Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2013 – Howie Mandel, John Popper, Susanna Hoffs and Fitz and the Tantrums live from Malibu

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/06/2013 – Howie Mandel, John Popper, Susanna Hoffs and Fitz and the Tantrums live from Malibu

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Howie Mandel, John Popper, Susanna Hoffs and Fitz and the Tantrums live from Malibu

Recorded 05-05-2013 – Release Date 05-06-2013

Production Number #1071

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Dawson has an epic intro for this very special episode, the last time they did this the episode was only available online for a fee to further contribute to the “ShakesBeer Foundation” in 2009 and that episode was finally released over the last holiday break as part of “The Superfan Selection Series”.


I was in attendance for this special event, just as I was in 2009 for its predecessor where I first met Adam and Lynette so I will have some nice insider commentary and descriptions to flesh out the events.

Adam is up top delivering his request to the audience to make their way to the lower level to appreciate the live performance Susanna is about give, the audio sounds amazing, as close to 100% improved over 4yrs ago as possible.

Adam is teasing the upcoming performances and thanking his incredibly talented staff who outdid themselves with their work on this one.


This is like being at the event, Adam is introducing Susanna and they’re playing one of the songs she performed live, it sounds amazing.

Adam is now talking with Michael Fitzpatrick of “Fitz and Tantrums” and is asking him about his take on the talent level of popular artists that people often sleep on.

Adam mentions “Hanson” and Michael actually worked with them on their last album, he’s agreeing with Adam about pop music not necessarily being bad.


Adam and Michael are discussing his new album and the reaction to them changing record labels, Michael has some lager points about what inspires creativity among musicians.

Adam is waxing poetic about people creating art based on the input of others or trying to meet expectations, Michael agrees and steers it back to their new album and how it differs from their first release.

Adam is telling Michael about his time at KROQ and their attempts to get him to stop talking about certain topics as not to upset “the kiddies”.

Adam’s using his minivan metaphor and Michael totally agrees, Michael just revealed he’s been listening to Adam for his whole career and Adam has a nice reply.


They’re now discussing John Popper and his supreme talent, Adam is explaining his thoughts on John’s voice being outshined by his harmonica skills.

Michael agrees and it telling Adam about opening for Blues Traveler at “Red Rocks” for their annual gig, I’ve actually been to that venue with Adam, oddly enough.

Adam is thanking Michael/Fitz for agreeing to do this gig and being on the show, Michael is explaining that although Adam doesn’t know him he feels like he knows Adam and his larger thoughts on the denizens of Los Angeles.


Adam is explaining his “international asshole team” metaphor for Los Angeles to Michael, he’s now adding to the idea and Adam seems to appreciate it with a funny follow up comment.

Adam is sharing one of his classic thoughts about him being paired with Dr. Drew and their origin, Michael is now telling Adam about his origin and experience going to school in North Hollywood, the same school Adam’s sister attended if I’m not mistaken.

Michael is telling Adam about his experience going to a school for performing arts, Adam’s asking him when he learned he was able to sing.


Adam is making a larger point about the arts and connecting it to other gifts and talents including athletic ability. Adam is citing his own lack of a calling due to his comedic ability being beyond simple classification and has an excellent Michael Jordan analogy.

Adam is making a nice point about people finding success later in their life and how it’s common among them to be set in stone and better able to receive the success.

Michael agrees and is sharing his perspective on it from someone experiencing it. Adam is sharing his theory on name recognition equaling success.


John Popper is now performing live, his second song of the day if memory serves, I was right up front about 3 rows away, very cool experience and once again it sounds great, night and day difference between this and 2009.


Adam is welcoming Howie to the show, he’s telling Adam up front this is the first time he’s ever been drunk on a podcast, he’s explaining it in great detail and asking Adam about “Mangria”.

Surprisingly Howie has the same question everyone who isn’t a daily listeners has about the stuff, Howie is fucked up and enjoyed both the white and red Mangria.

This is Howie’s second appearance on the podcast although he did make a post recording cameo at ShakesBeer 2009 as he’s a neighbor, Howie just mistakenly remembered where they recording their last chat, hilarious!


Adam is now making a larger point about motivation and how people perceive things, Adam is explaining how he was requested to appear on Howie’s new TV show and Adam is explaining how his motivation seems to be pure due to his lack of mistresses or addictions.

Howie is drinking more and explaining how he’s never been so trashed off wine based booze, Adam is explaining the difference between wine and Mangria in the alcohol content.

Howie has a funny intentionally delayed one liner reply to Adam about his motivation.


Howie is now explaining how he’s incredibly fucked up, not just drunk but in his head, whoa!

Howie is telling Adam how spare time is not healthy for him and his lifestyle, Adam is asking how fucked up he can truly be and wondering if his “I’m a mess” mantra is actually just a type of a crutch.

Adam is sharing his “act as if” theory he often discusses with Dr. Drew and has a great one liner about Howie’s son who has been discussed on Classic Loveline, The old morning show and the podcast, the bris story, the bris story revisited and the music video recording at the Malibu house story.


Adam is making a larger point about mental health and has a clever connection to paying taxes, Howie is forced to agree and Adam is now sharing an anecdote about the time Sonny was guided into enjoying the rollercoaster at Disneyland and the thinking behind it.

