest Robin Antin.


They’re back from break with Robin making her ACS podcast debut, she was on the KLSX morning show on March 13th 2007, February 14th 2008 and December 4th 2008.

They’re immediately referencing where they left off last time she was on air with Adam, they’re talking about her brother Jonathan and his show “Blow Out” lovingly mocking his blowhard nature.

Adam says he loves the Antin’s self-starting motor that has resulted in such incredible success.

Adam is asking her how and where they grew up and she’s giving them her journey.


She’s telling them about her family and siblings, one of her brothers Steve was the jock boyfriend character in “Goonies” and she’s getting to the other acting work of her Brother Neil, she mentions Steve’s movie “Burlesque” and praises it as a good movie, nobody says anything.

Adam is amazed how they have an almost old-school showbiz family.


Alison laments why she watched “Sheer Cut” instead of “Blow Out” and Adam has a killer Betamax joke, BB is still pretending he’s never heard of the show despite at least being aware of it from when Robin and Jonathan guested on the KLSX ACS, Adam was OBSESSED with Blow Out.

Adam is having Robing go in depth on her Las Vegas casino for the “Pussycat Dolls” and she’s mocking the mechanical set pieces and sharing an anecdote of Willa Ford being almost crushed by the set.

She says that her boyfriend at the time Chuck Liddell ran from the audience to save her from being crushed, Adam comments on his range for knowing about Chuck Liddell and Jonathan from “Blow Out.”


Adam is now sharing a floor mat to towel mix-up for his movie, Robin is in agreement and Adam says people walk away from the conversation thinking you’re and asshole.

Robin is telling them about her new group and their song with “Pitbull” and they’re all trying to come up with an opinion about the man, she’s plugging her new group GRL.

Adam is sharing the “sack of peanuts” scene with “Carlos” from The Hammer and how people can just do things right from the beginning instead of fucking up then trying to weasel out of it via a discussion if it’s really needed.


Adam is now dispelling that women are the only one to get a negative gender label for being firm about what needs to be done for a job, Adam says women get called bitches and men get called dicks.

Alison wants to know if Robin’s collaborative nature has ever burned her, Adam is giving his take and they’re addressing people who try to dismiss your needs.

Robin is bringing up people who ask her to tone down the drama, Adam brings up take a chill pill and Alison mentions keep your pants on.


Adam is now doing a Shari’s Berries live read.

Adam is plugging his Ebay auction for his advanced copy of the book, he’s begging that it go for more than BB’s, not for Adam’s ego but to keep BB’s ever expanding one in check.

Alison’s News

1st Story is on the woman from the Donald Sterling scandal, Adam is saying he got into a spirited argument with DAG about this on set.

DAG says he agrees what the man said was bullshit but isn’t sure that he can’t fight his team being sold out from under him.

Adam is now bringing up the code of conduct rules for why and how they can take a team away from someone, Adam says this isn’t really in the rule book, he’s doing the “mule kicks field goals” riff.


Adam is joking about his “meet me in Circus Circus” reply to people who want to have damming conversation with him, due to the laws in Vegas as he knows them from his “Crank Yankers” days.

Gary is now on mic revealing that he admitted that he knew was recorded when he said all of that stuff, Adam says either way it wasn’t dispensed with his knowledge.

Adam is now joking about being an alien and his utopia where people get to punish Donald and choose not to work for him, a truly free market.


Adam is getting to the modern pressure for everyone to act or else be considered guilty for someone else’s comments and mob mentality.

Alison is now setting up some Barbara Walters clips with V. Stiviano, Adam mocks her “only god knows” answer and her “right arm hand” corrected reply.

BB has a killer reaction to Barbara’s “what!?” follow up question.

Adam explains he was supposed to be on 20/20 last week but forgot about it, he was told about the interview with V. Stiviano assuming it would mean great rating for his episode, but he actually was bumped.


Adam says the great news about his wiring is he doesn’t care at all, he’s telling them about his evergreen home improvement piece.

Alison is now explaining the multiple claims for the recordings, and how V claims she’s not the one who released the recordings.

Adam says that if she called Magic Johnson the N word that tape would never get out, Adam says that if you have something at stake, some skin in the game, things magically don’t get released.


Adam is now doing a live read and Robin is praising Adam, saying she’s learning a lot being around him for her own Podcast.

Robin is now pitching Adam for a classic male component for one of her stage shows, with someone like Carmen Electra stripping on/around him while he smokes cigarettes.

They’re plugging things and wrapping up the show.