Howie is objecting to Adam’s decision to shape Sonny’s behavior to better his enjoyment of life, Howie seems to be hip on all the insider Disneyland info, Gary is off mic confirming and denying the various questions, nice work Gary!

Gary was running around working nonstop, Chris and Dawson seemed to also have their hands full all day to make the event go off without a hitch, nice work fellas!


Howie is now explaining the differences between how Adam is raising Sonny and not indulging him in certain behaviors and how he was raised with his parents who seemingly allowed for a lot.

Howie is seeing this conversation removed from himself and riffing about being a Jew and his lack of hours logged in the wilderness.

Adam is making a larger point about people and how they respond to confidence and direction, Adam is essentially trying to tell Howie he could sternly scare away his “fucked up’ness”.


Adam is now trying to get him to evolve his thinking on his own behaviors and reactions, Howie is remarking on observing Dennis Hoffs from the Bunny Ranch and his young companion who he apparently was cornered into meeting before recording.

They’re now discussing John Popper and his performance, Adam just admitted he was tearing up in reaction to John’s singing ability, Adam is sharing his previous thoughts about John’s harmonica talent overshadowing his singing.

Howie was given a harmonica from John and is now searching his pockets for it, he must be hammered if he put a used spittle covered plastic and metal honeycomb that close to his person.


Adam is trying to talk him out of his conditions once again, Howie is revealing how close he is to going full Howard Hughes and how dark it actually is.

Howie is being super nice trying to wrap the interview with some compliments for Adam, he’s now asking him about the creation of Mangria and Adam is reiterating the alcohol content.

Adam is now requesting that Howie give Ron Jeremy a high five when he leaves the guest house, Howie is revealing his strange connection to Ron while refusing to fulfill Adam’s request, they hear some harmonica and the surprise reveal of who was playing it, is met with a killer quote from Adam.

Adam is wrapping with Howie and we’re getting some nice off mic talk with John and Howie, good stuff!


John Popper is now joining the podcast for his 2nd appearance, he was a Classic Loveline veteran with many unique appearances and several brilliant appearances on the KLSX morning show.

Adam is talking about “Look Around” and how musicians know more about their songs than anyone else listening, he’s citing the chords being backwards on the performance.

John is telling Adam that he was in fact the reason they have now added that song back into their rotation and Adam is connecting it to how when you’re trying to create good art you want to limit your rear view mirror while how simultaneously it can be helpful to be reminded of classic bits.


Adam is now expounding on his appreciation of John’s talent and taking the conversation back to him sitting with his daughter enjoying the show including Sonny’s hilarious question and reaction to Adam’s answer in regards to John’s talent.

John has a funny “Alanis Morisette” reply and is now going off on “Nelson” and “4 Non Blondes” complete with an anecdote about being driven around by the guitarist from that band.

Adam is now connecting “Don’t worry be happy” to “4 Non Blondes” and their hit “What’s going on?” and now John is making a larger point about it.


John is quoting Dylan but calling him the best example, Adam is explaining how he almost gets into blows with people over his take on Dylan’s lack of talent.

John is telling Adam he would appreciate Dylan’s songs if he read them and Adam is working John Hiatt into the mix as a good example.

Adam is explaining how “Bobby McFerrin” is connected to his initial meeting with Jimmy Kimmel and how he was listening to Blues Traveler at the time and even plugged it to PD Kevin Weatherly trying to get him to listen to “The Hook” which Adam correctly predicted would be a huge hit.


Adam is going in depth on his origins in radio and his first meeting with Kimmel, complete with a detail I wasn’t even aware of, he still isn’t sure if the boxing match was a pre-planned bit or something spontaneous as we all assumed.

Adam is asking John about his home, John is telling him about his cannons and how he hasn’t used them since his home in Pennsylvania, and Adam is bringing up the cans of dog food he would fire out of them.

John now resides in Washington and Adam is asking him about his autonomous nature, John is explaining how he actually wanted to be a comedian but knew he wasn’t funny enough to pursue it.


John is telling Adam how he didn’t get into music until later in life in comparison to most musicians and Adam is remaking on the insanity of believing in someone whose dream involves a harmonica.

Adam is telling John how he was brought to tears by his music and how much it means to him, John seems to deeply appreciate the kind words and they’re both agreeing they are forever each others fans.

John just revealed that he gave Howie the cleanest harmonica he had, he’s not aware he lost it, I wonder if Ron was the one who “found” it.

Adam is wrapping with John and telling him how happy he is that he’s feeling better.


They’re now playing a great song from “Fitz and the Tantrums” who were the final performers of the event.

We’re now hearing Adam’s closing remarks from the show before he came down and took pictures and chatted with myself and Mike from “Plain White T’s” who it turns out is a Superfan himself.


Adam is giving the appropriate thanks for everyone who performed and attended and most importantly his fantastic staff and family for making it a reality, this is truly the next best thing to being there in person, don’t feel bad if you didn’t make it this year, you really got a good chunk of the experience with this amazing episode, enjoy!

Thanks Adam, Lynette, Gary, Chris, Dawson, Rob, Charles, off duty Matt, Rad Intern and the rest of the awesome crew!